Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Luke 17.1 It is impossible that no offenses should come.  

Satan, you are the enemy of my soul, and I refuse to allow you to ensnare me in your hidden and baited trap of offense against my brothers and sisters in Christ.     ( declaration, pg. 3 of The Bait of Satan by John Bevere)

But what happens when it does happen?

You get offended -- by someone you are trying to help, by someone you are trying to love, by  someone who knows exactly HOW to hit the right buttons within your heart and head.  

David stated in Psalm 55: 12-14 -- "for it  is not an enemy who reproaches me: then I could bear it.  Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me: then I could hide from him.  But it was you, a man of my equal, my companion and my acquaintance.  We took sweet counsel together, and walked to the house of God in the throng."   

Offended -- by the one we are trying to help.
Offended -- by the one we sing along side of.
Offended -- by the one we spend holidays with.
Offended -- by the one we grew up with.
Offended -- by the one we sleep next too.


One way the enemy keeps a person in an offended state is to keep the offense hidden, cloaked with pride.  Pride will keep you from admitting your true condition.

Pride will keep you from dealing with the truth.

Pride distorts your vision.   The enemy will use your pride to destroy you.

Pride won't let you change what you think - and you will never change because you think everything is fine.

Pride hardens your heart and dims the eyes of your understanding.

Pride causes you to view yourself as a victim.  Your attitude becomes "I was mistreated and  misjudges, therefore, I am justified in my behavior." 

Pride will kill you -- maybe not literally, but a prideful heart won't see the eternal life with Jesus  -- there is  scripture to support that.

There is plenty of scripture that reminds us to forgive and not hold onto bitterness and unforgiveness.

Today was another example of how our world is not 'ours'.  On every news channel, there was commentary and comments about Matt Lauer and what transpired today.  He was fired.  Sexual misconduct.

Sin is always revealed.  I see it so often and I think I see it because I was THERE for almost twenty years -- trying to cover up...trying to justify....trying to explain to God why I was "ok" and others were not.

What God allowed in my life -- to OPEN the prideful eyes I had ..... hurt and it was  a very hard lesson to learn.

When I think of that period -- of  those ugly years -- when,  realizing  pride was my god ---I get very remorseful, because I never want to go back there  and  I become grateful,  that  it is in my past.

Praise God.  He showed me mercy -- so I must extend that to others, especially those lost around me.

However,  when something comes AT you like an attack - my flesh wants to FIGHT it back.
I FIGHT in words and then prayer.  God is teaching me to FIGHT first in prayer and speak WHEN HE says -- 'go  -- share'.  I am not perfect, but......  I do believe I am getting quicker to PRAY first!

Mercy and grace needs to be extended to those that hurt us.  Prayers need to be said to the one that was the victim, but that one must eventually forgive and move forward as well.

People need to place their trust in the one man WHO will not lie or disappoint -- Jesus.  People will fail us.  Period.

Today, along with the news of Matt Laurer, I had a mammogram.  It is never really "fun" to be squished into a machine and be told to hold your breath as it hurts so she can get that perfect image.  But -- I do it once a year -- to prevent other stuff.

That simple procedure -- to help prevent cancer.

Why are husbands not doing the simple procedure of covering their family and their wives with the blood of Jesus in their prayers?   

Why are wives allowing the enemy to control and rule their thoughts instead of the simple procedure of leaning on the Word of God to confirm and support their worth?  

Why are parents allowing the world and social media to raise their children instead of setting a standard and a basis of belief so their child can stand up for what is godly and right?  What ever happened to the simple procedure of having some family time devotions?

Why, when a believer has come through the fire and has seen God's hand in a miracle...why does she allow the enemy to come right back in and take back or steal her peace again ... steal her home... steal her authority?  


Because we are weak people....
We fail.... 
We can't do this on our own -- The Savior came to save and He sent the Holy Spirit to help us 
...but we must do the simple procedure. 

Not just once a year.


We must put ON that full armor of God.
We must dig INTO God's love letter to us and get instruction.
We must TEACH it to our children and hold them accountable.
We must tell the enemy to go to hell and claim victory.

Today, I was told about another couple that is divorcing.  She just decided it was time and she didn't want to be married.  He did not fight it - he felt he couldn't.  I wanted to SCREAM!   In the John and LIsa Bevere Series - "The story of Marriage", they speak about couples and how they don't FIGHT to stay married or fight for the marriage.  Marriage is meant to test us -- it is the one of the ways we learn to be self-less.  It is hard, but some of these husbands and wives are allowing the enemy to win -- way too quickly.  Way too fast....   there is no FIGHT!  And yet, sometimes these very same people will be up at the crack of dawn to FIGHT the crowds and get the BEST deal at Target -- but they won't fight for what is hurting their family.  Sad.  Frustrating.

So -- with that -- I will end with a prayer.  I was deeply offended by some situations recently.   It wasn't just one circumstance but frankly several -- seems like when it rains, it pours.  I had to LAUGH really big as I was watching "This is Us" last night and at one point, Randall said the same thing -- "when it rains, it pours".  After a week of some thinking and praying, I awoke today with a new attitude for those lost ones who offended me and God gave me an insight and a reminder of HOW to act and react.  And then, He confirms it while I watched the first 10 minutes of  Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today show --

To Quote Kathie Lee, "Only God can heal this - ONLY He can!".

She is right.  The bottom line, the one doing the offending needs Jesus --and the one who is getting the brunt end of the offense -- needs Jesus too!   As only understanding the blood of Jesus and what He did on that Cross -- can make it right and heal the whatever.  God will win.  Period.

Lord -- I refuse to be trapped when the enemy's bait of offense tries to ensnare me in its grip by filling my heart with bitterness, jealousy, or envy -- but especially anger.   Your Word says in Luke 17 that -- the enemy will try - but, we, I can stand against it!    

Holy Spirit, destroy every shred of pride in my life, and do not allow it to keep me from being healed, set free, and filled with Your Power.  I am committed to helping unbelievers who have been blinded by the enemy to behold Jesus through my Christlike love for them.... namely -- her!  

Holy Spirit, be my teacher and my counselor so that Your revealed Word will continue to bring great liberty to my life and this blog ministry -- and the ministry You have placed into my hands with Women's Encounters.  

Father, I want to continue to always grow into a more intimate relationship with You -- expose the areas of my life that hinder me from being Christlike and cause my life to reflect the character of my precious Savior  and Lord.  

And Lord,  You know who did what this past month -- so help me to move from the anger to a place of unconditional love - period.  Lord, help me to avoid division by again, giving me that supernatural Christlike love for another .  

Holy Spirit, anoint my eyes with eye salve that I may see my true heart condition, and be kept from deception through unforgiveness, anger, envy and resentment -- but also -- help me see this in others and USE me to help share Your love.  As I know -- You love them as much as You love me and want them in Your eternal Kingdom as well...IN Jesus's Holy and Strong Name -- AMEN! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

It is impossible to be 'a little blessed'!!

In walking through this funk, I have gravitated towards my journals and read and reread stuff that has reminded me what God has done.

It is impossible to be a 'little blessed'.

Beth was speaking at a LPL event and she used the acronym of the word Blessed:

B  Bountifully
L  Loved
E  Extravagantly
S  Saved 
S  I am Supplied
E  I am Empowered
D  and Delivered

 When one really understands and realizes that she is indeed bountifully loved, extravagantly saved, supplied, empowered, and delivered -- so much changes.  

I know this - and yet, the enemy won't let up - he hates me.  He hates you.  As  I was speaking to God, and praying yesterday He reminded me of many woman around me needing this knowledge.  He also had me pray in such a way -- well...

I will share.  Maybe this is you.  Maybe this is person in your circle of influence.  Maybe this is a dear child of yours -- but as I pondered over the 'd' words....  that I referenced in my last blog -- I prayed.  

If this touches you -- please let me know.  If you feel led to share it with another - please do.  Sometimes  God can speak so clearly to a lost one - right though the computer!  


Dear Beloved,  you are so discouraged right now.  It has been so long to hear a kind word, to feel his affection, and even to know that hope is coming.  I want you to know -- God is faithful and He has not forgotten nor neglected you.  He has never left.    Lord, I pray because of Your great love she is not consumed by this -- for Your compassion never fails.  Lord, he is failing her right now -- but You won't.  Lord, be her portion, and help her continue to wait on You and him.  Lord, You are good to those whose hope is in You -- to the one who seeks You -- she does.  Lord, help her to move past this discouragement....In Jesus name.  Amen. 

Dear Beloved, your actions have caused division.  You seem so bitter and hopeless as it seems you have lost your first love....Jesus wants to hold you and remind you that He has already paid the price.  The hurts from your past, the hurts from your young life -- can't compare to the joy and wonderment He has for you -- but only YOU can change this..... It's Your choice.  It seems you walk in the midst of trouble and yet - He has preserved your life.  God will stretch His hand out against your foes and His right hand will save  you -- however, YOU have to extend it out and grab it.  Dear Beloved, I wish I could do this for you -- but I can't and I will continue to believe that soon -- one day you will realize HOW loved you are.  I pray you won't have to loose what you are find the unshakable God -- is RIGHT there for you as well...In Jesus name.   

Dear Beloved, you doubt.  You doubt God can hear you - You doubt your prayers are heard and You doubt  You are good enough to experience it.  Lord, I pray you will SEE that YOU are indeed worth the price Jesus paid - He went to the cross for you.  He went there - for you.  He knows your sins and He knows what You have done and what you will do and yet -- He still choose YOU to die for.  Please don't put Him back up on that cross.  Accept by  faith, His grace....the forgiveness -- He freely extended  to  YOU....  walk in that forgiveness and be like the woman caught in adultery -- "go and sin no more".  Go and guard that marriage.  Go and guard that child -- remove the temptations.  Walk away -- walk away from the one who has that listening ear right now -- choose Your marriage and guard it.   You can do this -- You can be free of past sins, but it will take a daily 'turning' away and I am praying His strength will guide and lead you.  Lord, Psalm 119 says, "it was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees"....Lord, I pray this past of hers will now be a reminder of Your grace and mercy and that she will place her hope now in Your Word and allow it to guide her into this season of resisting the devil then he will flee, In Jesus name.  

Dear Beloved, your discontentment reminds me of a spoiled child.  When my children were little and discontentment sprang up, I was quick to find the root cause.  I pray you will FIND the root cause and realize....that indeed --- this is  a tactic of the enemy's to remind you that perhaps....God has forgotten you or that God is denying you of something better and bigger.  My husband reminds me that when we complain -- it is like saying Jesus needs to go back to that Cross and do it again -- Jesus already paid the price for ALL sin.... being discontented is a ploy of the enemy to keep us in bondage.  So, Lord, I come to you and pray from Psalm 51.... Lord, YOU desire the inner most truth to be felt and heard in my most inner parts and You Lord teach me wisdom.... So please expose to the one reading the one going to read this...or to me....  please expose to me the deeply embedded lies I have believed and replace them with permanently engraved truth.  In Jesus name.  

Dear Beloved distractions come to distract.  You seem to be set on getting that right job or finishing the last class and you have forgotten that the enemy is distracting you from Your purpose.  Lord, I pray for those that are being distracted -- distracted to think that living together is ok for marriage may be in the future.  ---distracted to think that compared to others, they are pretty good in Your sight as they are not  committing murder or doing any major sin and yet they have allowed the distraction of the world to take Your place in their hearts.  ---distracted to think they are generous and yet they rob   You Lord of the tithe you commanded.  ----and distracted to think they still have time...time to sin for a season as You will provide the grace and mercy to be saved when the time comes.   Lord God I pray for all those around -- those who have allowed the lies of the enemy to distract them....especially when they DO KNOW Your Word and think "it will be ok".  God, awake them....God, show them... may they OPEN Your Word and repent....In Jesus name.  

Dear Beloved, you are deceived.  If you believe it is your place to bring revenge to another  -- you are deceived.  If you believe a new man or woman is the answer -- you are deceived.  If you believe that playing house is ok because it is accepted now in our society  -- you are deceived.  If you believe that silence or ignoring what is happening in front of your eyes is the best option -- you are deceived.  If you believe you can seek God on a pod cast and don't need to be a part of the body of Christ -- you are deceived.  If  you believe you can live without prayer -- you are deceived.  If you believe you can live with the unforgiveness because it is justified -- you are deceived.  If you believe you can ignore the calling on your life - you are deceived.  If you believe you are without sin -- you are deceived.  If you unsure about your eternal home -- you are deceived.  If you don't have a relationship with Jesus -- you are deceived.  

Lord, you know how each prayer for each "d" word came about and You know my heart and the women and men that I could tag in this -- but, it is because of Your Grace and Your Mercy that I don't.  Goodness Lord -- You know I want them to avoid the pit of sin and the hardships when choices are not in alignment with Your Word -- but give me grace to wait on You being their Holy Spirit.     Lord, please use this blog as a reminder to all prayer warriors that we must not shrink back or let our own guard down -- that we put on the FULL Armor of You and walk in the freedom that we have been delivered in.  Lord, may everyone reading this - love and adore you that they have such an eternal peace as they read and pray with me for those that are discouraged, divided, doubting, discontented, distracted, and deceived.  Lord, that one may come to know you in a more personal way by just reading this -- USE this blog for YOUR glory and I submit it to You.  I believe You are moving me out of this Writer's Block -- into a new season.  A season where I trust You EVEN more....I am not fearful Lord, just wanting to always be in the apple of Your eye and doing Your Will..... Help me discern Lord, Fill me to overflowing -- 

I know I need more of Your love for the unloved and the hurting.  I know I need more of You to extend to others.  I know that can only come supernaturally - so I have asked and will receive.  Use me Lord -- IN JESUS name....Amen.   

And Lord -- thank you -- that I live with  one that indeed knows he is blessed as well -- Lord help us to be that light and show how blessed we are to others -- may they want what You have blessed us with.  God.... that we walk in the delivered freedom you died for.  IJN 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

God Wins!

Does He?       


Isaiah 25:1 NIV says:  Lord, you are my god: I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.  

I have not blogged in almost 30 days.   If you watch or read my posts -- for almost 2 months now, I have written a new blog -- one that focuses on my grand-daughter.  That was a clever disguise for my "Writer's Block".   And if you look closely, I re-posted several blogs as well -- again, covering my Writer's Block.

  I would like to tell you that I was fasting blogging, or that God had me in a super QUIET time with Him -- but confession is what I must type.

I have been in a funk.

I have been flat..... frustrated and yet, discouraged.   And yet -- needing rest and a fresh move of God.  I have seen God all around me and He reminds me---He has not left -- I have. 

 Or..did I?

  yes.... it 'feels' I did.   

In the past month, I have questioned WHY I am in this funk.  There is a LONG list.  I have analyzed it, confessed it, and sought counsel and yet.....still....a funk. 

Lack of energy.
Too much on my to do list.
Stupid people.
Prayers that seemed to go unanswered.
Time Hop reminders of some stuff.
Too busy. 
Lack of sleep.
Too much sleep.

I was able to see the ROCKS cry out-- lots of times in the past few months -- and sing His praises and yet....I still remained in a funk.    I will admit -- I am still there -- some could label it depression.  Others could say, "pity party".  And yet, others will remind me -- it is Spiritual Warfare.  What I know, is that it is a place that feels uncertain and yet I know that I know -- God is trying to move to something or do something. is a season of such spiritual warfare and my flesh just won't 'feel' better until I SEE something! 

My husband keeps me in reality and reminds me -- it is the enemy.   Praise GOD for that -- THAT is a miracle in itself!  And I know it is.   

 Sunday, I sought out a precious sister in Christ that I submit to and just let her speak over me and pray.     That helped! 

In all of that -- if this makes any sense -- I believe I was just frustrated, as at times, I believe the Lord has me doing something and I expected some different answers and then it did not happen.  And then again -- I am believing the Lord is just calling me DEEPER to trust Him -- even when I can't SEE the mountain moving. 

Deep calls to deep. 

There I said it -- I don't feel pretty deep right now and so therefore, I do think the Lord is a bit distant and yet -- THAT is such a lie from the enemy. 

There, I can say that!  The enemy lies -- but to LIVE in that knowledge....that is where it  gets hard. 

It gets hard when I see this season and yet...I want to be obedient.

 In the past six months, He, God,  has asked me to do some "things".  I have been obedient in about 1/2 of them.  And the enemy uses that info to remind me that I am less than perfect.  I failed.  And thus....a crack in the armor happens and the funk sets in and ......continues. 

But the enemy will do anything and everything to distract -- in fact on Sunday, through a guest preacher, God reminded me...

The enemy -- brings discouragement, division, doubt, discontentment, distractions, and deception! 

So, with that -- I am blogging today.  I am being obedient -- being transparent.  I don't feel like the Lord is writing this -- I feel like it is a confession.  But -- I do believe the Lord will USE this for His Glory. 

I can't be the only warrior for Christ that gets into a funk. 

I have claimed victory over my "list".  I have made a few doctor's appointments to address the hormones.  And....  today, I blogged - in obedience.  Being transparent. 

Lord, this blog is me being honest and as You know I prayed today -- I want this season to be for YOUR glory, but I want to know its purpose.  But...I will trust that I don't HAVE to know its purpose.  Protect me Lord,  you know the secret places that need Your touch and You know how the Holy Spirit lives in me.  God, as your Word says - You have planned wonderful things for me -- long ago.  I will trust that YOU made me for THIS time...for  Your purpose and that You will use me -- IN Jesus name.  Amen!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Reading a book. How the ending can turn so quickly.

I read a book yesterday about a boy who went to heaven and was in a coma.  The book  is written from the Dad's point of view as he was driving and miraculously  survived the crash.  And there are excepts and inserts from the bystanders at the crash site and the various  paramedics -- and then the perspective of the six year old as he shares what he remembers.

They  share   an entire book about what he learned about heaven.   It was quite fascinating.  As I read - I believed it to be true, as the publisher is reputable and the theology within the pages are pretty sound.  I was totally uplifted and was reminded that my own problems were really nothing. 

The boy was 6 when he and his dad were this  car accident back in 2006.  As I said, the dad was ejected from the car and was barely injured.  The little boy, Alex, was still strapped into his back seat when the firemen had to cut the seat belt off of him.  He was literally decapitated within but the skin and muscle was not severed so his head was still attached.  He was not suppose to make it.  His mom had given birth to his little brother 2 days before the crash and there was a 2 and 4 year old at home as well. 

The accident happened back in 2006 - so I figure he has to be pretty close to 16-18 years old now.

I went to the internet and tonight found several articles and warnings that the book was a lie.  That the mother published one of the boy's  open letters that states -he made it up.  I read more -- the couple is divorced.  There is of course much to read about how the publishers have pulled the book off the shelves and there are articles from the Dad's family that state he is not lying.  And then, before I finally gave up and quit reading, I found the mother's blog where it stated, she is not divorced but they are separated.  However,  my uplifting experience the night before -- was now.... questioned.

Fake news?
No -
Confusion?  Yes.

How did this turn so quickly?   At what point when one was working on the book, that the other decided to write a blog and dispute the story?  

And then I realized or had a revelation  about  how quickly a sister in Christ can be happy one day and the next -- shattered.

I mean, everything she thought was real be count on....was ripped or destroyed within the day.

This happened to one recently.  One day she was shopping for baby furniture as they are expecting and the next day, her husband pulls her aside to tell her he is  having an affair.

 Or, maybe it could read out like this:   One day a mother can feel and enjoy the kicking of her twins within her belly.  They are almost full term and then she awakes the next morning and realizes, she has not felt them all day.  She heads to the doctor to check and is given the news that her twins have indeed  - died.  And then she must give birth to them.

Or another scenario:   One morning a mother notices her son is sleeping in, which is very normal, especially on a Saturday, but when she goes to wake him a few hours later, he has already slipped into heaven.  So quickly.  

Or maybe it is like this:   One day a mother realizes there is a weird spot or red mark on her breast and tells herself to watch it and as the week progresses, she realizes there are more red marks all under her arms and after a visit to the doctor and some tests -- her red marks become cancer.

And, what about the mother who kissed her sweet boy goodbye as he loaded the bus and headed overseas after his boot camp and training, and a week or so later she gets the official visit from an officer and is told her son was killed in action.  

So quickly -- so quickly, one life or one story can turn.

Today I was thinking and praying for a  family that is very dear to me and they were in ministry for many many years.  I watched them.  I dropped my child off at their church to be ministered to and yet -- somehow -- something got "in" and they are divorced and no longer in ministry.  What?  Why?

And there is a mother this evening that has watched her child suffer a lot.  The young one needs a miracle, a physical miracle, as her boy continues to decline and as she sits by his bed -- when will his last breath be?     When will it turn? 

How does one story turn so quickly?   

Some days my brain can quickly justify it as I will see and say--"oh - look -- well, there are consequences to his  or her  actions". 

And then, the Lord will allow a quick  discipline in my head and thoughts and remind me,  that indeed -- each and every day -- our enemy seeks to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY.  Period.

And we can't control life.  

Yet -- HOW hard is it to believe that God is still good? 

I read this:

Sometimes  God allows what HE can hardly stand -- to accomplish more than we understand. 

In fact, I think I already blogged and wrote that out once before.  

There are many around us - if you are not so self- absorbed  - suffering and needing a hug and a kind word.   There are many around us that need Jesus.  

I know that God is good.
One desire is that God is present and His presence brings hope.
Sometimes, for some....the only way God can get to them is when a crisis turns -- or when something turns into a crisis. 

  I know that God did not create this suffering nor is it a punishment.  

But tonight, as I write out this prayer, there are several people I know that could fit in my scenarios where their lives turned so quickly and I want to pray for them.  I also want to pray for  the authors of that book I read a few days ago.  Ironically, their name is "Malarkey".  When I was a kid, we would use the phrase -- "that is a bunch of bologna or malarkey" but for some reason I still don't want to think it is a bunch of bologna -- I want to believe it was a true story - as it was advertised.  

Lord,  this eve -- my heart is heavy - especially for my sweet sister in Christ who is bedside with her son -- God, give her the comfort that only You can.  Lord, for the families within these real and hypothetical scenarios.  God the real truth is -- there is one who will fit it.  God I pray for those mommas and daddy's who get those phone calls from the military.  Lord, I just pray for those of us blessed with "normal" lives  - may we be Your hands and feet and extend love, kindness, and compassion.  Lord, for Your will to be done - here on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Lord, for those struggling - wanting a HUMAN to meet their needs this eve - God - that YOU are all.  Lord, I love you and praise Your name.  Use this blog for Your glory.  And Lord, would you give me peace - some how some way and confirm to me what about this book is true. I know You can use a paper bag to draw in your lost son or daughter -- so use what is needed, that NO one would be left behind.  Until You return Lord -- humbled, I am.
-- Your daughter --   

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Psalm 136 - rewritten for me -- maybe for YOU!

I wrote this back in September 2011 -- six years ago.  I have felt rather distant from the Lord as of late -- and it is my own fault.  He has not moved, I have not sought Him out.  

I go in circles at times -- really focused -- on fire -- working and then I get into a slump.  I am either very tired or circumstances just interrupt.  However,  God is ever so gently reminding me -- "hello -- I am here".  

Tonight, I began a blog and then it the save button and closed it.  I tried to start another as I was longing to write and then the Holy Spirit brought me to this one I wrote some time ago.  

 I think it is ok to "rewrite" a psalm  when it becomes a prayer.  It ministered to me perfectly and as I read and prayed it again, I could see WHAT has indeed changed and come into fruition.  You can tell it is old, as it would need to be updated and I would be adding Jacob my son -in-love and my new Grand kid - Ava, as well the one awaiting birth in TP's tummy.   But what really struck me is -- there is ONE I can think of this evening that needs to write this out and ADJUST this psalm to FIT her prayer.  


She needs to be reminded that He is good.  So, I post this tonight and challenge that one who comes to this -- spend thirty minutes this eve and write this psalm out and where I placed my name... place yours.  And when I personalized it -- personalize it with YOUR family members.  And when it comes to the end and I thank and praise God for my present /then/ circumstance -- praise HIM for yours.  


I promise, His Word will not return void.  It is therapy to allow God's Word to wash our heart, our ears, and our thoughts.   God bless --    



psalm 136, rewritten for ME . . . . .

Psalm 136

1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! Michelle gives thanks to God. HE is good.
His faithful love for Michelle endures forever.
2 Give thanks to the God of gods.
His faithful love for Michelle endures forever.
3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords.
His faithful love for Michelle and her family endures forever.
4 Give thanks to him who alone does mighty miracles for Michelle and for Brendan and for Taylor and for Hunter because.
His faithful love endures forever.
5 Give thanks to him who made the heavens so skillfully. HE also made Michelle so skillfully, HE gave her a heart that wants to please and can love unconditionally.
His faithful love for Michelle endures forever and now Michelle has a LOVE for HIM that she believes will never waiver!.
6 Give thanks to him who placed the earth among the waters.
His faithful love endures forever.
7 Give thanks to him who made the heavenly lights—that Michelle has looked at and watched and she would remind herself that HE made those stars so HE can make something out of nothing.
His faithful love endures forever.
8 the sun to rule the day,
His faithful love for Michelle and her family endures forever.
9 and the moon and stars to rule the night.
His faithful love the loves ones of Michelle endures forever.
10 Give thanks to him who killed the firstborn of Egypt. And HE allowed something in Michelle to be killed as well. It had to be done.
His faithful love endures forever.
11 He brought Israel out of Egypt. And HE brought Michelle out of a pit of mire and muck and HE slowly brushed and cleaned her up and loved on her.
His faithful love endures forever.
12 He acted with a strong hand and powerful arm and held Michelle each and every time she asked as well as other times when she did not have the strength to ask.
His faithful love endures forever.
13 Give thanks to him who parted the Red Sea. And he allowed division and a parting with Michelle and her idols and still [a]
His faithful love for her and her family endures forever.
14 He led Israel safely through and HE held Michelle in her darkest and most sad moments,
His faithful love endures forever.
15 but he hurled Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea and HE came to the rescue and took care of Michelle's enemy - God wins.
His faithful love endures forever.
16 Give thanks to him who led his people and Michelle and her family through the wilderness.
His faithful love endures forever because HE is eternally good and HE loves Michelle and her entire family more than she ever could.
17 Give thanks to him who struck down mighty kings and HE opened and shut doors that needed to be, HE sold a home in a market that is rough, HE provided a new place to start over where one could afford, and HE also provided property and at HIS rate so we can rebuild again - litteraly. HE also provided godly counsel and secular help to sort out the mighty kinds and to SET them straight and to 'cancel' their power so real problems and solutions can be discussed and life can begin again as well, as providing the Pastor and counselor that HE uses to restore.
His faithful love endures forever.
18 He killed powerful kings—and the principalities that HELD us at bay for far too long.
His faithful love endures forever.
19 Sihon king of the Amorites,
His faithful love endures forever.
20 and Og king of Bashan.
His faithful love endures forever.
21 God gave the land of these kings as an inheritance—and HE has an inheritance for Michelle and her family that is going to be GREAT . . Michelle can't even imagine HOW great it is going to be.
His faithful love endures forever.
22 a special possession to his servant Israel.
His faithful love endures forever.
23 He remembered us in our weakness.And HE was always there and still is for MIchelle in good and in the bad, and she is most humbled that she is loved THAT much.
His faithful love endures forever.
24 He saved us from our enemies. Oh God, YOU saved me. Period.
His faithful love endures forever.
25 He gives food to every living thing.Oh God, your word is the breath that sustains me and I am so thankful.
His faithful love endures forever.
26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.I give thanks for the God in heaven. I praise you Lord, and YOUR love has endured forever and I trust it now.
His faithful love endures forever.

Lord, thank you for today for the special women that prayed for me. Today, the enemy wanted to destroy me. Today, YOU made me strong enough to grieve what I needed to grieve but then move on to YOUR promises and YOUR truth!! Today, you ministered to me, via church, your warriors, and your truth. Thank you Lord.

Thank you for this blog . ...I am SURE you did not mind me personalizing this psalm. I love you Lord.

Michelle - your beautiful daughter!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Prayer #40 -- Brutely Honest

I have pondered and asked God exactly how to end this season of prayers.  Monday was Day #40 and yet, I just could not bring myself to get this typed up and posted.  I have felt the Lord, leading me one way and then I felt He was moving me another. 

In the past week, there has been  a mother believing for a miracle for her son --

Just 24 hours ago a mother was seeking a medical miracle for her daughter 30,000 feet above the Earth  as she was traveling home--that was my sister as my niece was in respiratory distress and needed to spend some time in the PICU with oxygen and fluids-- 

There is a wife, that was the beginning inspiration for this blog series, she  has prayed with me for a movement of God and yet it seems nothing has changed within her home --

And there is another wife whose  husband told her earlier this week that he was moving out, he would provide for the children but he was having an affair and was moving out, leaving her --

And last night, as I was trying to pray for and comfort a young mother in desperate pain she mentioned something -- "all my praying and all my reading has brought forth nothing".......

This haunted me all day - our prayers are for everything.   But, I admit -- at times, I am looking for WHAT I see instead of trusting the faith within. 

And this evening I read a blog by Ann Voskamp and she says:  

What if:  God's purposes are not so much for me to understand His plans: His plan is for me to understand Who He is.  And He is my Peace. 

What if:  Prayer isn't about getting what you desperately want, but about getting more of the One Who desperately wants you.  

What if: You discover Jesus is really enough -- when you discover Jesus is really ALL you have left.  

Her  blog spoke volumes to me.  I do believe and know that God has been walking me through these 40 days.  As I have prayed  and blogged, these prayers and words of wisdom have been for others and also for myself.   And as I finish this series -- I did believe that a MAJOR circumstance change would occur within this one family -- nothing has noticeably changed on the outside, but I know that I know -- there has been change on the inside.  She has chosen to continue and fight through Jesus and be a warrior in a heartbreaking marriage -- but she is listening to God and being obedient.  That is indeed -- answered prayer.  

Sometimes God    allows what     He     can hardly       stand -- to    accomplish     more than we understand.  

Sometimes God allows -- I know this and understand it as best as I can, but I never truly felt that what He allows....brings Him sadness as well.  I mean, I know God is God -- but it gives me comfort to believe that He did not want to allow the hurt.... this season....or  the roller coaster we can't get off of.  

As I finish this prayer series -- whether the outcome came or not -- God won --- for 40 days, there was a bigger focus on Hearing from Him and being obedient.  For 40 days, healing was declared and faith to believe that indeed --- much fruit will come because of our faithfulness and steadfast obedience.  

Lord, for my sweet sister in Christ - hold her.  Bless her.  Lord, for these blogs -- use them for YOUR Kingdom come...  


 I am humbled Lord and indeed in AWE of Your Majesty!  
- Michelle 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Prayer #39 -- For a Sister in Christ in Crisis - Putting Your Armor ON!

 Today is Day #39!  Or Prayer #39.  As it is also the Lord's Day and the first day of the week -- I am reminded of an important task or way to begin each day-- by getting ready -- putting the armor on! 

 This weekend I have the pleasure of having and enjoying my youngest sister and her three 'gingers'.  They all have different shades of red hair.  And as they awake and need food in their bodies -- Auntie Chell begins to make Mickey Mouse pancakes and the banter and chatter begins about what we will do for the day.  The beach is on the list for today but first-- breakfast,  the changing of poopy pants, and then a silly song to get teeth brushed.   By the time my nieces leave they will have Raffi's "brush your teeth" playing over and over in their own personal playlist in their heads.  


"When I wake up in the morning and its quarter to one, and I just want to go have some fun,  I brush my teeth --- chitch chitch chitch cha.....  chitch chitch chitch cha cha cha"   

 Can you hear it?   

 "When I wake up in the morning and its time to rise Up -- I  just can't wait to pray my armor on"......


The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  

This battle truly has been fought in the heaven-lies -- and it will continue until complete victory is met -- are you willing to continue?  
You must continue to fight for your husband or family in prayer and it may not be easier after you put your armor on;  but when you realize the battle is not against flesh and blood -- perspective comes!   

13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,  
YOU battle with God's Word -- His Truth!  Read it - love it - seek its answers. 
15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  
 You may need to change those shoes each day or write yourself a note to make sure you don't take those shoes off -- but understand that faith will speak LOUDER than your words and allowing God to discipline the one hurting you, allowing God to orchestrate the timing is indeed what is best. 
16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. 
 If you read these blogs and have read this series, you know how praying in my prayer language  is needed something that gives me comfort and strength each day.  Many people, when speaking about the armor of God stop at verse 17 and yet verse 18 says to pray in the Spirit -- this, I believe is very key! 
With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, 20 for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it
fearlessly, as I should.

This scripture from Ephesians -- is a treasure.   Praying our Armor on each day - is so vital and needed.   As I wrap up these 40 days of prayers, I feel it is most fitting to make sure that one has their armor on.  

Lord,  as I pray this eve - I pray the one reading this knows and understands how important the armor - YOUR armor is and that it is prayed on.  Lord, I pray she would stand firm as this season continues or even begins to change -- and that she is comforted and favored in Your eyes.  IN Jesus name.  Amen.