Monday, December 31, 2012

...there is so much to say....

Lord, you ended this year - I mean, it is 10 minutes before we ring in 2013.  It really is 'not' that big of a deal EACH day is important and hopefully lived for YOU....

but, I have to say this, for SO many years, many years, I sat or was SO anxious for the midnight hour to come as to 'what' would happen or where would I be......

....little did I know and realize that YOU were there all along and that YOU had to be 'it'...YOU had to be it ALL.....

Thank you for being patient with me.  I appreciate it so much and LOVE  YOU even more for waiting on me.  And Thank you for Brendan's reflection earlier..."hey, 2012 was good, it was much better than 2011 and 2010 and Chell, 2013 is going to be even BETTER..right?  ....right... I love you".

Lord, seeing something hopelessly lost and dead come back to life - is ONLY by YOUR grace and mercy.  I thank you.

Lord, as the year ends, and January is tomorrow - I really want do be in YOUR will each day, SEEK you each day, and make EACH day pleasing to YOU and the rest will fall into place....

Lord, for my husband, grow him up even more...
Lord, for my children, draw them close...
Lord, for my parents, I wish to be relentless and this will be the year of my peace of their blessed assurance...
Lord, for extended family, may they REALLY see Christ in all of us...
Lord, for the circle of influence around us - USE us...

Lord, for our church, and our pastor..and his wife...
Lord, for our leaders and employers...
Lord, for our country and its leaders...Lord, YOU are Lord, may there be NO other gods before us, before me...

Lord, that my life would be pleasing to you...

Lord, for the many around me that are still hurting, that need healing, and need your arms of comfort.  Lord for the many who don't know how to be IN TOUCH with you...
Lord, for the sick and for those lost ..Dear GOD..hell is a too real of a place to be wrong...Lord, may 2013 be YOUR year in my head and heart.

And Lord,  Ex. 14. 14 says - YOU will fight for me...YOU do, YOU did, YOU are....I need only be still...I thank you Lord.  Lord, I know that I know you WIN every time.  Use me Lord, to help another - if only one, I will be most GREAT- ful...I love you Lord, more than ever.  Amen!

PS - happy new year!  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

a thank you Christmas Tea 2012

I got the honor today to bless a few people that have been in the 'trenches' with me.  And I was doubly blessed.

A friend of mine, shared with me several months ago that God had begun to call her to be BOLD, and sharing and teaching others about HIM that.....the harvest is BIG but the workers are few.

A LOT has happened to me in the past 5-8 years, but mostly the past three years have been a 'refining'.   And I have been claiming and knowing that chapter is closed and with the ending of this year, and  the coming  of the new year.....there  will be a BRAND new start.

 The sequel.... I like that.

There is scripture that says, HE will sift us like wheat --- to see what we are made of.
 There is scripture about building a house on sand verses solid rock.
There is the scripture about being in the refiners fire.
 There are God's promises all over, reminding us of HIS great love for us and yet...many of us quietly just exist.

That same friend reminded me you just want to exist?

What is my passion?
Do I have an unquenchable need to be be fulfilled? be important?

YES I do -- and GOD put that desire there.
Will I believe - YES I do.

Will I Act in Faith - I DID.  And I will continue to do so!
Will I chose to be special, important, and fulfilled - I DO LORD!

I am a strong woman with a  SOFT heart that wants others to experience the true freedom of Christ and how HE can heal, set you FREE, and  walk with you in VICTORY.

I want others to notice me and want what HE did for me.

I want others to ask...what makes her different.  That is my life's passion.

I want to be used by HIM.

Nothing gives me more joy than to see HIS glory in another.
Nothing gives me more joy than to witness prayers answered and miracles manifest.

The photo is of a book that my very first counselor/therapist game me some 4 years ago.  She called me on Monday - the author -- yep, the author.  THAT is an entirely different blog post, but GOD was direct and HE wants more women to step it up.  HE wants more workers, this world will continue to manifest more evil.....until we Christians - believers and ones SET FREE say, enough is enough......WE are more than conquers in Christ JEsus....

Lord, thank you again for the women you have blessed me with and that I can call 'friend'.  Lord, bless them this eve and I pray they will seek YOU with everything .....Lord, I am so blessed, so honored to call you by soul mate.  Amen!

- your daughter - chell

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas from the Pritchards

Merry Christmas! 

For so many years the 'writing' of the Christmas Newsletter was a highlight.  I can prayerfully, humbly, and gratefully is a highlight of this holiday there is MUCH to share. 

Our lives are full, very busy, but this family is smiling - each face and we know and thank our Lord. 

The photo was taken at Thanksgiving.  I have to BEG Taylor to get me a copy of it so I can put it in a frame, otherwise it may disappear into the big information data byte in the sky. 

Trying  to get 4 people to smile all at the same time and to make sure the hair is just right was as hard  as when the kids were babies and I just wanted them BOTH looking forward!  Taylor posted this photo on Facebook so I know it meets her approval.  For so many years she will tell you that she HATED our Christmas photo as there was something wrong with it.  She was not smiling or looked like  a boy or whatever.  So...I guess it is a sign of my maturity when I posted this and would of rather found one where my hair could of looked just a little bit better...anyway!     LOL 

Taylor has one more year of college.  She did her one day a week teaching practice in 5th grade at the local middle school where she attended and LOVED it.  How sweet our Lord is, she taught 5th graders and I am teaching 5th grade.  To sit with my first born and help her with lesson planning was a stressful but glorious task.  Mothers LOVE being needed especially by 21 year old adults!  She  has one semester left of practice and Student TEaching will be around the corner with a walk down the graduating asile in December of 2013 if all goes well.  God is good.  She sees the light at the end of the tunnel. In  her spare time she dotes on a little girl named Eva, babysits, and coaches a travel/club volleyball team and LOVES that as well.  Her sweet spirit still grabs the attention of many and she has great friends! 

Hunter is our Senior and has verbally committed to be a FIGHTING OWL and play at Florida Atlantic University come August of 2013.  His many years  and  Brendan's faithfulness of DRIVING to practice have paid off.  He gets frequent emails from Coach Kos and has already made an official visit and we hope to watch him 'sign' come February. He is getting some academic and sports scholarships and we are very proud.  After many years of soccer, both Brendan and I comment and talk about the 'withdrawl we will have but have already begun to SAVE for some flying trips to watch him play out of state.  The BEST thing about FAU is that it is only 1.45 hours south of Okeechobee; which is,  far enough way to feel like he is at college, but close enough that we can still attend some soccer games!   In his spare time, he does his homework, he will graduate with almost 30 college credits like TP did and ping pong has become the new family passion.  Currently HP is doing most of the winning between he and Bren but Brendan practices and I KNOW he will overcome!   Hunter has a great set of friends as well, and many of them adorn our family room frequently to watch the HEAT play - Hunter is a fan! 

Brendan and I are well.  We enjoyed a trip to Wisconsin this summer and rented a Harley for 3 days and put on over 700 miles!  That is our plan again..just not sure 'when'.  We have had the bike for a year now and have well over 6000+ miles on it - so, YES, we do enjoy the entire BIKE scene.  Our kids may just see us on a major trip to Sturgis or the Mountains...LOL.

 Weekend trips on the Harley, watching soccer games, traveling to soccer games, and enjoying Duck Dynasty our our usual routines.  Both of us are just enjoying our family before it will change again with HP leaving next summer.  We are both still teaching - our 25th year!!!  Brendan is at the High School and I am at the Indian Reservation teaching 5th grade this year and am really enjoying my 2nd year there!  My students are priceless and it is a JOY to ENJOY being at school again for so many reasons! 

This letter has to end, but the start was Merry Christmas....Merry CHRISTmas.
Both Brendan and I would tell you - HE is the reason for the season, the reason why I looked forward to writing this, the reason why there are smiles on our faces...and HE wins.

God is tremendous, both of us have fallen in love with HIM in a new way, wishing and praying the many people around us would allow that to happen in their lives as well.  Our past put us here,  but that was our destiny and  God has brought such beauty out of the ashes.  HE wins. 

As I close this letter, I pray that YOU too would call on Jesus and allow His saving grace to empower you and then heal.  It is hard being the 'grown up'...but the rewards are tremendous - heaven...eternal life.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  Faith is believing in something that is unseen - and HIS timing is perfect.  TRUST HIM.  I promise, HE will NEVER let you down! 

In HIm,


Sunday, December 2, 2012

is there real free will?

Ezekiel 18:1-4
The Message (MSG)
Judged According to the Way You Live18 1-2 God’s Message to me: “What do you people mean by going around the country repeating the saying,The parents ate green apples,The children got the stomachache?3-4 “As sure as I’m the living God, you’re not going to repeat this saying in Israel any longer. Every soul—man, woman, child—belongs to me, parent and child alike. You die for your own sin, not another’s.

How does the sovereignty of God really work? 
Is there real free will? 
Do we get to drive?  
His hand is 'on' the wheel, I get to drive but HE is there.  

In Ezekiel, God allowed Israel to drive on their own and drive away.  And then they HIT a tree....Babylon and got STUCK! ....what the fathers did....we are now STUCK!    God says, "NO".  That is NOT true, you are responsible for your own sin. 
The Israelites stayed in Babylon cause of their OWN sins, not their fathers.  

God does not punish me for my father's sins.  
God does not punish us for Adam's sin.  
God says 'no' you don't have to stay there.......You can move out of Babylon! 
My choices are based on what God allowed.   75% of my decisions are based on my DNA....but GREATER is he then is in me that he who is in the world.....
There is a Polard Study that says 85% of the Cherokee nation are alcoholics but 15% chose NOT to be... There is a Polard Study about homosexuality as well, that again shows... scientifically it appears that our sexual orientation is a choice.  

The supernatural beats the natural every time.  
You are most free when walking in HIS will and in HIS created natural environment.  
We were born to be dependent upon HIM, we function better in HIM and when we rebel, we want to DRIVE  without HIS hand on the wheel.  

So go ahead,   drive....but you will get STUCK - Amen!  

We were created to have relationships and we are most free when we live in HIS will...we do not have to stay in Babylon. 

It is my choice.  
It is my the degree that GOD grants it..I don't have total choice to do what I want, ..I have total choice to do what God allows.......Oh MY! 
My choice can't negate or nullify God's choice for me!  
Psalm 135:5
English Standard Version (ESV)For I know that the Lord is great,    and that our Lord is above all gods.
What would of happened if Josef would of said, "no I won't marry Mary!".

God has EVERYTHING in order and thought of....thought out and factored in...GOD has it.  

Everyday is a GIFT from God.  
You and I make over 1000 choices and decisions a day....what determines those?  

Remember, the Enemy gets us to believe we won't have any power or the ability to make choices - 

I choose Jesus.  

I found this notes from Dr. Joe Davis, from August, 2011.  God's word is timely and someone besides me needed to read this as well.  I hope it answered your questions....

Thank you Lord, michelle