Saturday, August 20, 2011

the help . . .

WOW - What a movie . . . .how one movie can just move you to tears and make you want to punch someone one minute and laugh and clap in another moment just makes me want to see it again. I highly recommend it!

The BEST part of the movie, when the one main character, as she is sitting in church, realizes that it takes courage and she begins to make a difference. The message through out the movie was so positive and good but it breaks your heart knowing that this probably was someone's REAL story.

Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.

Psalm 50.15

I loved how the women called upon HIM in their day of trouble. Many of our ancestors called upon HIM in the day of their trouble.

Too often we think we can handle things by ourselves and that if we actually are 'real' before our friends they may think we are just crazy or stupid. That is the Enemy lieing to us. It is important that we don't shut ourselves out or off when there is trouble. As our HELP comes from the Lord, who made the Heave and EArth - Psm 121.2 . and HE uses the people around us as well. The main character Abaline had a dear pal named Minnie -- with God and prayer, they set out to set something straight.

My friends have been a godsend in my time of trouble. Many have encouraged me and prayed. I have been reminded over and over how prayer is what we do and we have to wait on HIM to do HIS part.

I want to be a Minnie to the Abaline's in my life. I want to be an Abaline too -- I want to boldly live in such a way that my light shines . .I want to live everyday just to share HIS life so people can be whole . ..

God is the ultimate Helper -thank you God for the reminder of how YOU speak to us and how YOU answer prayer.

And thank you for tonight!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

now . . I am not so cautious . .but happy . . .

Lord, what a blessing it is to live here and worship you and WATCH for you everywhere. You know Lord, that I posted a few weeks ago, ONE notch above CAUTIOUS . . well, after these past few days . . . . I just want to say . . . I am HAPPY!

Lord, first of all, I know what and how this all came to be . . . so I am humbled, and honored that YOU trust me enough to be your servant.

Lord, but THANKS.

THANKS. JuST Thanks!

What a 'feeling' to hear my husband say, 'but I want to talk to you more' and then after being away I get roses? And the little cards? WEll, Of course, as YOU stated YOU have great and mighty plans for all of us. AND YOU delight in us. YOU want to grant us the secret desires of our hearts.

Your word states: God will fill you mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

Job 8.21.

Lord, you know I have felt like JOB. Lord, I know that besides me, there are MANY hurting but I pray that they will HANG on and endure . .for the rewards -- YOUR will are just breath taking at times.

Lord, this am . . being able to praise - shout - and just sing to you in the car, on my way to my new job . ..I saw your beautiful sky. The picture here does not even do it justice! YOUR are great and migthy to be praised.

Thank you.

+for the new job, the fun there, the excitement

+ for the renewed vigor towards my job

+ for the new friends

+for the old ones

+ for the loved ones

+ for the new students

+ for the opportunity

+ for the sweet phone call, and silly pillow talk

+ for the checking in

+ for the roses

+ for the sweetness

+ for the joy in others

+ for the healing

+ for the fun

+ for the blessings and 'needs'

+ for the time

+ for the retoration

+ for the 'slowness' of it - so it can be appreciated!

Lord, I do believe that YOU are truly THE BEST. I am humbled.

Use me Lord, and like Debi reminded me yesterday - I will praise you in the storm and in the happy . .. I am happy . .

Did I tell you God, he got me roses?

Did I tell you God, he wrote some very sweet notes?

Did I tell you God, he wants to talk to me?

Did I tell you God, that we (you sold) sold the house?

Did I tell you God HOW NICE this is?

Thanks -- I am happy. I realize . .we have FAR to go and we are not where you WANT us yet - but Oh God, what a glorious day . . .to see the scales being removed.

Now, for the other prayer requests on my heart - may they too - experience the HAPPY!

- your daughter, michelle

Monday, August 15, 2011

24 years and prayerfully thankful . .

Happy Anniversary to me. . . . . 24 years ago this very time . .about 12 am . .Brendan and I were crawling into our bed and breakfast for our 'one night' stand. That is sort of how it is when you begin Student Teaching in a few days and you have no money ---- We got married on a VERY HOT day with NO AC and well, thus began our lives . . . .as husband and wife.

Today . . I started a new job . .Brendan headed into the High School for the routine faculty meeting and when I got home ( yes, at 11 pm as I had a shopping trip planned with a dear pal ) there were roses on the counter.

All I am saying is - thank you God.

Thank you Lord for this is YOUR 'doing' . . .and I am humbled! So humbled.
As Brendan's card said, "happy 24 and many more " .. ....thank you.

Lord, in watching how you are changing him . ..I fall EVEN MORE in love with YOU - amen!

Humbled, your beautiful daughter - michelle

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prayers for Dale: Blog with pictures

Prayers for Dale: Blog with pictures: "I received an email from Damian Mulinix, a photographer at the Chinook Observer newspaper, including this link to his blog:"

- just saying -

A picture can speak 1000 words.


24 and holding . . .

Psalm 121.2

Psm. 50.15

2 Corn 10.4

Phil. 4.6

He who waits on his master will be honored.

Prov 27.18

You are WORTH the wait Lord, thanks for waiting on me - michelle

Saturday, August 6, 2011

. . one notch above CAUTIOUS . . .

It is funny -- no it is God's timing that today I just sort of 'went' one notch about cautious. What does that mean? Well, for so long there has been a trial, a problem, an event, or just a big old plain elephant in the room. So many things, events, people, and just STUFF involved. One goes through SO many emotions that you almost become RAW at one point and then HARD and vow NEVER to be hurt like that again, and then you really RE-evaluate and think -WHAT DO I want? What I wanted -- more of God. I wanted to be in the CENTER of HIS will and I wanted to hear those prophetic words, "well, done my good and faithful servant Michelle".

So choices had to be made.

James 1.12 says: Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Blessed is the woman, hurt, that perseveres under trial, because when she has withstood the test, she will receive the crown of life that GOD has promised to those who LOVE HIM.

Blessed is Michelle . . it is hard to sometimes really believe that GOD loves me as much as HE loves Jesus. It is hard to wrap my mind around it.

And so, I have been cautious with my heart. I am cautious, I have good reason. But, when I really reflect and think -- I broke God's heart too. I loved HIM but I really did not WANT HIM . .nor did I really understand HOW to love HIM the way I was suppose to, nor did I understand HIS true grace and mercy. But now . . .I believe I can say that I have experienced HIS grace and mercy and so therefore, I must give it. Period.

To give grace and mercy .. sometimes it takes extreme patience. Patience is to have the ability to endure, but it does stop there. Patience must also have the capacity to be wronged and not retaliate. In other words, patience is love persevering and love waiting. We are not only to be patient in the way we face difficult situations but in our relatioinships as well. Easy to say, HARD to LIVE.

Job Stood firm.

I remember the day I had a revelation -- God loves me like HE did JOB. God has allowed this trial in my life .. this journey .. this hurt . .because HE wants to see if MICHELLE will stand firm. I chose that. I have. I tired. I failed but I tried again. I choose this each day I wake up.

And with that, I have become cautious. People say and act a certain way . . .but sticking around long enough and listening and watching sometimes shows one's true heart. That is why, I would say . .I am one notch . above cautious.

God's restoration power is at work, God's healing is at work, but it is not complete as of yet. The smile on my face, praises GOD for the glorious miracles I see and hear and witness, but I realize the ENEMY is still fighting mad and won't stop! Together, and I am claiming this ..together, my husband and I can defeat the Enemy's schemes for our family and friends and I am so anxious to watch how God brings this about. I am believing that we, both, together can make a difference for HIS Kingdom and I want that. And I believe that God will reveal even more to my husband and do a migthy miracle with everything we have encountered and endured.

Every trial must come through HIS love but every trial has a purpose. Every pain, every ordeal contains a seed of victory and there is a promise for every problem you and I will ever face. (I am stealing this from Mary Southerland)

Scipture says: " The Lord is my strength, my shield from every danger, I trust in HIM with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy." Psm. 28.7

Patience pays off in many ways, but one of the greatest rewards of patience is joy, a deeply - rooted confidence that God is in control.

I can say, this deeply rooted confidence. . that God is in CONTROL . .won't be shaken from me - ever . . .HE will do what HE says HE will do.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the revelation of the Encounter . for both me and for my husband. Thank you for that day, that particular day when the gifts you bestowed on others spoke directly to him. Lord, thank you for selling the house ( I know you will do that.) and allowing us to move forward in a new direction with a new purpose and a new calling for you. Lord, thank you for the little mini-tidbits of miracles and the hurts that have been healed with small gestures and comments. Lord, I would never say it was because of 'me' but it is because of YOU that I have the ability to give grace and mercy because I sit here humbled that you waited this long for me. I the love for the manual is here, the mind set is here, you the master are at the top, and the ministry will come. I pray for my husband, Lord, do not allow the Enemy to steal what YOU have revealed to him and Lord, continue to restore, continue to bless, and continue to show me the wonderous mysteries of YOUR love through him. Lord, I thank you for the patience you gave me, for the healing you provided, I want to be way about one notch than cautious . .but you know my private prayers and you know how fear can still creep in . .. . but I believe, I know . .YOU are GOD and you want this more than we do. Amen. I love you Lord. - Your grateful beautiful daughter - Michelle

Thursday, August 4, 2011

. . sisters . .


What a blessing sisters are. And yet, I never gave my daughter one - only a brother. Too selfish? Yep. I guess growing up with SO many siblings was a pain at the time, but NOW . .I love the fact that there are so many of us. And we are all different. But, truth be told. . . .pregnancy was not easy for me and after two C-sections I decided that one girl and one boy was enough so Taylor will just have to get used the the idea that one day, her sister - n - law will be the best sister she can have. But THAT is not the topic of this blog . . .

Sisters . .I have three of them. One is right after me in the line of birth and then I had to wait 11 years for a 2nd one. There were 3 brothers in between and her birth was celebrated. I remember changing her diaper, being so proud of her as I was 11 going on 12 and many realized she was not my daughter but my sister and her red hair . .made everyone stop and look.

Diann is a teacher too. Her temper was /is like mine - hot. ( I have since mellowed. ) She has similar interests and likes. She is very creative and artistic. I remember her following me around the one summer my parents were building our family home and she was into everything I had to do. I did a lot of painting, planting of trees and then I did some stenciling on the garage door. My dad wanted it monogrammed but we could not afford a professional so I did it and did a pretty good job on it but I remember that summer -- 'bear' is what we called Diandra, as she would want to help me and she couldn't. Diann was also the one who hopped a plane often in college and visited. She just turned 34 . .and now has 3 of her own kids. Two girls and a boy. It is a joy to watch her be a mother and 'brag' about my new teaching job as she truly appreciates the banter back and forth. However, the best thing about her is that we share a love of our Lord and we can chat about that, fuss about that, and then call each other and pray. I look forward to the day when we can sit by the beach or go to a movie . .and watch our grandkids play . . .and just relax and talk about our teaching days. When she had the time to talk, my kids were little and we were always interrupted. Now when I have the time to talk, her kids ar little and she gets pulled away . .soon . .we will be uninterrupted, that, or we will have to take a childless/grandkid less vacation soon and just have that time. Until then, I can dream about it.

I guess I was very jealous of my other sister when she was born, that I had to be sent to Grandma's for a month . that my mom could adjust to 2 children - under the age of 2. I believe we are 21 months apart. As a kid, she was just always there. We shared a bedroom and she could never fall asleep. I would have to tell her stories. I would get so annoyed. She could have friends over and play and I just never really wanted to play with them so she had her friends to herself. When I wanted friends over, I had to include her as that is what a big sister does. Can you sense a bit of envy? It began that way I guess, being so close. We were the best of buddies or worst enemies for most of our childhood and it stayed that way until a beautiful little boy came into our lives and changed us both - as we needed each other then. Blake was born. Now, I get the pleasure of living in Florida with my sister, and even though we don't spend as much time as I think both of us would like - together -- when we do, we are blessed and it is great. I will never forget last summer at the Gaylord with her - and my boot buying bikini experience . .I don't like to share that with too many but, it is a laugh we will always have.

And then I have a younger one. She was born when I was 19 and I was in college. So when ever I had her - I was embarrassed that people would think she was mine. She grew up so fast . . . I was away, at college and then moved to Florida, I never got to know this one until she was older. Brendan would always comment that she looks like me -- now - she has the opposite color hair and I don't see as much resemblance anymore, but I am never around her enough to see. But -- someday!! I still hope and pray God will bring another one of my sisters to Florida - she, Brittan, came one time and the two hurricanes scared her away. I believe Taylor was the most disappointed as the two of them are only six years apart . .they are truly sisters!! However, I get to spend moment with her and when we are together, I believe we are more alike than different.

Sisters . .it is RARE that we all get to see each other at the same time, it has only happened in our adult lives . about 3-4 times but when it does, watchout. I guess God has HIS best interest at heart in keeping us across the miles . ha ha .

Lord, I thank you for my sisters. I love them dearly and pray that YOU keep them safe - thank you for our recent 'sister' night out and the laughs we had. Lord, bring us more unique times like that - thank you for our mother as well - what a blessing.


Sisters . . I pray that each of them, would be Your sheep and listen to YOUR voice, as YOu know them, and they follow YOU - John 10.27 Thank you Lord for my sisters.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

. .pain is pain . is pain . .

Pain is pain is pain . . . . What a title for a blog this eve. This is something I have been wanting to write out for some time. Not quite sure 'how' it will turn out . .but I want to say it.

1. Pain is pain. It is very important to know that when some one hurts, whether they are 19, 10 or 45 - they HURT! God feels that hurt. HE has experienced everything that can come our way. Amazing.

2. Pain is pain. Even when you 'think' your life or your situation is harder or more painful . . . .you will be blessed with another story or another friend who DOES have it a bit 'worse' than you. But, your pain is still pain.

3. Pain is Pain. Don't qualify another's pain. Don't make is 'less' by saying you 'can understand' or don't make it less by telling them a different story that you think will make they feel better. Pain is Pain.

It is important to know that God can use pain. HE is soveriegn and 'yes' HE knows exactly what you or I are going through but for some reason -- no HIS glory, HE has esteemed you high enough and strong enough to handle the pain with HIS help.

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Prov. 12.18.

Pain is pain. Please. Whether you are the one suffering a loss, a death, a hurt . . .

Whether you are the one who is watching the other suffer a loss, a death or a hurt . .

Whether you are the child of one who is watching the loved one suffer a loss, a death, a betrayal, a hurt or a violation . .pain is pain.

Everyone hurts. Most times, we just need someone to listen and hug. Most times we just need to know there is hope. Most times, we don't want to explain . . . .or have it explained . .we just want to cry and fuss and yell!! (personally -- I do that with God . HE knows already )

Lord, forgive me for when I 'thought' I was helping and not allowing YOU to work a miracle in a life. Lord, forgive me for being too stuck on my own pain to not see the pain in others. Lord, thank you for providing the people that loved me . .even when all I wanted to do was 'cuss'. Lord, thank you for breaking me, and allowing this pain . . ..I want to be used by YOU and I want to bring hope to others.

From a wise mind comes wise speech: the words of the wise are persuasive. Prov. 16.23

I think it is very important to look beyond ourselves. However, we can allow the loved ones around us to minister to us when we need it. Get the help. Allow yourself to grieve and seek HIM for true healing. But then, looy beyond ourselves. As, I have found that when I look to help others, my pain DOES become a little 'less' to me.

I believe there are many hurting people all around me. Lord, let me comfort when I need to - let me see with YOUR eyes, what I need to say, do, or how I should pray.

Lord, I have learned MANY things in this time of my 'blue period' but now I am in the green and growing period . .so teach me much. Help me to see that I never 'level' one's pain. Help me show empathy each time. Lord, only let me open my mouth if YOU direct it.

I am so thank ful for your healing. I am so thankful for the work you are doing in my life -- in Brendan's life . in Taylor's life . .In Brittany's life . .In Paige's life . . In Darlene's life . . In Debi's life . .In Linda's life . . . . this list could go on and on . . . .seriously . . .I am humbled and honored. Lord, You are a deep mystery. and I won't try to fathom it. Please continue to use me in a mighty way.

I love you Lord. - Michelle

And PS . .I pray that whomever reads this - is blessed. Like I said - may I never 'level' pain - ever again. Thank you for teaching me this . . . I am humbled.