Saturday, June 18, 2011

a blessing to pumpkin . . . . .

Dear Lord, thank you -- for Pumpkin and his family. He has the most wonderful mother and her name is Brooke but you know that. And he has this really neat dad and his name is Jason. . but you know that too. So why am I repeating this - cause I need to. I just want to thank you and then bless that little man with blessing . . . .a blessing for his future.

Lord, thank you for Brooke. I have watched her these past 5-6 years and I have gotten to watch a woman who fell in love with you and then, it spilled over into others. She is so much fun. She has the best smile and she is so positive and she has a nic name -- Miss Sunshine. She quickly fit into our school and joined the 'gang' of us and quickly became a life long friend. Lord, I thank you for her willingness to do whatever is needed - like making a hallway into a Haunted House at the Carnival to passing around the BEST idea in a scrap book for Blair's wedding shower. Again, she is just a wonderful women who loves you. Lord, I will never forget the day, she revealed that Pastor James said, "she reminded him of me" .. funny - most times when we 'see' our qualities in others, we get weirded out or get frustrated, when I 'see' me in her - it blesses me. Thanks. And Lord, now, she is headed to South Dakota. . can you hear my 'midwestern don't ya know slang' on that? She is headed to South DaaaKOOOta. . and she will be closer to her family there but not with her family here. I thank you for her and what she brought to Central and to my life . thank you. Lord, bless her with a new job and a new adventure there with her family. Lord, help her to quickly find a church home and get plugged in and bless her friends that they will be able to save up and visit her often - including me. I have always wanted to go to South Dakota. well, may not always, but NOW I do.

Lord, bless Jason as the head of that house -- that he in his new job will have plenty of time to be the dad little pumpkin needs and wants. Lord, help him to grow deeper in his walk with you so that pumpkin will have the BEST dad he can have and so that he can learn about YOU through his dad -- as you planned it. I will never forget how he was the 'coolest' Kindergarten teacher . . I. .mean . .who can teach Kindergarten and still speak straight? He can and did. Lord, again, bless all the people around him so that they can be a help to him as he raises pumpkin. And Lord, I thank you for the love he brings Brooke!

And now for pumpkin .. .as you can see, he is already blessed with good looks -- what a 'gerber' baby he is. But I thank you mostly for the miracle of his birth. Lord, at a time when YOU knew I needed a miracle - YOU provided. I will never forget the night Brooke sat on my couch and we shared our hearts and we prayed to you for that baby -- for his health, and for each little thing, we trusted you considering all the fuss and drama that surrounded his 'gestational' period. And Lord, YOU answered. YOU did in a big and mighty way. What a perfect young little being -- YOURS, YOU have great plans for him.

Lord, bless that little one, with great health, a long life, and a passion and hunger for you that will start when he begins to speak. Lord, I pray he will never have to deal with the pain or frustrations that go with drugs and so forth - shield him LORD. And Lord, bless him with a sister or brother, when the timing is right. Lord, I pray he will grow in wisdom and in stature with a desire to seek YOU and learn about you, daily. Lord, I pray right now for his future bride, if you should tarry Lord, begin to prepare her with her parents, that they would stay strong and fight to seek you in all times. Lord, that when pumpkin is ready to meet her, he will know and their lives will continue the great commission -- to share you with the lost. Lord, I pray that both Brooke and Jason will guard their home and not allow the Enemy to get in and distract or get a foothold into their lives. Lord, guard little pumpkin's head too from the world that is evil, let him have a compassion for the ones around him and may he truly see you in everything. Lord, I also bless him with a desire to serve others and share your message. I pray all of this and I thank you for the memory of Brooke's pregnancy -- and her pumpkin (well, jason too). I will forever believe in prayer because of many things, and this is one of them. I am repeating myself now, but that day, on our couch and then the miracle of his birth was one of those turning points or miracle markers in my spiritual walk with you Lord. To know when to pray and to believe in healing is a mighty thing. Thank you for bringing home a miracle in pumpkin.

Pumpkin - I will see you again, grow strong and enjoy your 'cooler' summer in South Dakota!

Your "nana michelle"

I love you -- but God loves you even more.
Jerm. 29.11
Prov. 3: 4-6
Psalm 139.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

remembering to forget . .I have forgotten. . . .

Oh ---this was too too too good to pass up as it spoke VOLUMES to me today . . . .

(This is coming from Sharon Jaynes, but . .towards the end . .it is me that is talking . . thank you Lord, for using other Godly women to minister, may this post minister to another in need. . . )

Forgetting what is behind and straining forward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus (phil 3.13, 14, NIV)

From Sharon: As humans, we tend to remember what we need to forget and forget what we need to remember. God on the other hand, forgets what He promises to forget and remembers what HE promises to remember. God said, "their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more" Hebrews 10.17

Paul tells us one of the secrets to his success as a Christian and in life . . ."But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" (phil 3.13, 14)

There are many events in the Bible that begin with the words "God remembered". God remembered Noah in Genesis 8.1 and He remembered Abraham in Genesis 19.29 and God remembered Rachel in Genesis 30.22 and God heard their growning and remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob in Exodus 2.24. In each incident, God's remembering meant that HE was about to do something -- God was about to act.

Therefore, if God's remembering means HE is about to act, then God's forgetting means that He is not going to act. "For I will forgiven their wickedness," He says, "and will remember their sins no more" (Jerm 31.34). He forgets out sins -- He is not going to act upon them. Likewise, while we cannot physically forget the details of the wounds of our past, we can choose not to act on them. WE can choose to forgive the person who has hurt us and not allow the memory of the offense to control our lives. In that sense, we can forgive and forget.

When Paul talks about forgetting he does not mean that he will or even can wipe an incident from his memory .. "forgetting did not mean obliterating the memory of his past, but was a conscious refusal to let it absorb his attention and impede his progress" ( Zibdervab NIV Commentary)

But it is too hard . . ok - NOW it is time for Michelle to speak -- it can be very hard -- very hard to forget . .but the easiest way for me to forget the past . . is when I am reminded of how I idolized the world and placed so many other people and things in front of my Lord . .when I think of that - when I stop and allow the pain of that to really sink in, I am ashamed and so so so sorry -- that I want Jesus to forgive me and I want to forget that and so I can sort of understand HOW God can forget . ..and think of it no more. I mean - the wound is healed, but the scar is still there -- I will never forget what I did nor what was 'did' to me . .but, it is in the past, and it does not haunt me, it does not control me and it has been healed. I am most grateful. Now when I speak to a young woman or anyone God brings in my path and I can hear her pain - the pain of unforgiveness .. I can tell her how God healed me. I can tell her how HE does restore and I can assure her that one day, the pain will heal, the scar will be there, but the pain will heal.

Oh Lord, thank you for this today. Your timing is perfect and I know that I know - you HAVE it all under control. I will press on, this is YOUR word for me today - YOUR truth. I can see and hear you speaking it to me as if you were audible .. thank you Lord.

Oh Lord, You continually amaze me. Continually amaze. Now, go ahead and work your LIFE in my family and others .. .I know you are, may they see and hear you today too. I am believing. Amen

Your beautiful and highly favored daughter - michelle

PS Lord, Taylor gets pretty frustrated with the way I type .. . .putting in the dots and so forth, I am going to try and curb that habbit . .until then, just remind her to honor her mother. Amen!

I love you TP.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

comfort . . . . . .

Comfort . . ..Comfortable . . . easy . . . what is comfort? Comfort can be a mother soothing a baby as she has hit her head, or wants her bottle. Comfort can be a grandmother telling her young grandson that 'this too shall pass'. And comfort can be a BIG box of vanilla ice cream with caramel all over it . . what is your comfort?

Life is not comfortable. It just is not. Life is not easy, but then again, how can we expect it to be. Does it not seem like the people who are 'living' for the Lord . . have the MOST uncomfortable situations and the most uncomfortable stuff in their lives. ?? Many times, I find myself saying, GOD's will is NOT a penalty. God's will is NOT a penalty. Why does there have to be hardship? . . Because Jesus is not the Prince of this world .. yet. However, eventually God wins.

Comfort -- Comfort is working in a GREAT county for some great administrators and mentors for the past 23 years. I have been in Okeechobee since Roland Clericuzio hired me back on Spring Break in March of 1988. I won't forget, I was wearing a gray pencil skirt and a white shirt and was VERY hot as he walked me around the brand new North Elementary School. I was hired to teach 2nd grade. Brendan made contact with the High School and the County Administrator at that time, Bill Owens, but was unable to get a job -- as he did not have a teaching certificate as of yet. I had graduated in December and was now subbing in Wisconsin. Brendan was still Student Teaching, but we had faith and knew we were headed to Okeechobee no matter what. Young love. Young dreams. Young faith - or we just had no other choice. Comfort. I have worked at 3 schools. My first year at North in the am and Everglades in the pm. First lesson learned - don't count your chickens before they are hatched. By July, I was now the ART teacher and had $3000.00 to spend on ART supplies .. yep, that much - but it did not go far! I had to buy for the ENTIRE school. I did. It was a great year. Then a year of 4th grade at North with Ann Logue as my Principal and then Gans Earnest. By my 3rd year, Brendan was now at the High School, and I was moved to Central Elementary -- which became my home for the next 21 years. Mr. 'C' was my Principal again, and then Jean Dilsaver and eventually Randy Paulson. All 21 years there - were great. Happy, filled with work, frustrations, changes, test scores and above all -- comfort.

However, things change, and all of a sudden, you find yourself . . .. thinking .. God, do I need a new beginning? God did orchestrate this move and I have complete and total peace and after 21 years in Okeechobee County, I am took a position in Glades County. It will be a challenge. I will be learned a new grade level and a new culture. I will be working at the Rez School, I would post the name, but I have no idea how to spell it or say it -- guess that will be lesson #1. I had a meeting out there already and was so so so welcomed and I get to be in a 'new' room again. God is so good. So good to me.

Phil 4.19

And my God will supply my every need according to HIS glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Prov. 19. 21

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Isaiah 43. 18-19

Forget about what has happened, do not keep going over the old history. Be alert! Be present. I am about to do something brand new. It is bursting out! Don't you see it? There is is! I am making a road through the desert and a river thru the badlands.

Provers 3. 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straight.

God's word is comfort. I know that I know, HE has me in this next adventure. Change is change, and many say it is good -- it can be good if God does it. And even if we push forward, HE makes a way and brings beauty out of our ashes. This move was orchestrated by my loving and perfect Daddy. I am willing and able to serve HIM and I am so blessed.

I may be a 'bit' uncomfortable that first week when meeting new people, and learning a whole new routine . .but I know that I know - God's will is NOT a penalty and being in the center of HIS will for my life (even when other parts are still not settled or comfortable ) . .being in that center is the BEST comfort of all.

I love you Lord. Thanks.

PS, I love my new room too, and my assignment, and the people there have made me feel so welcomed . .. .this is a true circumstance of blessing. Thanks! You are the giver of perfect gifts.

- your grateful daughter - chell

Monday, June 6, 2011

This young man is 16 today. 16 years ago, I was sitting, no laying in a hospital bed worried. Hunter was born 'blue' and I had not had the chance to see or hold him. I had gotten up out of bed, and was able to hobble to the nursery to watch Taylor look at him for the first time. She had NOT sucked her thumb in years .. and she did that night and a few weeks after that .. well, not really sucked it, more like chewed it. She took her anxiety, and relieved it by chewing. I did not realize that at the time .. . but, later chewing her nails would be something we would see here and there when she was anxious. But . .this is about HELP .

Hunter Edwin Lowell Pritchard

He was born blue and needed extra oxygen and the next day was taken by ambulance to St. Mary's were he got the nic name - "whimpy white boy". Now, it seems like just a bad dream but that 2nd night of his life, knowing he was there and I was not -- was one of the most hardest nights of my life. Since then, I have had a few more hard nights -- but, when a mother can't see her newborn and hold him . . . ... .. . .the world becomes very hard.

He needed a few extra days and got the label RDD Respirtory Distress Disorder . .I got a few stories from others, how they used to call these babies 'blue babies' .. basically their little hearts would pump and pump but their lungs just did not take in the oxygen, therefore their blood did not get the oxygen. I remember becoming an expert on Co2 levels and heartrates, and then the % of oxygen that was in the blood . . . ..seems like most of those memories have passed. Anyway, many prayers went out and were answered. He came home a week later, not the 10 days they prepared us for.

I had -- well, we had already picked out the name Hunter Edwin and added Lowell . .little did we know he would need some literal help as a child!!

But don't we all? Need a little HELP?

I do - anyway, Happy Birthday to my 'man' who came to me last night and asked me to check how much 'fuzz' was on his face. He is a hairy beast!!

Happy birthday to my 'boy' .. who used to crawl up on my lap and seek me out for hugs and loving .. . now I have to ask.

Happy birthday to my 'boy' ... who was potty trained in the grass and still is found doing 'that' here and there.

Happy birthday to my 'boy' .. .who would make up words and use them and then make us new words ...and still does.

Happy birthday to my 'boy' who couldn't stand broccoli and now goes for sushi? Raw fish? Really?

Happy birthday to my 'boy' who loved and still loves his buddy Diego.

Happy b irthday to my 'boy' who wanted a truck so I found one for him - it cost me $2.97.

Happy birthday to my 'boy' who will soon be a man . . . too soon.

Lord, bless him, keep him. May he seek the plans YOU have for him. May he look to YOU for everything and may he love you more than he ever loves me or anyone else -- as YOU Lord, have given this 'boy' to me. I pray and say, "he is yours".


Happy Birthday HP -- I know you hate that -- label - but, hey -- I am your mom. I 'brought you into this world . .I can take you out' . .ha ha ha hah

I love you Hunter.

I love you -- ter ter man!