Thursday, March 31, 2016

A prayerful warning from Jesus - Day #5

Prayers for a marriage this evening.  An unyoked marriage.  A marriage where one is seeking Christ and the other is not.  The other is serving a god of their own.

Matthew 21.44  ESV

"And the one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him."  

Last night at church, Pastors was preaching and teaching from the Book of Daniel.  
Last night as he  wrapped it up  - he referenced  a verse in Chapter  21 of Matthew.  

  THAT verse  had me thinking all day. 

I am paraphrasing the verse....   the one... the person who falls on the 'stone' will be broken into pieces.     Jesus was speaking about us.  Those of us that fall, submit and give out lives to the 'stone' - who is Jesus will be broken.  We will be broken and rebuilt by HIM.   We must be broke -- understanding we are sinners, understanding and praising God for going to that Cross. 

The 2nd part of the verse says ...and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him.   Jesus is referencing the story of a dream back in the Book of Daniel.  Where the ROCK represents the 4th kingdom....  what is coming....   

Jesus is warning those who don't believe.  Jesus is warning those that don't declare Him as Lord.  Jesus clearly states..that they will be crushed.  Period.  

So, as I said, this VERSE has had me thinking all day.  

Lord, for those wives this evening that are faithfully attending church and seeking You in every area of their lives and yet, their husbands don't pay attention.  
Lord, for those wives this evening that are faithfully attending church and seeking You in every area of their lives and yet, their husbands don't see to want to seek you.  

Lord, for those wives this evening that are faithfully attending church, serving in the body, being your hands and feet and seeking you in every area and yet....their husbands have other gods.  

...a god of golf...
...a god of TV...

...a god of working out 
...a god of sexual sins
...a god of apathy
...a god of depression
...a god of business
...a god of....   

Lord, their faithfulness is admirable.  However Lord, I pray for these women to begin a BOLD firestorm of prayers for their men, and that their men would see YOU shine through them  - so boldly and beautifully Lord that they will WANT what she has.

Lord, for those that need a good KICK in the pants...  allow the crud to open their eyes, and protect her in the fallout.  

Lord,  may they see that if they don't fall for YOU ...they will be CRUSHED...but before it is too late...before their wives have become so hard within their hearts.  

Lord, I pray they will wait on You but I also pray that if they must SEEK something new, SEEK a life change - whatever is needed...Lord, that they would have the courage to DO The HARD for the sake of the good.  

Lord, for the institution of marriage this evening - as it certainly seems as of that BIG dream in Chapter 2 of Daniel is coming into fruition -- Lord, I pray their eyes will open and not be left behind.  
Thank you Lord,  Thank you for the simple reminder -- that YOU have to be the only God we have.  
That we Love you Lord, with all of a our heart and heads...  and love nothing and no other one above you - including our husbands.  

Lord, I trust you will bring clarity to them -- 
Lord, I trust that YOU will see their husbands come to full repentance before it is too late. 

To those husbands.... may I ask, "Where are you going if anything should happen to you?  Heaven or Hell? "   If you don't know the answer...ask YOUR wife to pray over you --   

PS.  I have seen several UNYOKED marriages become ONE accord before HIM. 
Don't give up - hang in there -- do what God has asked you to do.  
Allow HIM to guide you!  

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