Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Prayers for marriages - Day #2

Marriages are hard.  Many couples never have any problems until the marriage ceremony has taken place. 

A marriage can't survive without Christ.

 Well... I guess they can -- I have seen a few, but I don't see 'happy' that often. 

You can tell --can't you -- you see a couple out to eat and you can tell...

They communicate.  They speak to each other.    They smile. 

And yet.. are they really happy? 

I just know -- we FAKED it for a LONG time.  As  a child, I FAKED it often too -- whether you say you are putting on a mask, or you just say, " I'm fine"...   I think many FAKE more than truly live. 

Faith that remains unchallenged -- ordinarily remains unchanged. 

My Faith has changed.  I don't fake it anymore.  In fact, I have to be careful at times, cause when I am angry -- you can SEE it on my face.  When I am sad... you can FEEL it in my eyes...and when something is NOT right..I am at a loss for words.    Just am. 

....Maybe it is because I am 50 now... or maybe it is just because I am at a place where my reality is going to match my theology...  period. 

Anyway -- back to marriage -- and communication. 
If a husband and wife don't speak -- what happens? 

Well, if a husband and wife don't communicate with the Father --  what happens?  

So, tonight's prayer is for prayer...

LORD...that  the marriages around me would pray.  Together. 
 Lord, that the women fighting for their marriages would continue to fight on their knees and may their  prayers be bold and full of life.  

But honestly Lord, that the marriages around me would PRAY together.   I know HOW hard it is to accomplish this.  It seems that everything gets in the way of that time to just pray for each other.   So, Lord, those reading this tonight, maybe they stop and reflect about their prayer routine with their men.  May You speak to EACH of them and remind them to pray more... seek you more...or help them to see some creative ways to accomplish this task.  Lord, may this NOT be an area where Satan pulls them apart but where You are center and where You are glorified, In Jesus name, Amen. 

Youth ministers are always told to watch -- boys and girls should not pray together -- it is an intimate thing...

 Back to those couples that seem so happy -- do they pray together?
  THAT is hard to tell - and yet, maybe it is not. 

 Random thoughts -- my brain is tired this evening.    I know how important it is to pray for my man and I know he prays for me. 
 However, do my husband and I pray together?   Yes. 
Is it as much as I would like it to be ?   No. 

Do I feel comfortable  leading him to do it?  No.
Do I still lead every once in a blue moon?  Yes.
Does he tell me to pray?  Yes.
Does he try and 'hurry me up' at times?  Yes

When I initiate it, does he quickly pray with me?  Yes. 
Do I feel inadequate when I pray with him?  Sometimes.  

When we talk about it, do we both agree we need it more?  Yes. 
However -- it is still hard. 

But... one thing that does work for us -- is an emailed prayer -- words.  Even a text'd prayer speaks a lot.  So... there is HOPE! 

But the BEST solution we have found is praying together on road trips.  Now that we have an  empty nest, we will head to the coast for supper.  The ride over is usually talk about the day and music, but the ride home is usually prayer.  

We will do ABC prayers.  Each of us takes a letter and the creative juices flow.  For example,  
A -- Always,  Lord, thank you for always being there for us and meeting our needs.
B -- back,  Lord, we  pray for our backs...Lord, that each of us walks in your truth and when we do -- we know you WATCH our backs!  C -- Chelly....Lord, for Chell - Lord, protect her...   etc. etc.   As we pray together and the Holy Spirit leads, we get very creative and we laugh.  I think God laughs too. 

Our prayers may be awkward.  Our attempts may be feeble.  But since the power of prayer is in the ONE who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference. 

So, perhaps if you and your husband don't pray that often, together,  you may want to try one of these ideas...   just maybe and remember, the power of prayer is in the ONE who hears it! 

- humbled --


  1. We pray together every night and always begin by thanking God for the beautiful marriage and friendship He provides us. We often smile and laugh together as we pray...knowing, like you wrote above, that God laughs with us. Sometimes we share tears, knowing that God is there to share our pain and help us bear whatever burden exists. We always hold hands and look at each other when we pray together. And when we finish praying, after acknowledging that we do so in Jesus's name, we always "seal it with a kiss". - Kelly O

    1. Kelly - THIS blesses my soul. Thank you for sharing, I was going to leave the ending -- share what WORKS for you -- but I didn't and this just blessed me so. I hope others will do the same. - Michelle


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