Friday, December 19, 2014

God heals. God hears. God does supernatural healing.

Healing ....
God can heal physical hurts and emotional ones.  He can change a heart.

I want others to experience the JOY only HE can bring.
I want others to believe in something that CAN happen with HIS help.
I want people to have growing faith - that WHEN they get beyond their own hurt and crisis...they will then PRAY it forward and speak life into another.

That is what happened with me.
I really thought I 'knew it all'.  But I did not.
God loves me enough to allow something to 'hurt' my attention was refocused.

And then HE healed me.
And then He restored me and restored my family.  Simple?  No.  But yet...yes.

However -- it takes God's time.

Psalm 34.18 says:  "the LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit".  

I have a sort of 'running' debate with a sister in Christ.  She says 'her pain'  was more  devestating.  More crushing.
I say, 'pain is pain'.  I know that when I was rejected and broken hearted -- there were days, MANY days when ALL I wanted to do was GO to heaven --  check out -- don't pass 'go...don't collect my $200'...( that is a reference from the game of Monopoly).

I would never tell her that my pain equaled her pain -- I did not experience what she did.
But now that God has healed and restored the earthquake that fell upon us -- I realize that when another sister in Christ is in pain -- her pain and hurt is real and that she may just want to check out too -- -- it is THOSE women and men, I want to say -- GOD WILL and CAN heal.

In my most darkest and broken hearted days -I did NOT want to get out of bed.
I did not want someone to tell me it was going to be 'ok'...I WANTED it fixed and yesterday!
I was TIRED of praying and waiting.
I WANTED answers and I wanted to know - that all would be well.
And on many of those days - I wanted GOD to come from heaven and SMACK some people around - I did -- I wanted JUSTICE...what the hell did I do to deserve this hurt?

This world is broken.  This is not our home.  I never did anything to 'deserve' this...but I was/am a sinner and  mercy is for the just and the unjust.... God showed me mercy.  I needed HIS mercy.

Unfortunately -- the only one that could really help me  was God Himself and He was at work - I just could not SEE it.  So then comes the TRUST factor.

So, today --  

I blog this  as a reminder to myself ---
No matter what -- GOD can heal and restore.  God can and HE will.  HIS perfect will IS to restore a marriage.  It is.   We must be obedient.

No matter what the 'world' may say -- GOD hates divorce.  HE does.  As I have said before,  if there is physical abuse or a cause of fear for one's safety .....then GET OUT...but, God's will is to restore and to heal and redeem.

  God's will is to restore.  It just is.  THAT is HIS will.  HIS will is to have a man and a woman as ONE FLESH -- working together to be a show the world HIS love for His church.   People just don't fall out of love.   Love is a verb - it is an action.

When they say 'I never loved you'...they are lying. When they say, 'they love another' - they are lying- that is not love  -- that is EGO and LUST.

 Hurting people hurt others and lie...they have to JUSTIFY what they are doing -- to make it seem 'ok'.
 The Enemy is a liar and the enemy will make a person 'believe' that one never loved another....
        the enemy will make a person 'believe' that another will NEVER change....
   the enemy will make another believe that 'now they finally deserve someone better'........
     the enemy will continue to steal, kill and destroy -- cause he knows....WHAT God can do!

So with that, and with ALL assurance that GOD is CLOSE to the brokenhearted and HE will bind your wounds...I will say to you -- hang in there.....

AND God heals physical stuff - diseases and other stuff as well.  My husband and I experienced a physical healing with our son.  He was four -- with a lump in his neck.   Tests showed it was not cancerous but it had to come out to be sure.  6 months later, it began to grow again and some people told us they were going to pray for that lump.  The doctor stated to come back in 6 months and if it was bigger, it would have to come out -- that probably,  it was cancerous.  So we agreed in prayer with those  that continued to remind us EACH week at church that our son was being prayed for and guess what that next check up the LUMP was gone.  But that was not our only time, when he was born, he had several situations and they were about to cut him open because of a deflated lung when  the pediatrician decided to take an xray  just in case and by then the lung was perfect !
I could go on....  I have a dear woman that is praying and I am in agreement - her husband needs a new heart - literally.  As his heart is dying....we are claiming that one morning, very soon, he will awake and a supernatural healing will have occurred.  If not - he will enjoy Jesus, but what if that is NOT God's will.  I mean...maybe GOD wants us to claim a healing - a crazy healing for this man... I believe  it CAN happen.  I am praying in that manner.  God does this sort of stuff.  Still. 

Earlier this week, our prayer group at school prayed  for a person who needed a direct physical  touch from God and prayers were heard and answered.   Two years ago, I asked God to give my sweet childhood pal enough time before he called her home.   That was her prayer, we agreed.  She had battled breast cancer several years prior to that and it had returned.  And, I believe that God answered our prayers...she had the time God commissioned for her and even though I wanted her to have a supernatureal healing and still be on earth, I know that now -- God had bigger plans and through her homegoing -- HE was glorified.

Today, I got news again of another sweet woman that has a cancer diagnosis.  And the odds ( as it says in Hunger games ) could  be in her favor.  I am believing and claiming it.  I am believing that she will beat the odds as I believe she calls upon HIM.   And I trust God to answer.  Nothing is by accident.  God did not wish cancer upon her - but HE is with her as she battles.  I have claimed the promise in Isaiah 43 ..that when we pass through the rivers, HE is with us....when we go thorugh the waters, HE will  not let it sweep over us and when we walk in that fire -we will not be burned -- we will  not be set ablaze.  So, as she passes through these waters, I KNOW HE is with her and as she crosses the rivers of chemo, medicine, and stuff, it will NOT SWEEP over her, and as the world or perhaps some doctors say she is in the fire, she will not be burned and she will not be set ablaze.  As I believe that one year from now, she and her family will have a testimony of healing - one they never imagined could happen.  Crazy - Supernatural ...but God's provision. 

God does this sort of stuff. 
I believe HE wants to shine more and prove to others EVEN more in these last days...HE is a miracle making God..... HE is God.
.Lord, I pray for all in mind and I know that I know - YOU hear me. 
 in Jesus name..amen.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Weight Lifting

 Inspired by  Jesus Calling and my life:     

"When you are plagued by a persistent problem - one that goes on and one - view it as a rich opportunity... like a tutor who is always by your side. Ask Me to open your eyes and your heart to all that I am accomplishing through this difficulty."  - December 18th, 2014 

I go to the gym, I used to have a personal trainer to maximize my effort.  As long as I am teachable and consistent  -- my health should benefit.   Now that I no longer pay her to work out, I must be disciplined enough to continue what we have started.  When I fail to be consistent -- my muscles quickly remind me that they CRAVE this consistency and I ignored something -- 

The same is true for us spiritually. 

2 Corinthians 4:17 tells us that we are in an ongoing workout where the troubles of today are producing an "eternal weight of glory." 

Every trial, affliction or trouble we shoulder today can actively build eternal muscle for us in eternity!

In faith, I must thank God for the problem.  And, being consistent in going to HIS Word for everything is a must.  When I don't -- my body head and thoughts CRAVE a more closeness to HIM that can only come with some quality time with Him.  

Last night, one of my Pastor's reminded me that God's love language expressed to me is quality time....  HE wants my time.  

The "eternal weight of glory" we will one day achieve comes through a commitment to be spiritually fit and faithful in the demands and disciplines of daily life. Being "grateful for a problem" changes us.

 Spending the time needed helps build my faith, and the problems become 'nothing'.  I see it through different eyes.  

Isaiah 30: 20-21 says Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more: with your own eyes you will see them.  Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you , saying, "this is the way: walk in it".

Recently, I let a few offenses seep into my soul.  Well, not exactly, I knew I was being offended and I prayed it GONE.  But my flesh, WANTED to soak in it.   My FLESH wanted to share the offense several times with others to get more pity and sympathy -- and yet, my Spirit and Heart could hear the Holy Spirit say, " you are being tested...hold your tongue, speak life and You will be rewarded".  

Even last night, while in worship, God met me and gave me one of those rewards - standing next to me was my son ( home from college ) and worshiping with his hands raised.  THAT spoke volumes and was my 'sign' from my God on the Most High....that my obedience to Him and my decision to not allow my flesh to 'win'.... was why, I got such a blessing.  

I needed the reminder.  

My Grandmother of 48 years, she was 44 when I was born, is laying in a beautiful room, cradled with PJ's on and her stuffed animals around her.  Her mind is losing ground.  I wish I could see her and tell her much more, but God reminds me of all the WONDERFUL times we sat at her kitchen table and 'caught' up before the Dementia set in.   Her 'eternal weight of glory' is close....eternity is close for her.  

Last night my Pastor reminded us all -- "what really matters?".  And God clearly reminded me last night about one of the offenses that occurred yesterday -- that I was to show HIS grace and mercy that one, did not understand that God,  is allowing this  affliction right cause her to draw CLOSE to HIM.  So I prayed.  Again. 

And this morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me again and blessed me with the reminder....I am loved.  Accepted, redeemed, forgiven, adopted, and chosen -- for this time.  Amen.  

Perhaps, you -- that is reading this -- needed that reminder as well.  
God fights for us.  
Ask God to open your eyes and ask Him to SEE in a new way.  
Open up His word - Psalm 25 is a favorite as well as Psalm 23 -- my Grandma , I am claiming, is NOT walking in a valley of darkness.  I believe God has her breathing yet, cause maybe another has to see her and make peace.  Otherwise, God would have her home in eternity.  HE did not come for us to suffer....but for us to have life.  

Grandma, the next time I see you - it will be in heaven!  Amen!     I pray your home going does not labor out.....  God is merciful.  


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Largeness of Marriage

"Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life.  It requires a certain aptitude and grace...But if you are capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, do it."  - Matthew 19. 11-12 Msg. Bible

"Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."  - Proverbs 27.17

In Marriage, opposites attract.  There is strength in this:  our differences are what enable us to be one.  But in time, things that once attracted us can become the very things that repel us.
                             - Lisa and John Bevere    "The Story of Marriage".


I used to hear comments like, "in heaven I don't have to be married"  ...."I can't wait to get to heaven, so I am no longer married".    "Marriage - why did I ever do it?".

Marriage is hard.    Presently, we are getting ready to  lead an  special conference  ....a study on marriage.

So therefore, the enemy attacks  more.  But that is not what this blog is about.

I got to thinking tonight about something from the study  -- "the LARGENESS of marriage."

And, I got to thinking about something John Bevere stated.  He made the comment that he learned the hard way  -- as God reminded him, that 'she' ...his wife.... was HIS daughter.   God's daughter.

And from that moment, he treated his wife a bit differently.

And, likewise,   Lisa reminds us that the husband is God's son.  So, I need to think of my husband as God's son.

Which....  makes me treat him differently -- or it should.

Since that study, I have been thinking more of 'how' I treat my husband and men.
And I have watched people a bit more.  And I have searched my head and heart and asked God -- am I treating my husband like Your Son?  Your righteous heir?

Are we treating each other like the people they really are? 
                                          Sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH God?  

I know I have been selective in those actions and treatments -- the Holy Spirit reminds me and keeps me humble.

Tonight, one area I know that I must always continue to refine   -- is in the area of respect.  Showing respect to my spouse.

In therapy that was a BIG deal.  I had to make some repeated choices to change some behaviors that had become automatic.  As early in my life, some actions that were attractive had now become a repellant. It takes effort and practice and time.

That is sort of hard to accept.  But...if I believe that I changed  and what I expect  to see in my spouse changed...then why can't it change for me too?   I mean....we always are changing and we must be willing to embrace those changes.  And I must be willing to change.

Showing respect means -

-- now mind you, in some of this blog I AM speaking to myself and with other suggestions ...I am allowing the Holy Spirit to just fill my head with HIS words -- 

Showing respect means - letting him have the last word at times.  Showing respect means listening, really listening and making a physical note to follow up on something and or stop something.

Showing respect means I let him embellish a story here or there and just leave it be.  Showing respect means I don't take over the conversation and interrupt.

Showing respect means I guard his quiet time and when he needs to be alone - to let him be.

Showing respect means that I don't nag and act so needy that I drive him nuts.

Respect might be watching that football game when something else can wait to be done.

Showing respect is thinking ahead and doing some task or something that would help him out.

Respect might just be letting him make a decision and showing respect may mean that I  stick up for him   and protect him -- not allowing  another to fill my  head with 'what is wrong' about him.

Showing respect may be saying thank you for putting away the dishes.  And NOT letting him know that they were put away in the wrong places.

Showing respect might  be me just making sure he realizes-- he is loved.

Showing respect may be holding my  tongue when I know that I  know, he did not listen....
but letting the Holy Spirit do the convicting and disciplining.

Showing respect may be praying and asking God to show me HOW to improve the area of respect.  Showing respect may be doing what he has asked...maybe losing those 10 pounds, or dressing with the sexy little teddy more than once a month.

Point is...pray, communicate and ask God.

I would like to think the Largeness of my marriage is growing.

I would like to think that if someone asked my husband 'how' I show him respect, he would not have to think HARD to list something.

I would like to think that as our marriage grows, we are sharpening each other for HIS purposes.
I would like to think that God is happy with the story we are creating --

Lord, for WHAT I need to change and do or refine...  I am AT your mercy.  Change me Lord.  For the  women or men that read this -- maybe it enrich their lives and help their marriage, or may they just go about their day and praise God that their spouse respects them.  Or may it cause a few to reflect, repent, and change.  In either circumstance, protect this blog and USE it for YOUR purpose.  I am humbled Lord, thank you - 

- Michelle

If you are married and would like to JOIN us and attend the Marriage Conference, please note the dates and contact me to RSVP.
3 nights in January and February of 2015.  Message me for details.

This Conference is open to all.   Church Membership is not required - this is open to all marriages, engaged couples, and dating couples, as well as singles.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

True Tori -- A revelation.

This is not the normal blog post.  Joyce Meyer stated something today, "people are filled with or obsessed with information but not much revelation".

I got to thinking.

God revealed something to me - on a TV show I was watching yesterday.

Last night, my husband and I watched a series of shows on Lifetime..called "True Tori".
 Don't judge us. 
 It was a very interesting evening -- watching a family unravel in front of you and then discussing what  should and should not have happened brought more insight and healing to the both of us.

Seriously.  Healing.  It is rather sad, but when you realize how blessed you are -- other stuff is just no big deal.    It was also something to laugh about at times.

I almost posted a FB status about watching the show,  as by the 3rd episode I wanted to scream...YOU NEED JESUS!!   But I deleted it and continued to play a game on my phone and we both watched this particular episode called, "He said, She said".  

 You can find it on You tube if you want to see what I am going to share....  It is was on Episode 5 of Season 2.

So... basically, the couple is in therapy and  decide to go and see a Spiritual Guru.

So, in the middle of this visit and the cameras are filming, Tori's husband breaks down and begins to sob.  If you listen closely to the Guru, you hear much of the new age...mumbo jumbo stuff that sounds well and good.    Then the break down continues and he is crying so hard  - like that 'snotty' cry.    But what unfolds next is WHAT stopped me in  my tracks  --- and I hit rewind and watched it and showed it to Brendan again and again...

Revelation ...

When Dean ( Tori's husband ) comes out of his crying fit, his eyes become fixated on the Guru and you can see a stare.  Transfixed.  Then there is a commercial break and they  repeat the scene.   To which then, his wife says, "Dean, are you ok?" and the Guru replies, " of course he is OK, he is in  authority now". 

 Then Dean says, "before, just before, your morphed and changed...your face became dark and your beard black". 

 And the Guru says, "of course it did, we are many people" and Dean replies, "I don't understand that".  And the Guru lets out a laugh - a blood curdling laugh...that is very evil.  

Hello ...
Wake up...
Wake up...

Did you catch that... the Guru morphed....? 

 Right there on National TV.  

 The camera's did not show it, but I know exactly what transpired.... no doubt.  A demon manifested and his face changed.  


You may call me crazy; you may think I have gone over the top...but. ..people...

AS much as we call upon GOD...and boldly pray for HIM and HIS provision....who do you think is ..trying his best to STEAL, KILL, and destroy?   Satan is.  

Satan is alive, real, and for right now.... in control of many people, things, and he made an appearance in spirit - and I believe in flesh..on the show last night.  

I believe this episode originally aired 11/18...and as I searched the internet this eve...I kept thinking -- surely -- someone else caught this...but maybe not.  

Or maybe I am just going to open this can of worms - and who knows -- maybe it will go viral...LOL..But all I know is ....I won't let him win.  

So, with that -- I am sharing.  

You can believe me.   Or you can think I am crazy.   You can research the show and watch it yourself.  You can do your own research and maybe one of my readers will even want to debate me.  

But what I know is...  Satan is NOT going to win.  God wins.  

I went to Guru's Singh's page and found this note...from a person -- but no response...  

Satan is alive and real.  

I am not afraid of him...I was pumped up to share and speak again satan even more today -time is short.  
We are not promised tomorrow, but Jesus stated - he was coming again.  

I believe it maybe sooner than later.  
I keep watching the news, read, and think -- whoa....  

What has God revealed to you lately?  

- Humbled -- excited and yet...  praying right now that these people and the MANY that are lost will SEEK Jesus and not some Guru... In Jesus name, amen.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advice - Don't shave your butt.

I had a friend today,  ask me, what would you do?

I had to laugh at that cause this am, I accidentally shaved my butt.   Ok, well it was not by accident, but I was trying to get those little short hairs under my leg that were no longer short and I put in a fresh blade and then I was not being patient nor careful and all of a sudden, I noticed that I probably had shaved a spot that had never been shaved before.  LOL

Then.... I could not actually SEE down there, as I am not a contortionist and well, I could tell I was bleeding - but anyway.  No pun intended.  

But in all sincerity, I thought about that and was reminded of an old post.  A blog entry from November of 2011.  And after I read it - I just cried.  

Here it is:  

 November 9. 2011

These are some of the greatest pieces of HIS word and 'advice' that I have collected in my spiral in my purse -- which I go to daily -- which I say out loud and re-say outloud often!!

-a wife's prayers for her husband have far greater effect on him than anyone else's... even a mother' it says in Matthew 19.5.. man leaves father and mother and becomes one flesh...
- there is a difference between a choice and a mistake.... I am sorry will cover a mistake... but a choice... will need a "will you forgive me?"..   and that can reset a relationship...
- what am I to do?  Glorify God...
-be someone that people want to be around...
-don't let the torture of loneliness that leaves you longing for anyone who will look into your soul.... overcome you... seek HIM..... let HIM see you ... don't seek others.. seek HIM!
-the joy of seeing something hopelessly dead be brought back to life -- is the greatest joy we can know..
- Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.....    Love never ends... 1 Cor 13. 7-8
- Praise HIM in the storm...

-Hide the word in your heart.. that you might not sin -- Psm. 119.11
- those who sow in tears shall reap in joy!..   Psm. 126.5
- above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins..   1 Peter 4.8
-HE will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry.. Isah  30.19
- Romans 12.12.. be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer..
- The Lord says, " I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you".   Psm. 32.8

So -- see -- this advise sounds good,  and I believe and look to each and every card in that spiral .. and there are more... and I will go to them often  and yet,  in  my quietness, the enemy will sneak up and just pounce.... so, we must have our armor on -- being ready to battle those firery darts.

We need to stand firm and claim HIS word, hold up our shield of faith and put on that belt of truth and righteousness...   it all works when we are ready -- to be ready  = prayer.

So Lord, I don't have any advice.  I know nothing - but YOU do.  YOU speak loudly to those who asked and to me.. via your word.  YOu know today, that I am claiming victory inspite of the fact that I am weary and tired.... and you know I want it 'faster'.. but I know that YOUR time is best and I can't wait.  So, rather than allow the enemy to remind of of what is 'not yet'.... I will proclaim you and proclaim what will become..

my family will be completely restored, the hurts will be all in the past,  the awkward moments will vanish,  the counsel will turn to prayer and then it will pay forward..... the ministry will be revealed,  the  one will have his eyes opened and the other will too... the needs will be met..  the joy will resound all of the time  and what  YOU have lead me to believe... will come true... it will be better than ever.. in every situation, in every event.. with everyone... and with those and them and the others ... and then, another trial or season will come along, but this time, we will have victory in our back pocket so we will be able to fight harder, believe more, and get through that too -- until you call us all home......

Thank you Lord.  YOU are a great and mighty God.  I love that illustration how we fight with toothpicks and you come in with cannons!   Ex. 14.14 -- YOU are fighting the battle and winning - I need only be still.

Lord, this prayer goes especially to those two women on my heart right now - and me -- open the the eyes of their men..... let them get a glipse of what could  be-- may they want it.... may they experience you in a whole new way -- amen!
 - your daughter...   michelle


I said I cried.  If you know me...and my story, you can see why I cried.  I can't remember the two ladies that asked me that questions back in 2011, the person that asked this of me today - needs only to know - HE IS fighting for that beloved one.  And as I wrote in my prayer -- back in November, that our ministry would be revealed -- it has.

I wrote- that the hurts will be in the past -- they are!
I wrote  - the joy will resound all the time -- it does!

I cried today because  God used this funny illustration and an old blog post to remind me ...HE wins.  We must believe HE is able and we call upon the unseen ....and we call it into being.  Be faithful...wait on HIM and tell God everything and maybe write it down too.  So when you are feeling just a little be overwhelmed or you believe that HE is not answering the prayers -- look back and SEE all that HE has done.

I stand amazed and humbled.
- Michelle