Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God fights and Random thoughts --

So, the past 14 days have been RATHER a blur..... 

In accepting the honor to speak with two other women for Mother's Day, I had an idea that Satan was going to do everything in his power to steal, kill, and destroy - but I had NO clue as to  the extent of it. 

However, God Wins. 

In reading, or listening to my bible app read 2 Samuel  a few days ago - chapters 8-11, I could not help but allow the Holy Spirit to create word pictures within my mind ...of David listening, extending forgiveness, and then ...  God delivering to him the plunder from victories!    

I know God is holy and I WOULD never want to hurt my testimony by sticking in a cuss word here or there - but I admit -- sometimes when I am  praying, I get so angry at a problem and Satan that I literally want to let a few cuss words out-- cause it feels good.  Well, my flesh feels better.

Today, I could see David defeating the Philistines and I was screaming and hollering   - whoot whoot -- whoot ...YEAH... God wins! 

Over the past 14 days, I have had the sincere privilege to pray for several, correspond with several, and God even brought a few new women to minister to as one day I know I will minister with them! 

God wants his people free -- God wants us doing life with others and  doing our part of the Great Commission. 

I have been in tears seeking God on one matter and then, cried a few of my own cause my feelings got hurt. 

God wins.  God will win.  God has won...but these human eyes...these human thoughts needs reminders. 

I watched several teachings on Hell this weekend -- Jesus spoke more about hell  than heaven.  Why?  Maybe to remind us - that it is real.  Robert Morris used the illustration that perhaps in Jesus 3 years of ministry he spoke about it 33x -- that is about once a month.  What would happen in our ministers in the church spoke about hell once a month?  

I have sat in a seat on a bus to Tallahassee and back, I have watched a blacksmith make a nail, and I climbed up a 30 foot ladder and did some zip line adventures. 

Several times in the past two weeks, I have just marveled on 'how' God moves -- just when I think a particular prayer request has been forgotten -- HE shows up. 

So today, I also read in 2 Samuel 7.22 ...  How great you are, Sovereign Lord!  
HE is Sovereign -- HE will win.  Period.  End of Story. 

I was reading an except from 1000 Blessings  or 1000 ways of Gratitude by Ann Voskamp and I was tearfully crying as I could see this author's mamma hold her little one -- as she had been hit by a delivery truck on a farm.  I was reminded of the time my own dad, accidentally, ran over my 2 year old brother -- as he was running out of the barn trying to get a ride on the big tractor.

The beginning  of her book took me way back and she begins her (60 week National Best Seller Book)  story...  addressing those thoughts...  'why would God allow this' and within the first 10 pages of her book, I fell in love with God all over again and prayed ...

Lord -- I want to WRITE like her........  

 Here is the rest of 2 Samuel 7.22 :  Lord, there is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears. 

So, these RANDOM thoughts about God winning  and prayers that were spoken this past weekend .... Lord - move.
Lord - I am sort of in a funk again -- or maybe it is just that I am tired --
Lord - YOU are sovereign and if you never answered another prayer of mine -- I would still trust YOU Lord and believe -- that is what is best for me....
Lord, for these last 8 days of school -- God I pray that I finish well - thank you - amen.

- humbled...

I know what God can do -- Repost from May 26, 2014

 This blog popped up on my TimeHOP today -- and it blessed me as I read it -- so I am sharing it - just like it was written one year ago.  

It still applies.....

( This is a long blog.  You may need coffee or a Coke to read it, I pray if you love me and the body of Christ, then you will read it prayerfully and know, it is me - my heart.  I am transparent...I am wanting to be used by God)

I know what God can do.  He can take a situation that seems totally dead and make it come alive again.  I am not going backwards but I have sort of a crush on this one guy that lives in my house --  I have watched him over the past  weeks be used by God in a very HARD way...but, I have watched him pray, plead with God,  and pray even more.  I have also watched him carefully seek HIS word for guidance and direction.  

However there is another man -- that lives in my house too.  HIS name is the Holy Spirit.   He comforts.  He speaks  and He guides.  And his best buddy Jesus also lives within our hearts in this home.   Jesus is the one that covers me...and my husband.  He intercedes.

And God forgives.  God restores.  God remains.  God is good.  God is the very reason I write this blog. It allows me to tell  others -- HOW HE is within my life. It allows me to be transparent and honest.  I know many read this and as I type today, I ask God to protect it in every way.

God's Word is HIS direct communication or love letter to me.

Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain favor
    rather than one who has a flattering tongue.

Whoever rebukes a  FRIEND  will in the end gain favor
    rather than one who has a flattering tongue.

Whoever rebukes a CONFIDANT  will in the end gain favor
    rather than one who has a flattering tongue.

Whoever rebukes a LOVED ONE  will in the end gain favor
    rather than one who has a flattering tongue.  Proverbs 28.23

God's Word is HIS direct communication or love letter to me.

This is a HARD word to swallow, especially if you don't agree with a loved one and it will hurt to express your opinion.   But God calls us to be strong with a sense of Justice and Righteousness.  We are not called to judge.  We are called to love.    

Sometimes, God calls us to do the HARD.  
Obedience will bring fruit and rewards.  

“Don’t pervert justice. Don’t show favoritism to either the poor or the great. Judge on the basis of what is right.
16 “Don’t spread gossip and rumors.
“Don’t just stand by when your neighbor’s life is in danger. I am God.
17 “Don’t secretly hate your neighbor. If you have something against him, get it out into the open; otherwise you are an accomplice in his guilt.
18 “Don’t seek revenge or carry a grudge against any of your people.
“Love your neighbor as yourself. I am God.  Lev. 19.17

Sometimes you really have to do the HARD.  Some of God's written testimony is HARD to accept.  

I want to say this...I don't secretly hate my neighbor.   I do my best to NOT allow any gossip - I strive to deal with facts and go directly to a person if I feel the Holy Spirits conviction.  
I won't stand by when I see one of my friends or family hurting.  If I can't directly help in some way, I pray.  Well I pray directly...as THAT is my first SWORD.   Knowing that I am to pray!  

God's word says in James 4.10 -- Humble yourselves before the Lord and HE will raise you up.  

I will question everything against God's word.  And I forgive.  I KNOW how to do that...I know it takes a daily reminder to forgive a situation or a person and that it is a process but I know I am to forgive.  And I can love a person...or love the sinner but still hate the sin.  

It is not personal.  It is what God has asked us to do.  We show love...we walk in love and we are kind and gentle...but sometimes, God also asks us to do HARD stuff.  

I also refer to my SWORD of Light...the ability to discern.  This is no suspicion.  It deals with facts.  This is not about putting a label on another.  I know about labels. 

There is a SWORD of Harvest.  It changes the environment - it makes a clear path.  In the past few weeks, there have been changes and we have sought God to clear the way.   And there has been a harvesting and a pruning as well....and I believe it was of God.  

There is a SWORD of Song and I have sought my quiet time -- singing..."this life will not go down in shame"...I praised God for my Pastor and that song..and I praise God  that I have that Song of truth...my life won't go down in shame...that life won't go down in shame...it will rise and glorify YOUR name... THAT has been my prayer.  

The SWORD of Silence is so important and keeping silent is so very important .......but God also calls us to be willing to speak when HE calls us to.   God's word speaks louder than our silence.  

Galatians 5:16-26

Common English Bible (CEB)

Two different ways of living

16 I say be guided by the Spirit and you won’t carry out your selfish desires. 17 A person’s selfish desires are set against the Spirit, and the Spirit is set against one’s selfish desires. They are opposed to each other, so you shouldn’t do whatever you want to do. 18 But if you are being led by the Spirit, you aren’t under the Law. 19 The actions that are produced by selfish motives are obvious, since they include sexual immorality, moral corruption, doing whatever feels good, 20 idolatry, drug use and casting spells, hate, fighting, obsession, losing your temper, competitive opposition, conflict, selfishness, group rivalry, 21 jealousy, drunkenness, partying, and other things like that. I warn you as I have already warned you, that those who do these kinds of things won’t inherit God’s kingdom.
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against things like this. 24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified self with its passions and its desires.
25 If we live by the Spirit, let’s follow the Spirit. 26 Let’s not become arrogant, make each other angry, or be jealous of each other.

And finally the SWORD of Restoration.  I am completely yielding to God.  I know what restoration looks like and how it feels.   Believe me ....that has been my prayer as well.   As I said, I forgive.  When we forgive, it empowers the person to get the forgiveness they need from God.  

So...when I am in the battle...

I CONSTANTLY beg God for little tidbits of blessings or signs to know ...I am STILL in HIS will...that HE still believes I am worth dying for.....and at times, I ask HIM for an actual verbal affirmation.  The affirmation can come in an action, HIS word, from another...or it even sometimes comes with a tremendous PEACE that transcends all understanding.

When I say I pray - I pray.  And when I say that I am praying for my enemy
-that could be the neighbor
-the one saying false things about me
-the student that continues to show no respect
-and that could be just the one person that I have to deal with when they believe I have wronged them. 

  In that case....I pray.  And I seek forgiveness - all the time.  I ask them for forgiveness and I make a point of making sure I quickly say - I MESSED UP. There was a time when I had to move ...move away from my church family and seek a new church family because I knew that I knew....once my husband and I were restored -- it would be AWKWARD to continue within that church building.  

It broke my heart - but I trusted God and HE took me to a new place and I still have those friends at the other place...and I still pray and honor them...I just don't sit in a pew next to them every Sunday.  And it is OK.  

God moves us as we grow.  I moved away from my home - Wisconsin.  At the time, I wanted to get away, I was young and our home is here now in Florida.  This is where GOD has us. 

 And one final move....  when my husband and I were trying to rebuild our marriage and our family.....we had to MOVE.  Literally MOVE.  We sold and left our home.    I say that to say this:   change is hard...but sometimes THAT is what our God is asking us to do.  To do the HARd.  MOVE.

Our  true enemy though is Satan.   He is the one that steals, kills, and destroys.  He sets traps.  He plots and plans.  And if we are not careful and watchful - he just needs an inch and he can become our ruler.  ( no pun intended )  In the past  weeks, I have witnessed how God can use something that Satan planned to kill and destroy a body of believers...but  he did not succeed.  There is still some strife.  There are feelings that are hurt and each one involved has to answer to God -- not to  me...not to anyone else.   Forgiveness is the first thing.   God does know our hearts.  God knows our motives...and God knows  what will happen next.  But God also wants to RAISE us up...Nothing is wasted and HE teaches us through every bit of stress..that HE wins.   God's beauty rises out of ashes.  One person may say this and another that......my husband and I have prayed and agonized these past weeks and prayed Jesus' blood over it all.  

I pray and will continue to pray for the BODY of believers in Okeechobee.  I have become SO more aware of this community and its beautiful people -- many of which are STILL lost.  I have grieved a friendship but....I continue to pray - my husband and I continue to pray that friendship will not be lost...in HIS time, I am claiming healing and restoring.  

God is so sweet.  

I stared this blog with a 'love' note about my man.  I watched him -- I have watched him...over the past 10 years....closely.  We will be married for 28 years this coming August...that is a LONG time!!!  I have come to realize that God is alive and well in him and I have come to understand how Satan can attack and how cunning he is.  But I also know -- and see a man, that continues to seek HIS word and stand humble before God.     And when God was asked...God answered.  

I have prayed over him...encouraged him...and stood amazed at how HIS word has guided and directed him.  Brendan shared with me a prophetic word that was given to him by another praying warrior that loves us...loves the ENTIRE body of believers...and loves God first.   This couple is so important to us...as in my time of need, they gave me such a prophetic word...at the right time that it changed or rather confirmed what I knew I was to do with my own crisis of faith.  So it is very sweet and awesome of God to give him, my husband, a direct word for him at the RIGHT time in his crisis of faith....

Brendan:  " I will never leave you nor forsake you".  " you are my chosen vessel that I have created with a strong sense of Justice and righteousness ( Ps. 89.14) and these are the foundations of my throne. I bring about my righteousness and justice by speaking the Truth in Love.  But do not mistake my love and kindness for weakness or permissiveness. I am none of  those.  I am a Father who loves His children, but like any good parent, my love is sometimes 'tough love' and I discipline those I love when needed. See that all those who are involved are siblings. As siblings, they will tell their father if they see one of their siblings disobeying the rules or putting themselves in harms way.  It is the Father's job to correct, discipline, and punish with consequences for wrong choices and behavior. This gives an opportunity for one to learn from his mistakes and repent.  But like any good parent, if this discipline is not used as an opportunity for repentance, the process will continue until the will is broken ( but not the spirit ) . Turn your siblings over to me for my discipline.  Because I am the perfect parent, my discipline is also perfect.  It is my promise to work all things together for the good to All those who love Me, to All those who are called according to my Purpose.  I am doing a work in All of you".  

 As I have said, we have prayed.  I have my husband's permission to share this word on my blog...he wants anyone to know - God wins.  God makes a way when it seems there is no way.  God restores.  God redeems. And God places the right people in our lives -- God is raising us ALL up.  I know my faith has increased in the past few weeks, I know that I am a different person and I know that the enemy will continue to steal, kill, and destroy but I know - God wins.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I did it! I preached!

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Today is Sunday, my heart is extremely FULL.  I had a tremendous time at church!!  The  worship was...may I quote a dear pal, "off the CHAIN" and the presence of God was IN that building.

My children were in the audience and my brother-n-law even blessed my socks off by honoring my request -- and he came as well.

 Then lunch at the OK Gun Corral where the food and atmosphere was exquisite and  now -- to rest and be able to blog -- I am ONE happy woman!

 I just re-posted my blog from last Mother's Day where I blogged and shared about my moms.  I also  prayed for the  moms on my heart and as I reread that blog,  my heart was full and happy again.   So very happy. ( And, the food coma is NOT affecting my ability to think! )   In that blog, I spoke about my son being home for the summer and my daughter as well.  I spoke about the plans for summer and such - and as I reread that blog a few moments ago -- my heart just expanded again.  Last Mother's Day was precious and priceless.  How could it get any better? 

God is so good.  He is so sweet.

Today, I say -- I think it got better --  

Can our blessings get better?   God wants to bless us ...and HE goes exceedingly and abundantly beyond...  ( that is in the bible)  

Today, I had the humbled honor to tag team preach with two other mighty women of God.  Last Sunday after a powerful service, the Holy Spirit gave me a directive and a text went to Rachel and Barb about 'where' the message should go.  Each of them prayed and it certainly seemed as if the Holy Spirit confirmed to each of them ...their part.   

 Each of us, tried to get together 2x in the past 10 days and yet -- distractions and interruptions.  However, there was prayer  -- and God will get His message to His people whether we plan it or not.   I know that I know - each of us, sought HIM and  we serve the same God and the same Holy Spirit.

Again, you can believe with me that Satan did not want us to 'plan' as he knew what could transpire....and you can also believe with me that it  DID not matter, as the Holy Spirit spoke personally to each of us.    And if you were in the service today, you might of felt we discussed  WHAT we were going to share.  But we didn't.

 That is just a true testament to HOW God uses HIS people for HIS purposes.   How it all fell into place today, as each of us was used by God to speak a good wurd ( Aussie for word ) ... it all flowed and it was HIS perfect word that came forth.

So, I really did not preach -- God did.

 Through me.          Through Rachel and through Barbara.
I wanted this.  I prayed and fasted some stuff all week.  I cried, I fought with my husband for the first time a  good while.  I battled with my tongue...or I mean, I kept the Sword of Silence--- And I am unsure how life went down in the McGalmmory home or the Evans home....but I am pretty sure the enemy tried to beat them up as well!  He is such a liar.  But -- God won!

 We did it.  My heart is full.  I just asked God...'did you call me to preach?'.  I don't see myself doing this on a routine basis, but I do see myself speaking life into whomever HE brings my way and I can tell you this -- I am on  a Jesus high -- there is NO better HIGH than a Jesus high! 

Now -- what did I say?

Rachel did an EXCELLENT job speaking to those who are childless and how, we trust God in our circumstance and even without a biological child....we can mother.

 ( She said SO much more, but...this blog will get TOO long and my dear pal ( Rachel J.  ) may not read it -- or you might just stop here too.....

Then it was my turn:  

What the Holy Spirit impressed upon me  this week,  was to remind all of us that prayer is the key element in our faith to create miracles.  Prayer changes everything.  Prayer for your child is one of the BEST ways to nurture your children and through prayer you can plant seeds and teach them so much.  You have to be a believer,  that prayer can open eyes, prayer can bring a prodigal back home, prayer can restore a marriage ...God is the one that DOES all this .... through our faith and through prayer.

He also reminded me of Proverbs 3: 5-6   Where it says, trust in the Lord with all your heart....  Now if we had a mom that nurtured us -- she taught us to trust!  But if we had a mom that did not nurture us ---God,  the perfect parent,  can perfect that within us.  We need a healing -- the Holy Spirit and God will heal that -- so seek that healing.

And if we did not have a mom, we may of had a grandmother, aunt, god parent, even an uncle that probably spoke life and sowed into us. For example, Mordecai who took in Hadassah who became Ester and what if he would not of spoken life into her -- where would we be today?  - God uses the ordinary to become extraordinary!   In the story of Ester, her uncle Mordecai reminds her -- if she, Ester, did not speak up for her people, God was going to take care of it -- but what if THIS was HER  purpose for this time.

God used the three of us - for HIS purpose for THIS time.  And it went exceedingly and abundantly beyond! 

As a young mom, the enemy would constantly try  and lie to me and I bought  the lies often -  more times that I should have.  But, God continued and prevailed - by His grace and His mercy.  Eventually, I got better at knowing when the liar of lies was speaking and when the Holy Spirit was just nudging me to step it up.  Every time, when I put a problem to prayer and sought God on the answer -- HE made my paths straight!   When I tried to do it on my own -- whatever it was,  it went  haywire or backfired or the outcome was not too good.  Plain and simple.  A primary scripture for parenting -- is Proverbs 3. 5-6! 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

I shared a few funny stories...about how mom's teach boys to pee straight -- and how we are the champions of teaching our daughters to squat and hover....  and I shared a bit more -- but again -- I must be aware of my rambling....  

And I had  haphazardly asked the Holy Spirit to give me a cute acrostic to give a good teaching tip for mom to use when they pray for their children and God did do that....... but it did not 'line up' in a cute perfect acrostic poem and if you just read it out loud -- it did not make sense.  

But I was obedient and -- the Holy Spirit clearly spoke and finished the one part I was unsure of during praise and worship at the first service...God is so sweet.    

Again - a side lesson I learned or was reminded of,  HE sometimes does not GIVE us everything...we step out in faith and trust HIM.  Thank you Lord!   

So,  this is the Acrostic the Holy Spirit gave me  that does not rhyme, but it stands for something that I believe God wanted me to share.  M-O-T-H-E- R.

M --  More
O --  No other name
T -- That's it!
H -- Help meet
E -- Everyone
R -- Reap.

As a mom,  we can  pray for our children and say:  "Lord, that they want more of you - Lord, that I want more of you -- Lord, that they want MORE of you" And the Holy Spirit had me address the extras in the crowd today.  There were several men and dads that normally do not attend church with their wives...  and I reminded them..."HE wants MORE of you"..... Furthermore, think about it as you pray...Lord, I want MORE of your love, I want to do MORE of what YOU want me to do, I want to draw closer to you - MORE and MORE.   

NO OTHER name.  This 'word' from God was debated a bit.   I kept asking the Holy Spirit to give me just one work that started with O, but He was clear about the phrase "no other".  I wanted  this acrostic  to flow and be a cute poem and  as I said, HE did not give me that -- and I know it is for his purpose.   So, as you pray for your child or your family say:  " Lord, let my child have NO other gods in place of you  -- I pray there would be no IDOLS or anything that comes in front of Your love within their hearts and I pray that they claim you as their LORD and Savior".    I got to thinking about all the idols that our children face... perhaps physical fitness, FB, gaming, what ever it is that takes the place of our time with HIM...it is an idol.

THAT'S IT!    When I saw an image with this word, I could see a host of angels all sitting around and looking and pointing and looking down to earth and saying, " look, she is - that's it ..she will be the one to birth the Christ Child".  That love that selection of Mary --  and how God used her....THAT IS it -- GOD wants to use my child..God loves my child that much as well!  So, as you pray, say:  "Lord, I want my child to have a that's it moment with you - I want my child to know that he or she is just as esteemed and loved like Mary and David was". 

As a proponent of marriage -- I believe it is very important to make sure we treat our husbands the way God intends.  So often, you will hear women say, " I need my man to do this ...I need  that.  God does not intend for us to look to our husband to meet out needs.  God is the need meter.  God wants us to be a help mate.  So, as we teach our children and plant seeds, let's pray like this:  "Lord, that my child will be a person that helps meet a need within his or her friends.  Lord, that my child will be your hands and fee and help meet needs of others."

EVERYONE -- The Holy Spirit reminded me that everyone is in this - prayers need to come from everyone - including dads.  And as we plant seeds and pray for our children you can say:  "Lord, that my child would allow everyone around them to see the light within them.  That their light would shine to their classmates, their peers, and others around them would see them and want that -- everyone they meet." 

REAP  - And finally -- as we continue to pray with our children and plant seeds....we will REAP a reward.

My children are 24 and almost 20.  As our children were little - there was prayer in our home.  We would gather the kids around the table and pray.  It was not every night,  but it would be at least once or three times a week for a good month and then maybe a month would pass and life got too busy....but then we'd gather again around the table and  my husband would read scripture and the kids would state what was on their prayer list.   And several times, the dog would fart and our prayer time would be cut short -- LOL... but, there was prayer.  When we did not do it as a family, there was prayer for my children  throughout the day....it was not perfect, but it happened.  I know that I know - at a very dark moment in time, on a night where much seemed hopeless -- those two children prayed over me and believed that their dad -- would find Jesus and we'd be a family again.  I was the benefactor and reaped ...what Brendan had sowed and started in our home.    God won.

Lord - thank you for the BEST Mother's Day yet -- You, Lord, have given me a day that was exceedingly  and abundantly beyond what I expected.  You indeed are a sweet God.  Thank you.

-Humbled and blessed --michelle 

Then is was Barb's turn ...... to be continued!    I want to blog about Abbigal.... Thank you Barb for inspiring me with that story - I will indeed read it again and seek HIM, as I want to make sure that God uses the ordinary in me -- for HIS extraordinary purposes!  

My Mom (s) Repost from 2014

Today is Mother's Day -- and YES, I am reposting this -- the prayer is still  a prayer of mine. The love I feel for BOTH of my mom's has not changed....  
And if you read to the bottom -- Both Erica and Alyssa have very healthy almost 1 year olds now....  God is good, God is gracious...and God even had me speaking at today's Mother's Day Service -- I am blessed.  I indeed Love the Lord - and He is the BEST Mom ...a girl could ever have!  LOL 

So for now ...

Reposting my Mother's Day blog from May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to first my mom.
 Sandy.  In the photo  below where she is holding Taylor --at about a week old, I did the math and she is probably 46 in that photo --I am already older at this point.

My other mom is my mother-n-law.  Marilyn, I did the math on her too -- she was just 2 years older  in that photo than I am presently.

Those 'ages' sort of freaked me out at first -- because today I have been teasing Brendan that we are now "GRANDS" ....to  a puppy - Taylor got herself a baby this week
- she weighs all of 2 pounds and her head is still a little to big and she falls over here and there - but she is a cutie!

Not that my moms are old or that I am, I just had a little laugh and pondering moment in realization of 'where' my moms were in time when ...Taylor arrived.  TP was a first grandkid for my Mom - now she has 20+ .......I would have to stop and count to be specific but I am too tired.

And Marilyn has a few more than TP now  - but Taylor was her 2nd granddaughter.

And now with Taylor getting a puppy - and believe me it is like having a newborn in the house -- well, it just has made me laugh and appreciate motherhood all over again.

My mom, Sandy, Taylor and Marilyn 
 Seriously -- I have been preparing this  blog for over an month now- but now  it is midnight on the eve of Mother's Day and I am just finding the right photos to post....

I guess I really had to just wait for Taylor's little one to be a part of this family too.

BTW- Hunter is home for summer, he and Brendan enjoyed the Miami Game and I heard HP yell at the TV a few times....and Bella, our 7 year old Boston, was asleep on Hunter's legs.  Elsa, Taylor's Boston ( 8 weeks ), was asleep on Brendan's chest and Taylor and I were busy doing other necessary stuff -- the house was full - is full and my HEART is happy.

I do enjoy being a mom and having both of them home -- for the present time. And this entire day has been one big Mother's Day present!

 So - back to Mother's Day -- First to my MOm......Mom, Happy Mother's Day - if you were here, you would be joining us for a drive over to St. Pete to meet more family and enjoy a First Communion Service.  If you were here, there would be a big hug -  probably no card - this is it, but there would be some good fun.  If you were here, I would tell you this face to face.  

Thank you for teaching me unconditional love, giving me your talent to write,  and sharing with me the  many secret hiding places where you would stash chocolate.  ......

Thank you for the ears that were cleaned out and the times you would try to have peace and quiet in the bathtub and we always invaded your spot.  Thank you for Sour Cream Twists and the ability to go to the refrigerator and put together something.  AND.....How could one forget the endless trays of Rice Krispie treats that were our first breakfast bars.  

Mom - thank you for teaching me the value of friendship and loyalty.  Mom, you taught me perseverance.  And Mom...even though we are far away , your photo is on my dresser and I look at you each morning and say hello and pray.  Even though we don't see eye to eye on some topics...I do respect your opinions and listen.   Mom, my worth ethic is also because of YOU.  I love you and miss you - and I pray the REST of my siblings did something spectacular....cause they are close!!  LOL! 
 I pray a blessing over you - that you will remain healthy and full of energy to continue the task at hand - there is much for to do for the Kingdom of God.   Happy Mother's Day!

Blake and Taylor - probably 1996-97.

Taylor and Elsa on their way home.
Taylor and our first Boston - whizzer!  
My Mother's Day 1992
 To Other Moms....the photo above is of Taylor at my 2nd Mother's Day - what a joy a child brings...

Lord, I pray right now for the many moms who are hurting. I pray for the ones who have lost their children and I pray for the ones that have such little ones right now and they are just trying to juggle a job, a family, and everything else besides making sure there are plenty of diapers and orange juice.   - God may each and everyone of them understand that being a mom is a blessing and a calling  and I pray that any hurting mom will find comfort in your arms  this Mother's Day Weekend -  I especially ask a blessing upon my sister - who lost  her child several years ago, but my how you had the healing already planned as she enjoys a grand-daughter from her daughter and she gets to enjoy another son -  we will believe that Blake is planning a big  Mother's Day party for us all  when we are  in heaven! -  I pray for the women I know with teenagers - God - that they will continue to cover them with prayers and believe that God has great plans for them.  And I pray for a dear one and her 2 year old who are going through the valley right now - may, by this time next year, the confusion that seems to plague them right now--be gone.   God that each of these moms put YOU first -- as with that in perspective -- the rest will fall into place.   amen.  

I am a mom of two -- TP and this is HP...on his golf cart - typical Sunday afternoon.

Now for my next mom - Happy Mother's Day to Marilyn,  whom I affectionally call 'mom'  as well.   Mom - thank you for raising a son that has become the God's  mate for me.  Thank you for the endless words of encouragement and prayers for me and my kids...and your boy.  Thank you for always watching out for us, grabbing the bill at Pogey's and for reminding me that our time is precious.  

 Thank you for what you have taught me as well, especially how to listen to the Holy Spirit.  
I pray a blessing over you - that you will remain healthy and full of energy to continue the task at hand - there is much for to do for the Kingdom of God.   You are a welcome of marital wisdom and godly wisdom and you dote over us so.   Most importantly,  thank you for the endless errands  and stuff you did for Brendan and I as we raised out kids -- like staying home with a sick one and babysitting a puppy ...whizzer each day.  We owe you a bunch, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day -- especially to  my sisters -- Diann, Brittan, Jeanette,
                     -My Sisters - n laws.... Becky, Janette, Tina, MArcia, Kristi, Tiffany and Laurie
                      -Erica - who is going to deliver soon and to Alyssa who just had her girl last night.
  And the list can go on  - seriously - I am thinking of one right this moment  that needs a reminder that God is in control with her daughter and she will come to repentance!!    - So I will stop at this and not try to list or name them all -- as they know whom they are and they will use the follow prayer to cover their children this morning.

Lord, thank you for being a mom.  Lord, thank you for the blessing and the honor to instill the love of Jesus into their lives...thank you for the provisions you give and thank you for the continued love , grace and mercy.  Lord, ONLY you can make a 'perfect child'...that was Your son which we thank you for, I pray a blessing over all the mom's I know - may they seek YOU first today and may their children - give them the love and honor they deserve...IN Jesus name  - amen.  And Lord for the men of these women -- may they too - honor their wives today - with YOUR grace and mercy .  Amen.

And  - if you love me and you are a mom ...  and this blog touched you  -- then --THIS note is to remind you - GOD is in control but you must let Him be.  

God bless - hugs and kisses to my moms....- chell 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

YOU are a TARGET ! A great reminder!

Ok, this week has been 'rushed'. It just has.  And it has been a week where - it  seemed  the enemy was  so desperate  to distract.    But of course he is -- that is what he is going to do, according to the book of  John -- the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. 

After a remarkable weekend of PINK Impact ( need to blog about that!), I asked God to begin to give me a message and Sunday night - the Holy Spirit impressed upon me a vision or directive as to this coming Sunday - Mother's Day.

 I am one of three -- speaking or giving the message. 

I am honored and humbled, but I want to please God.  Anyway, prayer ...fasting...and research. 

I have written several speeches this week - helping my students for Tropicana Speech, but what God is speaking to me -- still is a big jumble.  So, of course, the enemy will weigh in too -- but only if I let him.  

I may  begin to ramble here; so I must wrap this up - but I will just say this - God is moving and God is faithful...and it will be an awesome message that HE will bring forth .....  it has to be - as the level of attack has been strong.  

Satan will do anything to stop us.  But not me.... 

One month ago, I wrote this blog to summarize our FIRST session of Girls with Swords.  This week, another dear and beloved woman of God began this  study with others .... and whoa has the enemy attacked.  But it is ok, she has her guard up and ON!  She is fighting.   God is going to win this battle!

Tonight, as I was looking for another blog I wrote to encourage another, I read and reread this one - and it blessed me so. 

I am reminded - I am a target.  But God has this. 

For the other two women that are speaking with me on Sunday --  I won't ask, but I have a feeling the enemy is attacking you as strongly as he is trying to invade my home -- but I am assured of this -

God wins. 

Lord, for Barb this eve and Rachel..... and me... may ONLY YOUR words be brought forth on Sunday, and may each woman, mother, and person that speaks into another life be blessed. Lord, bless both of them as they end this week- but let it not be the 'end' of  anything that you have brought forth - YOUR will be done. Amen. 

Girls With Swords --  thoughts from our first night --


Girls with Swords.

A few good points  after our first Teaching:

 Session One:   You are a TARGET.  You can choose to be a hero.  We say 'choose too' ....cause you can just sit, opt out, or give up - but we pray you choose to be a hero.   We are attacked in areas of our future strength.  This 'attack' could be more about your future than your past.   The enemy  attacks what he feels threatened by.  The enemy will use tactics of distraction, demeaning, division, and destruction to destroy.  That is his main mission -- to steal, kill, and destroy.  If there is anything or anyone keeping the relationship between YOU and your Father in heaven....then the enemy is 'winning'.    It is so important that we choose to use our Sword - God's Word and be that hero.

Christian means, "anointed one".  EAch day, I pray that I and YOU reading this...make a choice to STAND up for HIM...to STAND for what HIS Word declares and .....chose to speak life.

The battle is really the Lord's....  HE fights for us, but HE needs me...HE needs you, to make that individual choice to RISE UP and find out who you are and bring your part to a much greater whole.

You have an anointing on YOUR life.

The enemy hates YOUR anointing and the power it signifies.

In Session   Two:  
A SWROD is Born!  
God's Word is a God Sword and this sword must be put into use on the field of battle -- our lives. 

Be a DOER of the word and not just a listener. 
Remember the enemy is NOT threatened by a piece or a fragment of a weapon.  When swords appear -- motives are revealed.  

Lisa Bevere shares a story from Lord of the Rings and how it says;  "to REFORGE the SWROD".  

Many times,   "far too many factions of Christ's body wield only pieces and fragments of the Word and no longer lift His Word up in its entirety as a whole.  Hard ships and trials will come - God will use these trials and natural happenings to UNITE HIS people so that we are all saying and doing the same thing..with Authority! "
 - Lisa Bevere

This direct quote was inspired and spoken to her by the Holy Spirit.  But I believe these are God's Words and when the Holy Spirit speaks -- we listen and obey.  She obeyed -- wrote a book....and this book is being used to REFORGE a body of believers -- the BRIDE of Christ -- as we were instructed in the Great Commission  - we can't sit back and ignore it anymore.  As a woman who  loves the Lord and knows her purpose -- I must  continue to pray and speak life and ENCOURAGE -- HE wants you to RISE up dear daughter -- the time is now!   - michelle 


Lord, I pray that the ones reading this - hear YOUR words in between what I typed out and posted.  Lord, I pray those wanting MORE  of you will seek me out and get a book of their own and/or join Linda  for the next 3 Tuesdays.  Lord, I pray that the 'demonational' walls would be torn down - that it is about YOUR Kingdom not one person's  'box'.   Lord, I pray that  if even one would just google this teaching series and buy it herself -- and realize that YOU are asking her to RISE UP--then ALL the glory is YOURS.  This is not about 'one church'...this is not about 'one faith'..this is not about 'me'...this is about YOU!     Lord, for the women of that Encounter weekend, as they continue to walk in their freedom and live now in this hard world, I pray that they will recognize how they are victorious in You and that they are overcomers.  Lord, that the chains that were cast off - stay there - off-- and that anything new that comes against them, can be cast off in the same way -  in the authority of Your Holy Name, Jesus, amen. 

And,  on a personal note -- 

The Encounter weekend was a HIGH.  Again, I saw much, witnessed much, and basking in HIS glory has kept me thrilled  for two weeks now.  However, even I can have a 'debbie downer' moment or the HIGH can be crushed......but ONLY if I let it.   Only if I let it ........

 It is my choice.  In my boldness this past weekend, I probably reacted instead of ....waiting on God's perfect timing.   Wait..... I know I jumped the gun  with a situation.  I  did.  And in another situation, where I DID wait on God -- HE blessed my socks off.  And if you were at the Encounter,  you will understand this next action ---- I came home Sunday and HIT the 'that was Easy' button.  

  However,  in the other situation, of which I reacted too quickly,  He knows my heart and protects my foolishness ...or haste.  My reaction could of caused hurt, but  I said, HE knows my heart.  When we are purposeful in planting seeds or reaching out for HIS glory - HE covers us.  When our heart and motives are pure -- HE covers us.  When we just honestly mess up -- HE covers us.  

  And sometimes, we will feel the wrath -- but most often it is because the Holy Spirit within us is wrestling. ..not with flesh and blood, but with the principalities and evil within this world or within that person.  The evil or ugly and unclean spirit within 'them' bears witness against the Holy Spirit within  us and the battle is real.      REAL.  That is usually what transpires.    And it never looks or feels, 'pretty'.   But....sometimes it is necessary.  

Today I was reminded, perhaps what we are feeling as an 'attack'...is really God asking up to wise up, rise up, or change.     ....Amen?  

 When we act out of our OWN self-righteousness.....  it tends to... um...go wrong.  But, praise God that we can always go RIGHT back to HIM and seek forgiveness...seek HIS peace....and as long as we have godly sorrow and truly repent -- then,   HE makes our paths straight.  

  I have been in both situations  -- often.  Even this week.   I got a kick out of Lisa Bevere this am.  I was listening to CD of "Lioness Arising" - Session 6  and she was speaking about stepping up.  She stated, her book is full of her mistakes -- ones that she has learned from.  She stated  -- that many of us don't have the time left in our lives to learn all the lessons from failures ....so learn from others.  Learn from others and their mistakes.    I laughed out loud.  Lord, I pray people ARE learning from me!  I know I am learning from others.  

Anyway -- enough.  Forgive me as I rambled a bit here -- but it was necessary.  Someone reading this - needs to see a transparent heart and someone needs to understand that when they react ....God has it!  - michelle  

Dear Mrs. Alone - REPOST #3

I posted this in April of 2013.  I posted it back in 2010 for the first time. 
The Holy Spirit prompted me to this blog again this eve -- and I am being obedient - as someone needs to read it.  HE knows.  - Lord, for that one or several - amen. 

Some time ago, in the middle of one of the MANY books I have read on marriage, love, hurt, God, restoration, healing...etc...  etc....  etc........I came across a book by Debi Pearl.


What does it really mean and look like?

My opinion:

 Submission does not mean that you have to take verbal abuse OVER and OVER again.  
Submission does not mean that you can be hit and mocked and then left alone. 
Submission does not mean that you must do everything your husband says especially if it means lying, deceiving or harming another.  

THAT ....is not submission - that is being a bully.

 And if your husband is being a bully and hurting both you and your children by his actions, or putting you in physical harm because of habits and other stuff...you have EVERY right to seek counsel and say - enough.  

And you do not have to submit to that.  

Some factual information I found:

Submission is:
 (  http://carm.org/apologetics/womens-issues/what-does-it-mean-wife-submit-her-husband)

 One of the most difficult concepts in God’s Word is biblical submission.  The word submission is not limited to wives alone.  For example, Christians are to submit themselves to each other (Ephesians 5:21), to government (Romans 13:1), and unto God (James 4:7).  This is a frequent concept in the Bible.  Self-sacrifice is required in each circumstance.  Submission is never glossed over to be seen as easy or always convenient.  Instead, it is viewed as service unto God.
The Greek word for submission is hupotasso, “to subordinate…put under…”   God exhorts women to voluntarily follow their husband’s leadership (Ephesians 5:221 Peter 3:1).  A woman is actively doing this-- choosing to put herself under leadership, choosing to be subordinate in a circumstance or relationship.  This is not forced upon her by the recipient.
A wife shows submission unto her husband when she allows him to take leadership in the relationship.  His position as leader is biblical (1 Corinthians 11:3).  Abraham’s wife, Sarah, is an example of a woman following her husband’s lead (1 Peter 3:6).  Sarah has never been confused with being a woman who was a frail doormat.  Peter notes that she was not afraid in life.  Submission should not be confused with a person being weak.

  My heart breaks for some. 

Now back to my opinion:

As I said, My heart breaks for some.  There are some that can not submit to a godly husband and they  must be the spiritual head in their home.  And yet, there are still others  ----

----Others that are hurting and trying to be their husband's holy spirit or their husband's mother.
Some ladies are trying their best to sabotage their marriage...they are speaking death into it --
How do I know this?

I see it and hear it - often.    How?      --Cause I used to be THAT person --

In my own way, I had allowed idols to come into our home and marriage.  I was not paying attention.
I became the  self-appointed holy spirit for my husband.
I  became the a self- appointed guardian of his thoughts....and I had other self- appointed qualities.

Now I do not have those qualities.

God changed me.
Therapy changed my attitude.   Therapy changed my habits.
And now - I must practice a some  godly communication practices to make sure - I submit to my Lord....

And...I allow my husband to be the spiritual head of my home.   And I submit -- but I am NOT weak.  

The letter posted below is a part of the book by Debi Pearl.  

   THIS letter....it was a letter that REALLY shook me up as I read this book by Debi Pearl.  ( 3 years ago. )  It put many things into perspective.   It was a letter that brought me to my knees for the 100th time  and it had me seek forgiveness from my own husband.  It was a letter that I read often to remind myself -- we are just as responsible for the marriage and its problems, there is never just one person at fault. 

If there are children involved....any age....we owe them...we need to try the HARD before we give up. God can heal and restore, HIS blood is enough but I am well aware that perhaps it is just too hard or too painful.  SEEK HIM in those decisions.

But anyway.........

I see and hear  woman around me.  I hear them  speak to their husbands on the phone, around their friends, and in front of their  children.  Sometimes I hear them talking in line at the grocery store.     children speak of parents of their friends.       It happens when I overhear ladies in Publix.  It happens at the gym.  It happens amongst friends.   It happens at my work place and in the parking lot.    It happens on TV all the time.  It happens at the hairdressers and especially at the nail place......it just happens.  I hear stuff.  And I want to say - 'do you hear yourself?'  

I know I don't know their  pain, and I am so sure there are always two sides to every thing, but I just wonder how much better some of their  world would be, if they  read and listened to the pain in this letter. 

I posted it first on September 21, 2010.  I felt led to post it again. 

This letter is in the chapter about submission.

 This letter is not written from a woman that was abused.  I believe this letter is written by a Christian woman that was VERY similar to me at one point - that is why it HIT me so squarely between the eyes and I wept.

I have not met  anyone in  particular  in the past few days that prompted me to share this again.  I have not counseled one or another....the Holy Spirit led me to this post again because I knew it needed to be shared.  I pray right now...that the RIGHT one reading this blog post - gets it.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Dear Alone,
         Thank you for your letter.  Your letter is something woman should read so  I am placing it in my book for others to read.
                           Sincerely, Debi Pearl

Here it the letter:

Dear Mrs. Pearl, I would like to tell my story . . that others may be warned .. I'm  alone but never thought I would be … I made many mistakes in my marriage but I wish someone would of pulled me aside and given me some advice. I hear many young marrieds or woman complaining…but they need to seek God’s word,  they need to be open to the truth.

The things I did or failed to do were not everyday, constantly overt, or  in the face actions. They were subtle, ebbing and flowing, but there, nonetheless.

When my husband acted selfishly at home, allowed his tempter to flare, and sometimes said curse words, and then went to church and acted spiritual, I wish I had prayed postively for him instead of withdrawing a little emotinally from him and letting my cynicism and lack of confidence in him be so manifest. I wish I had openly showed love and acceptance of him for himself, not impatiently wait until he acted right.

When my husband failed the children, failed to have devotions, failed to be spiritual, failed to lead as he should, I wish I had completely trusted God and maintained unity, honor, reverence, and submission with a glad and trusting heart. I wish I had kept the children honoring him and praying for their dad instead of allowing my martyred attitude to manifest itself so openly.

When he made a statement about someone or something, I wish I had not always put his opinion down, letting him know he was wrong again.

When he acted like a jerk, I wish I had remainded quiet and prayed for him, loved him anyway instead of letting him know what I thought about him and his actions.

When he tried to make it  up to me,  for some failure, I wish I had not been so cool, waiting for him to suffer a little more and be more intense and sincere about his apology.

When he spent money I thought we did not have, I wish I had remained quiet and trusted God. I wish I had shown continued confidence in him, regardless of his decisions.

When he wanted me to do something, and I did not want to do it, I wish I had cheerfully complied instead of making him sorry he asked. Hardheadedness is not a trait to endear any woman to a man.

When he needed a woman to believe in him, admire him, approve of him, accept him, regardless of his failures, I wish now that I had been the one to give him those things.

When I thought keeping his faults before him— just small things he did and said— and keeping myself a little standoffish in my approval of him, was the only way he would change, I wish someone would of taken me aside and told me how badly mistaken I was to think that it was my place to apply and keep the pressure on.

When he were in the company of family and friends, I wish I had not taken on a martyred air when he left to go off and do something on his own.

When he did not know how to show love, and I felt a void emtionally, I wish I had borne all things and hoped all things, and loved him unconditionally, instead of giving up inside and turning to friends and family for my emotional support and needs. I never saw the need to endear myself to him. I took for granted that he would fulfill the husband’s moral obligation to love me. I wish I had gone to “God’s Beauty School” for the whole woman.

I wish someone would of told me . .

Sincerely, Alone

Lord I pray for whomever this was for.  IN Jesus name, Amen.  I just got back from Church this evening and my Pastor spoke about POSITIVE words... I do believe this letter is a reminder - reminding a woman that is still married ....that maybe, just maybe  some positive prayer is the answer.  And God I pray you will protect this...I don't want anyone to read into this and think that this letter is an 'excuse' for sin.  I mean -- some marriages are VERY hard and there needs to be real counsel and perhaps even time apart so that REAL therapy can take ahold and changed are made.  As so many times.....no one wants to STOP the insanity -- they just continue to do what they always did and don't get to the ROOT of the problem.  But I do believe this letter represents several marriages....that could be healed with some godly submission to GOD.... Amen.  - Michelle