Saturday, February 22, 2014

...prayer answered and continued - it is a process - DO not grow weary...

 There is a verse in the bible -  "Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we don't give up". 

Every once in awhile, I go backwards and read my blogs from a few years ago to several years ago.  I went back in time again today and read a post for my birthday - my 45th birthday. 

I cut/copied and pasted a portion of it here: 

In reality -- 45 and blessed, chosen, accepted, adopted, redeemed, and forgiven . .

In all seriousness - Lord, thank you for this week. But mostly Lord, thank you for the recent knowledge of KNOWING that I am in the center of your will. I make a big deal out of 'dates' and time but as each year passes - I really only come to understand how precious life is, how short it is and how I deeply love and respect you as Lord and Savior. And Lord, I WANT your will be done. For my birthday Lord, hear my prayer.
Lord, I want and wish for each of my family and extended family to see YOU shine in me. Lord, for my birthday I will ask for that miracle that I believe YOU promised me; however, in YOUR time Lord. Lord, for my children, may their hunger for you grow and grow in a good way. Lord, I am so grateful for this day -- for YOUR love and what YOU have allowed in my life. And Lord, I am thankful. Lord, Use me, teach me and bless me today. Like that verse about Jacob -- I won't let you go until you bless me -- bless me Lord, I pray. Be with me always. Thank you.
Your daughter.

I could recite this prayer all over again, but the miracle I was asking for is different and God DID grant me a miracle some time after I posted this prayer. 

I still want my kids to hunger and thirst for you EVEN more.

I still want HIS light to SHINE within me and HE has affirmed in me that I am STILL in HIS will. 

I STILL want HIM to bless me and I am very grateful for ALL that HE has done and what HE will still do. 

But I had to share this...please don't give up -- faith creates miracles --- hang on.  After I posted this prayer, it was still another14 months until my eyes and my ears could sort of believe that God was restoring my marriage...but first HE had to restore a life. 

If you are praying today - are you willing to wait another 14 months?    If God has instructed you to obey Him... I pray you have the strength to see it through and I pray that in 14 months you will get the answer and then...I pray another 2 years from that will get what I got today....

It has almost been 4 years now since the bomb exploded within our home and the crisis of faith took on a new direction...but today -- I heard something that blessed me beyond measure..

I heard my husband say, "I watch you Chell - I listen to what you say..I want what you have with God, so I want my relationship to grow".  And then a little while later, I overheard him tell another about why people are being drawn to me....'they see God in her and in her obedience'. 

For my husband to acknowledge that God's light shines in me -- whoa.  I am humbled. 

For my husband to WANT more of God...whoa. I am excited. 


I am so grateful for this day! And it gives me the faith and perseverance to stick to what God has asked me to do -- to stand in the gap for ...........and I am going to believe in the next miracle - amen. 

...she is just a girl

She is just a girl that grew up watching TV, asking her Dad if she could stay up later and watch the first 15 minutes of Johnny Carson, hoping that he'd let her sit on his lap and then she could sneak some popcorn from his bowl and if he was not watching....she could run her fingers along the bottom of the bowl and soak up the extra butter that had dripped to the bottom.

She loved hopping in the car and going for drives on Sundays with her dad and mom to visit Aunt Gloria and Grandma and Grandpa in Beaver Dam.  She even wore those  short dresses as a 2 year old ..."it is her mother's fault"....

She grew up on a farm, had a dog - PJ and always felt her brother was the favorite until he got older -- then she knew  her sister and other brother were the favorites!   She had to wear hand-me-downs from her uncles??    She had beautiful strawberry blonde hair and delights in watching her nieces with that same color now -- and tries her best to 'buy' that color but the grey seems to win.

Her sister ALWAYS had to do whatever she was doing.  She ALWAYS had to include her sister when her friends came over and even if it was her birthday ...her sister got a present.  But when it was her sister's birthday -- she did not get a 'sympathy' gift, all she heard was, "you are the oldest, you are fine".   And every Christmas, as her sister counted the number of gifts was a problem if she got one more than her sister.  ( Guess that could be a root of bitterness that needs to be addressed...)
Her mom loved to dress them with matching clothes -- little did she realize that her mom made most of those early outfits herself.
 And little did she realize how much she would come to love and respect that sister  --

She remembers learning how to 'polka' at a very young age and would be taken to the Turner Hall with her parents often to 'dance' while her dad tended bar or did his volunteer job.  So she got to know many of the band leaders and then 'dance' with the regulars who continually complimented her on her dancing ability ...thus - dancing became something she loved.  Her first crush was Donny Osmond.  She could relate....BIG family...and that TV she reflected as she got older -- the TV taught her most lessons...

...Love Boat, Carol Burnett...
Fantasy Island, the Partridge Family...
...Electric Company...

Many summers were spent - very carefree and playing on the parlor, hay forts, Dodge County Fair and then various Farm Progress shows...and then of course there was 'babysitting duty'....The reason she has ONLY two children is cause....she spent MANY a summer night bouncing a baby on her knee while her mom was still outside helping to feed animals or milking cows while her dad was still in the field.   But honestly -- there are enough good memories from that childhood that would write SEVERAL books...

Childhood friends became so important, as we all went to ONE school for eight years.  Her best friends were the 'other Farm' girls...

Memories of doing chores before the school bus.
Pitching  "SH __" out of the spreader into the fields when it froze...
Getting home after school to head to the barn  before it got dark...
Summer jobs of 'unloading hay'....'letting the heifers out to find the fence'...or  'washing the barn walls'  are memories she laughs about now.
Going to Grandma's house was always a treat if "uncle Ralph" did not fuss at you  -- LOL.  She had the biggest and BEST apple and pear orchard -- which in later years ...turned out to be a small area of only 7-8 trees....
I guess that is why the story of "Ida B" such a favorite.
Going to Grandma's and having one of her cookies -- is still a memory that is treasured and MISSED.

It is surreal that the 'person' she could not stand at all as a probably one of the ones she wishes she could see more of....

She too went through the AWKWARD stage...braces...haircuts that were  done by a lady who 'felt she knew EXACTLY what you wanted... and why on earth did we wear overhauls?    She always felt she was JUST NOT that pretty.... silly girl.

Flash forward...she grew up, married the boy she fell in love with on the first day of Jr. High and they had a family.  They both agreed that they would make memories with their two kids and MANY memories were made and are STILL being made.   She is blessed.

   She is blessed.
Her daughter is amazing.
Her son is amazing too.
But, what really makes her smile these days.....  is watching how God is shining through her...and her husband and her family.

She has a birthday tomorrow -- she will be 48 years old.  And she really WANTS the next 48 to be even BETTER than the first 48......that would put her at 92 when she is ready for heaven...

Well...maybe.  She knows God is the one that will orchestrate that.
She really hated turning 30 but her husband eased the 'pain' of that by taking her to see her favorite tennis players in Palm Beach -- she bet John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners, and chatted quite a long time with Peter Fleming.

When she turned 40...she had one friend help her husband usher in the bIG 40 by sending her cards and letters for 40 days prior to the birthday.... and then spent the weekend with 6 other women at a Women of Faith Conference -- blessed!

And she is already debating 'how' she will celebrate her Oprah?  LOL?   Will she finally make that trip to Las Vegas to see Donny?

But...seriously...she is just a girl.  That treasures each day now...looks to and asks God to guide it and take OVER her...

 she asks God empty her of her..and FILL her with HIM...

And she wants her blessed life to SHOW just how MUCH LIGHT there is within it ---cause of HIM.

..she wants to be a light in the darkness...

......Cause HE restored her and redeemed her....and has said 'atta girl'.....
She wants to be a HERO for her Lord...and love her family unconditionally - each and ever moment.

She wants to leave a legacy for her children -- one that they will see her faith and know -- THEY want that too....

She is just a girl --
blessed beyond words....a blog could not convey HOW much she loves her Lord and is thankful.

Happy birthday to that girl - -- happy birthday to me.

I am so blessed -- when Brendan asked me today what I wanted -- I can honestly tell you -- nothing...

I will take a thoughtful card with some 'love stuff' on it - that I can read over and over...but -- I really don't NEED anything ....or WANT anything.... -- cause GOD has supplied it all.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Isaiah 41.10 - holding my right hand-

HP playing soccer last season of OHS...
I chose a photo of HP playing soccer.  Soccer has brought so much travel, joy, and fun to our lives.  But there is a HARD part to it as well.

 Honestly, soccer played a part of the separation that started between my husband and I.  Business.   Busy. Busy. Busy.  We became so busy with club sports -- with both kids that the enemy was able to get into our lives. Volleyball and soccer.

It just did.  Fact is a fact.

Today I was reminded of something, because a friend of mine is really suffering.  This person is heartbroken and this person is trying their best to survive.

No matter what the 'reason' is for the brokenness -- pain is pain.  Life is hard.  This is not our home - this is our temporary home - until heaven.  THERE is where, our hearts will be forever happy.

Before I had full disclosure of what the enemy was using to  destroy our marriage, I was deep in bible studies and deeply searching for answers as to 'our problem'....what could it be?   ....what was it?  ....what could I change?

In a Beth Moore bible study,  in July of 2009, I had this divine experience or meeting with God.  In one of her  (Beth's) realistic  and over the top illustrations -- she used the verse from Isaiah 41.10 -- and the end of it says...."I will uphold you with MY righteous right hand".

I will try and be brief but at that moment - THAT verse became so alive to me.  I literally looked down to my right hand and I had been holding onto a metal object and I could see the IMPRINT of the object in the palm of my hand -- my skin... had an imprint.  It did.   I knew at that moment - God was RIGHT there with me -- holding my hand -- so hard that there was in imprint in my skin.

The entire verse says:   Fear not, I am with You; be not dismayed, for I am your God!  I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

So, I got that verse in July of 2009.  The rest of the summer and fall was  tension filled days, night after night of silent crying, and sleeping on the couch and I am pretty sure that if I went back to REWIND the year - you would see that I probably cried daily or cried out to God daily -- 'what the hell is going on?'

I had started going back to church but I was so tired of being there alone, that I just gave up and watched church on line.  I kept busy, and there were many soccer tournaments to go to - where we could put on the FAKE smiles and pretend that all was well.     Now in retrospect....some 4+ years later....'what the heck was I waiting for?' Oh wait, I know --- God.

I knew I was to be waiting on Him.  I was in counsel with a wonderful woman of God and soaking up all she could teach me, but I could never come home and share it with anyone.  I did any and every bible study I could get my hands on.  There was one on Mondays and I even hosted one  myself on Tuesdays - I FILLED up my nights.   There were moments or  maybe weeks where 'things' would get better   between my husband and I ---- and then, go sour again.  I knew at that point that my husband was in some sort of mid-life crisis...just did not know the entire scope of it.

 I knew I was not going to leave my husband and I kind of figured he wanting nothing to do with me and later - that was proved true....but I share this now not to get pity --but to look back and realize....that was a YEAR of pain....but a year where I had to daily go right back to my Lord and SEEK HIS word and somehow....I got through it.  And by May of 2010, when the floodgate was opened and truth was revealed -- I may of been CRUSHED but not that verse was memorized and believed.

So, I am sharing this, why?  So my friend knows it will take at least a   year....NO!
Believe me...I would NOT wish that on anyone - I share it to let  my friend know - it takes time.

And I have shared this before- I USED to HATE God's timing, but now I know and realize that  God's timing is best.  And we must trust it.

Sure, THAT is easy for me to say now - that my marriage has been restored and my relationship with my husband now  is something that we never experienced before the 'fall'.  But, I am not naive and I am pretty sure that both my husband and I are targets for the enemy -- so, I am sure that more YUCK will be thrown our way - but this time, we will meet the challenge united with God.

Meanwhile.... back to my live each day with that broken heart or brokenness...

God knows.  YOU are NOT alone. 

  GOD knows -- exactly and HE will make HIS word real to you.   I really can't go and give  my friend a hug like I do my female sisters in Christ -- um, yep...that just can't happen -- but I can encourage him to seek some godly men.     Actually, I have been ASKING the  God of the heavens to SEND speak to his heart and to encourage him.   To speak ENCOURAGEMENT to him!

Throughout the years of hurt -- - I had several women that I could call, cry with, and get comfort from when I needed it.   But that is 'how' we women are.....

Men are different.   Just saying - but they hurt like women do. They just don't show it the same.

Lord, I pray that YOUR Word is coming alive to my friend - that YOU are - right now- sending one of your sons to his rescue to encourage him and to remind him - that YOU are upholding him...AMEN.

And Lord -- may he get that revelation ...that he is being held by Your righteous right hand. Amen. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

...profound words that REALLY struck this evening-

  I tried to run a 5K today. 
I have not really 'run'  one in over a year.  And I say loosely run, as I probably walked a good 1/3 of it. 

 A back injury, phlebitis in my legs, and a knee tweaking
 and JUST PLAIN laziness...has prevented it for a long bit --  However...I tried it today.

It was fun -- the best part was when I was on the last mile and I had passed the OHS Baseball team for the 3rd time ( they were just toying with me) and I yelled out in front of their Coach, "boy or boy will Mr. Pritchard have FUN with this on the announcements on Tuesday, that his 48 year old WIFE beat the team to the finish line"....needless to say - they passed me and finished before me.  But it made me feel a bit STRONG! 
...I needed  some ice and rest time flat on my back -- so, needless to say, I need to work at this. 

That was my AM....then my afternoon -- I wanted to hear from God on a subject. 

HE clearly SHOWS up and I think I stumbled on to the WHY of it....CAUSE that is WHAT GOD does.  HE answers. 

Sometimes I am SO sure He is just laughing at me and saying 'dah'....praise God HE does not put that on a billboard -- I will confess on my own self  -- the more I get to know HIM...the more 'dumb' I feel at times...or maybe the more 'ah  ha's ' happen. 

And in the middle of that -- he answered a prayer that I had been asking for a bit.  Weird how HE did it - but good.  And I really had to accept the answer --- even when my flesh wanted to refute it.  I was humbled.  I probably won't share that -- too personal ...but the STRUGGLE to accept an answer when my flesh still wants to HOLD onto its feelings...whoa -- powerful. 

I guess that is WHY HE had me listening to someone one this evening while I was a working.  I had to listen to the podcast   - despite- what I believe -- I really can't do two things at once, but I was able to hear the message and let it sink in. 

I went to the Messenger International Site of Lisa and John Bevere - they just finished taping a DVD series on the Story of Marriage - it won't come out until August - but I fell upon their son blogging and preaching  on a  message about Holiness.   It blessed me.  It challenged me and it made me understand .....THAT I had to accept WHAT God answered for me today -- and let those feelings of my flesh be dead.....

Either way -- going to share a bit  --

1.  Holiness is living RIGHT in God.
2.  Righteousness is right STANDING in God.
3.  The gift of Salvation is the Gift of Jesus Christ. 
4.  If you HAVE not seen a transformation in your life, you have not realized WHO YOU are in Christ.  There is a change in our identity. 
5.  YOUR walk with Christ...should GET MORE exciting and more challenging each day ...and the JOY should increase too.

( This SO blessed me...I am so much MORE....excited about God and what HE is doing in the people around me....I will talk constantly ...and share if you let is SO exciting!  Addison spoke about that 'childlike' faith...and he said he has MORE of that now at 28 years of age...and that fit me...I have MORE faith - so much more faith now than when I first heard of Jesus!  )   ....and THAT is exciting! 

And,  6, 7, 8, and 9, and 10.....

 , ,  The more you experience God - the more you know HIM.
The more you KNOW HIM...the more you WANT to know HIM...
The more you WANT to know HIM, the more YOU will CHANGE....
The more you CHANGE...the MORE YOU SEE GOD...It is a Cycle..
.- I am quoting Addison Bevere

THIS is so so so so so so so true. 
God reminded me again today - HE wants me EVEN MORE in HIS when we spend that time with HIM....we grow. 

And finally -- Addison ended with:   "If your Spiritual Man is not spending time with the Spirit of God and His Word...then your Spirit Man will die..."

I have seen this within a life. 
I have witnessed a death and then a rebirth.  I am honored to call him my husband. 
THAT was one of the things that MOST attracted me to him back in 1991... He knew he was going to heaven.  He knew history and stuff...and I watched him as he read his bible and spoke of God.  But I allowed the business of life to keep me busy and I never grew in my own knowledge of Christ....until much later. And He allowed the enemy to lie to him -- but that is his story.   ----

  Now -- it is an awesome thing to awake and see him in his chair - reading his bible and then sharing what God has revealed to him.  It is an awesome thing to he grows closer to God ...I get the benefit and the covering of a godly husband and father to my kids.  I WANT this for EVERY woman I know -- and if they are single.....I want them under the covering of a Pastor that peaches this and covers them with his Spiritual authority --  God wins. 


Thank you Lord, I am humbled and I will easily accept your answer to the prayer this evening -- and I won't allow the enemy to lie to me in that area again.  You win.   - humbled....michelle

PS, I challenge you to go to the Messenger International site and take the 38 minutes to listen to Addison speak and give a message on Holiness   it was called "Giving up on Good Behavior" - I know it will change your heart -- and bring you closer to God! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

this is ME without chocolate ....

Does this photo  just ....tear  at you...????
How can you look at this and NOT know EXACTLY what is going on? 

He or she is UPSET....

I felt like this today.

I was in prayer for a meeting I had later in the day.  I was wanting to HEAR from God - so specifically, that I 'fasted' chocolate and lunch.

 Women who LIVE on Chocolate will understand -- this basically meant that I was CAFFINE free for a day and even though I knew I was fasting that food group....and I spent extra time in prayer....I STILL felt like this little babe...

And I took it out on a few for a moment or two....

And I wanted to CUSS....

When the scripture says, "out of the heart the mouth flows"...yep....I wanted to CUSS.  Just Saying. 

God knew. 

And I literally had forgotten at that moment when I wanted to scream that was JUST a caffeine withdrawal.    Just a side effect.  Not the enemy trying to MESS with me.....

But HE was faithful and I 'made' it....without anyone having to go to the hospital...but there were tears involved with one student - I will do my apology tomorrow....

And a few people had to BEAR with me and listen to my have to understand -- FCAT is AROUND the corner ...that 'pressure' is beginning to build! 

I SAID all of that to say this...

GOD is our power in our weakness.    There is a verse for that.  SWORD words...

2 Corinthians 12:9

English Standard Version (ESV)
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

God's power in my weakness.    I need to memorize this.  And next time ...recite this verse at my student ...not get frustrated. 

My meeting went  VERY well...I LOVE being  a listening ear to a woman who has prayed it out with God and just needed someone to remind her -- HE has this. 

I was humbled that she felt I was "wise "....I really am not -- like I said...I want God's best for her too -- as I do believe as she obeys HIM....and walks in faith....HE will change the mountain or MOVE it...she is already doing what HE has asked of her...and that is to believe and NOT give up......

And I got to pray with another and use God's word for that 'perfect' prayer...a prayer of promises...Psalm 25 ...we can TRUST HIM...HE won't let our enemies put us to shame! 

 And after thinking I was not making ANY impact on my students....I got a nice reminder at dinner that -- I am a good teacher....

And... even when the enemy wanted me to have a panic attack  ( won't elaborate on that issue ) within 10 minutes of thoughtful prayer and meditation on HIM and a good laugh -- all was WELL! 

In fact -- better than well - blessed. 

I am going to memorize that SWORD Word -- be En Guarde....

Monday, February 10, 2014

a REPOST from February 2012......Isaiah 43.2

  This verse came up again -- I went back 2 years now and read what I wrote back in February of 2012...

It blessed me.  

I pray it will bless you -- back then I GOT a holy healing at my Encounter weekend. 
I just recently went to another Encounter weekend with 25 other women and THEY got some HOLY Healing....they experienced HIM in their own ways.....and I know that I know, Jesus met with EACH of them personally -- and all of them will forever be changed. 

At the Encounter, I shared with  the ladies about 'my Encounter' with God weekend.   This post that I went backwards in my blogs to find....SO blessed me today -- that I wanted to share it again. 

I am unsure if YOU are the one that is reading this...if this was FOR you ...or if this post was just to bless me again, but I am reposting it cause I know I am suppose to.  Amen. 

From 2012... ( now almost 2 full years ago...MY what can change....) 
Isaiah 43.2
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you.

A year ago, our lives were very different.  My life was very different.  I was on a roller coaster and just trying to get off, or back on...or even get to a new 'ride' but that was then.  A year ago, I was preparing my 4th graders for Florida Writes, trying my best to tweek any quick lessons and trying to make a child WANT to write. I had decided to apply for a new job and make some changes.    A year ago,  Hunter had just returned from Costa Rica and he spoke about the orphanage and how it affected him.  A year ago, Taylor had just turned 20 and I was taking my classes at church to go to my Encounter Retreat Weekend.  A year ago, things were very different.  And they were good.

My life now, is still on a roller coaster, but I am moving forward and not going backwards or upside down anymore.  I am no longer teaching 4th grade...but sweating it out with 5th graders and trying to teach how to regroup and rename fractions /mixed numbers and then solve equations...I am learning.   And I got that new job.  Hunter did not go out of the country this year, but is preparing to head to Dallas in April with Brendan and compete in the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup and play soccer.  And Taylor just turned 21.....she is legal...Things are very different.  And they are good, but a 'better' good.

 This morning, God reminded me of something special that happened to me a year ago at my Encounter weekend.....heading to the Encounter was hard, as there were so many unanswered questions, thoughts, and hurt, but coming home from it -- there was a true Encounter with My Lord.

The verse in Isaiah...passing through the waters...That has been happening for the past several years and God NEVER once....left me.  HE was there with me all the time.    I think back and can get overwhelmed by thoughts, problems, and hurts...and HE says, I will NOT let them overwhelm you... and HE kept HIS promise.  I did not get burned...scorched...and the flame did not kindle upon me.

A year ago, I HATED God's timing.  Today....HIS timing is something I don't understand but I don't HATE it anymore.  It is needed.

God reminded me today -- that I needed to share:

Whatever YOU may be facing or experiencing right now in your life,  DO not give up.....Hang on.

At the beginning of my Encounter Weekend, I spoke to my Cell Pastor and made my list of hurts and what I wanted to hear from God and 'learn'....HE had HIS own plan.  HIS plan was MUCH better than mine or what I expected.

At the end of my Encounter Weekend, at a prayer time I was slain in the Spirit...that had NEVER happened to me before.  I have seen it happen, I have heard people talk about it - but if it was going to happen to me or be real...I had told God -- HE would have to do it.  HE did.  I went for prayer, I lifted my palms up to show I was submitting to whatever God had for me and my Cell Pastor began to pray.  All I heard was, "Father God..."  and I felt the bottoms of my feet lift up and I was down.  And out.  And I saw the most beautiful light...yellow light.  At first I asked God - 'what is this?'  But I felt peace and calm and tranquility.....I believe I got to see the light of God -- for a brief moment, just a brief moment, but HE reminded me of that Encounter today.  HE reminded me...HE is with us.. always...

There is more to this story - but, that is all I am suppose to share ...I am to encourage someone...somewhere.... HE will NOT let you pass through the waters alone, call to HIM today ...

Don't give up.

God wins.

My Family!  
Submitted in Christ -- michelle

the boy is a man....

I got to eat supper with my son last Friday night.  He and his roommates came with us to the Shake Shack in Boca Raton and Hunter invited another soccer player as well - a young man named Elijah.  I wish I would of taken a photo of the 5 of them -- Owen, Elijah, Hunter, Jay, and they gobbled up their hamburgers and us parents just enjoyed their silliness  and their banter back and forth.   However, I felt if I snapped a photo - the moment would of been ruined.  

I googled Hunter's name today and found these two photos - linked to my search along with SEVERAL other Hunter Pritchard's...

One is of his FAU mug shot for the Soccer Team and the other is of his high school days playing against Jensen Beach.

I wanted to blog today,  Friday as we drove home, it really hit me -- this 'boy' is really a man.  He is old enough to be drafted and old enough to be declared 'independent' ....but still very young.

 Of course, us parents grabbed the tab ( $)  of the hungry lads...but as they ate their cheeseburgers and cheese fries, the talk between them,  the chatter  about their coach and what went RIGHT in the game and what went WRONG tickled both me and my husband and I am sure it tickled the other moms too.    We  caught up on some of the hi - jinx  but mostly, we all just laughed.

I sat quietly and prayed -- Lord, protect this mind. Is he ok? He seems so independent?  Am I needed?  God...does he even call upon you? 

I heard everything discussed from recent test scores on their math tests which one of their professors cancelled YOGA within 5 minutes of class for 'no apparent good reason'.   And they are ALL very excited about State Cup and rejoining their soccer buddies from TEam Boca in March  -- Several times, stories were started at the expense of another without names mentioned and the boys would get a kick out of watching us figure out which 'roommate' was being tattled on.

 I also found out that 'pilates' is harder than yoga.  But that yoga has some good stretching moves.   And then the girls - as they would come into the restaurant --  comments would fly.  Or should I say, "looks".     At one point, one of the boys made an off color remark about  an opposing player, and my son's quick discernment took notice and I noticed that he was concerned for Elijah -- was he offended? Then I witnessed HP just goof around and banter with Elijah and rub his elbow and  give him a wink.... I don't think Elijah even heard the comment.     Elijah is from the Islands - one HANDSOME young man. ( Afterwards, I told HP that I no longer needed to sit across from this man - that at our next meal adventure, I would be sitting on the same side of the table -- as I was beginning to lust.)

Brendan just  laughed  -- he got  a kick out of that - he felt he was a handsome young man too!  LOL

  He is one FINE looking young man.  ( Elijah is..and well, my son is too for that matter! ) 

 Hunter laughed, 'yes, he gets all the girls'...and then  a short discussion on 'who' he thinks he is- ethnically and who he chooses to date.  All very real and yet grown up and just surreal --  Am  I really discussing this with my son?    And I noticed that Hunter sees him as just another man - a peer.  He does not see the 'color'..but he is very aware of the world that notices it.   And HP mentioned there is more discrimination based on what you wear at college .....still sad.

I guess I was SUPER sensitive to it, as we have been discussing discrimination in our social studies classes with it being Black History Month and  reading about how slavery and the Civil Rights movement have connections.  I pray always that I taught my children to be 'color blind'...and it was just a warm assurance that my child does not 'see the color' but is aware - was discerning and watchful of his friend.

  He has told me that his roommate - Owen and Elijah have become some of his  closest friends.   It was surreal to watch.  These 5 boys - these 5 men will probably become life long friends -- maybe even when Elijah returns to Antigua.   (Hunter plans on visiting!)    On our way home, we prayed that Elijah would  be granted a scholarship to return to FAU -- only the Coach knows for sure.  For that matter, Hunter may not be granted a scholarship....time will tell.

Anyway -- I got a glimpse into the world of my 'man'.  He no longer needs me that much.  He figures things out on his own and he is a grown up - a 'young grown' I am very proud of, one that I do miss......but not at 11:30 at night  -- I am thankful I am in bed by then, not having to come up with a meal after soccer practice.   But...those days are missed.

Lord, protect EACH one of those men -- from injury, from the enemy who will try and steal, kill, and destroy. Forge those friendships for a lifetime, bless them and God I pray that each of them...we see and understand that YOU are the reason...YOU are it -- but I pray THEY will see and believe this too...and that YOU are the one they must call upon and God I pray that my man -- my Hunter-- is doing his part to let the others see JESUS -- in him.  Amen.

Ps Lord, thank you for the clear illustration on Friday night - that my son is a GOOD boy..amen.
PPS...he is very cute too  -- maybe you could remind him to send me a card for my birthday in two weeks -- I would LOVE that God!  Just saying. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

It is finished.....amen. God Encounter Recap -

 Ok, I am going to have to be brief - can I do it?  I believe I can!

 So, what an incredible weekend.  25 participants and 13 leaders - a true God appointed time.  I really can't go into the details of the Event - as that sets up pre-conceived ideas and basically it can ruin a blessing for another  when it is their turn to attend.

  There  is a motto  .."what is said and happens at the Encounter - stays right there at our meeting place -- kind of like what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas".

 But, I will tell you this - if you want to really experience something that WILL change your life...then....this is what you have to do.

You can contact my Pastors and  seek them about attending a God Encounter Weekend.... can  begin to come and visit my ( Our ) church....and come and see what is happening.    Begin to join my cell group and get plugged in....Stick around, and  then,  when the next Encounter is assigned - inquire and sign up for our next Encounter weekend.

I believe God will instruct my Pastors ( Dave and Linda ) to set the date for the next women's Encounter.  Right now, the next Men's Encounter is first on the Agenda.

  There is some  prep  work and schooling and planning .....and there is some time involved.  There is discipleship and there is a process by which you makes sense, and it works, but you have to come and see.

 Just saying...that is what it is!

I was blessed with a beautiful room.  I am including a few photos.  This place is in Titusville and my room was Galatians 2.20 prayer...was that the women would understand the power of the Cross....and as  I sat on my bed   after I got unpacked.....I looked up and saw all these Crosses -- God is so sweet.

 When I went to my Encounter as a Participant 3 years ago, this place was awesome and comfy...but  decorated like a motel...with those floral turquoise comforters and FLAT this place is like a bed and breakfast... so that was my blessing #1.
Blessing #1.5...My leader and Pastor - Linda  -- wow I learned so much from her this weekend.   When we did our first Encounter in August, we had some trainers and  Godly Women from a church in Louisiana that mentored us and walked us through our First Encounter Weekend Event.  This time, Pastor Linda was our mentor...and wow - GOD uses her!

 Blessing #2- the leaders melted together - I knew we would but when you get 13 women together there can be ...well..but there was NONE of that - I have some awesome sister's in Christ that want the heart of Jesus to be understood.

Blessing #3 -- to get to learn more about the women at my church -- and be real in front of them and they were real in front of me...which brought forth many untold blessings.

Blessing #4 -- as the women arrived, I got to hear ...well, can't share that.
Blessing #5 -- the ladies in my small group....well, can't share that...
Blessing #6 - the food - AWESOME...
Blessing #7 -- the testimonies...can't share that ....
Blessing #8 -- watching the women bond because...can't share that...
Blessing #9 -- when  a team of prayer warriors prayed for  a women  to get healed........can't share that..but I can tell you she testified to a complete healing at the Celebration Service last night so she will tell you -- God heals.
Blessing #10  -- women were SET free, chains from past hurts were broken off,  and the  leaders ..had new giftings, more freedom, and liberty in Christ and God blessed our socks off...

My point is...this was  a weekend that changed the lives of 25 women and the rest of us...38 ladies will forever be changed.   It is truly a special thing and I WANT each and every one of my family friends...and my extended circle of women friends to EXPERIENCE it.  So...there.  Just saying.

God works.  God wins.  God is amazing.

I SO want to share more, but again -- I must submit to my Pastor and follow the directions of being a 'bit quiet'.  But I can tell you today --I was literally flying in my school room - nothing got me upset today.  I awoke to a choir of angels singing -- and I could hear and rehear the testimonies that the women gave last night - a testament to HIS love for them..for us. biggest blessing - I learned how to trust the Holy Spirit within me...God is so sweet.  He gave me physical confirmations and He gave me spiritual confirmations as well as confirmation in His Word. There is NO high like a Jesus HIGH  and I was labeled a 'Jesus freak' and I humbling accept that nick name and I pray I live up to it.

Obedience brings froth Spiritual blessings.
Jesus was obedient.
We got the blessing because of HIS obedience to His FAther.
God wins.  
My 'blessing' room. 

just a place to beautiful