Monday, March 21, 2016

Believing in God's Word -- is it ACTIVE in You?

Do you believe God's Word is alive and full of power?
Do you believe God's Word is energizing?
Do you believe God's Word is effective? 

I do.

A bible study, that  I am doing has me thinking and looking beyond what I read -- and asking, is this TRUE?

Is His  Word alive and active in me?

I am created in the image of God -- His words are omnipotent   = meaning have UNLIMITED power.
My words are potent = they have power too........ with God in me - with Holy Spirit as my constant companion, and with Jesus as my Savior -- are my words omnipotent?  
- With unlimited power?

No.   But. 

God's words are omnipotent.  He has unlimited power. 
If I believe I am created in God's image and He abides in me....and I am a joint heir to His Kingdom             ...then my words are almost unlimited.... or as close to unlimited as my 'flesh' will allow myself to believe! 

Or can I have that unlimited power? 

I know I can have an unlimited prayer life....
I know I can have an unlimited love for chocolate...
I know I can have an unlimited love for a child ..... 

Our words are potent.
Spoken words are more powerful than 'thought up ones'.   That is why  the spoken word is so powerful. 

God SPOKE  "in" our world - our earth came to life because  God spoke it. 
God SPOKE in the sky...the animals...the sun....the waters....  man...  see in Genesis!

Satan wants to hinder me -- or you -- from ever using your mouth the RIGHT way --

God says that as I draw near to Him, He will draw close to me --
God's Word says that his words are like fire in Jeremiah 23! 
God's Word is God speaking -- the most powerful words are His......

I know God's Word is alive and active in me.    I have seen mountains been moved cause we prayed it to happen. 
I know God's Word is alive and active in me, as He has used His Word to teach me and  then I have been able to teach others and have seen victory over  strongholds! 

I have gotten victory over strongholds -- by memorizing scripture and using THAT to battle the firey darts that Satan or his helps throw. 

I have a few blogs on the back burner - ready to post, but  Holy Spirit has not confirmed them, nor allowed me to post.     And.

When 3-4 days have passed and I have not had the chance to write or blog -- the enemy begins to remind me that I have nothing to say of any interest. 

Then I rebuke him, pray, and seek God and at times, the words come FAST and other times, HE waits and tonight --   it seems, that I am just going to blog some prayers.    I say "Just" and yet -- THAT is what we should do constantly without ceasing! 

Tonight, I am having to USE HIS words to do some bold praying for some ... several... I will keep it generic but I  pray that it touches anyone who reads it and that you would agree with me in prayer for these requests I am pouring out --

As I believe my prayerful words are almost limitless...cause God is in me...   and His Word is alive and active in me; so therefore,

(Before I begin ...Lord...forgive me -- show me my sins...ones I did on purpose an ones I did not mean -- but clearly show me if I have offended or done I come to you with a clean heart  - and this mouth is speaking words that will uplift and glorify --  always....)

Lord, tonight there is one so confused by the present situation around her that she should have some order and clarity and there seems to just be continued disorder, worry, and uncertainty... may she know, that YOU will answer her...YOU will provide the clarity...and give her the courage to do something rather insane or difficult if indeed is it YOUR will.....Lord, I will just pray that the 'insanity' stops.... 

Lord, tonight there is a family dealing with the loss of a loved one, they are hurting still so and have not been able to move beyond the constant daily grind of missing that one --  Lord, show them purpose, show them comfort, and give them a heads up to WHAT You want them to do next in that person's memory or honor....or maybe Lord, show them -- that they are still VERY much alive and that YOU want to use them......

Lord, tonight a bunch of teachers are thinking as they go back to school tomorrow about this upcoming testing and assessment -- Lord, it is so easy to equate the results with their performance and their ability -- Lord, we bind that spirit of insecurity away from them and I pray for supernatural eyes and brains to be open for the next 3 weeks as we review and pour into their heads what we believe they they practice on....but Lord, help us to teach the whole child - not just a skill for the test....Lord, help us to remember that they are just children....

Lord, the upcoming Encounter Weekend, as many have been praying for months now, I humbly come before you and state --  that I  am not worthy of this calling, this   adventure - but I will DO WHAT you ask...DO what you tell me to do...and I will allow YOU to lead and take over....  so, within that - I pray for each of the intercessors that have been in diligent prayer and for each recipient that will travel to Titusville shortly -- Lord, show up, show off and heal..... and Lord, I want numerous physical and spiritual healed women....ready to continue Your Kingdom work as time is short.... And with that, there are are still some that need a physical healing to attend and to lead...and, protect finances and every detail of this endeavor -- YOUR Encounter Weekend...

Lord, for that little one -- who revealed a painful truth -- help her mother and father know exactly what to do, I pray for a supernatural healing to happen within her life and the life of her family -- Lord, thank you for  providing the answers but first  for the revelation which hurts but now -- satan can be bound, generational sin and curses can be bound, and victory is You will set these little ones apart and you will be their champion and they will serve you in a great and mighty way... 

Lord, for the one reading this that has NOT related to any of the previous prayers but is in pain and hurting -- Lord, I pray they will seek You and believe as they state out loud ...." I am going to be healed as Jesus will heal me".....   And I pray another will use her words to state...." Satan will not have my marriage nor my children, so I will fight for them Lord, and I ask you to help me soar and I claim my troubles will be in the past very shortly...In Jesus name".    And for the one who is living with an unyoked believer - may he see Lord, WHAT he may need to do or change so that  YOUR love and the LOVE he has for you -- will reach the wife....will reach the one right next to him -- God, move within that marriage ...within those hearts...  time is running out!  ......

And finally Lord,   create in me a clean heart .....sing over me Lord, direct me - show me...Lord, for the secret desires of my heart and for the stated ones....   Lord, that I would always walk in your will and be an example of Your grace and mercy to the lost and to the loved ones around.... 

Lord, and for the ones that need a good 'cattle prodding' zap...  Lord, allow or do what is necessary so that they COME to Jesus - come back to you...and Lord, USE me if it is your will to minister or keep me at bay...but send in the right troops... as I am TIRED of Satan claiming another because of poor sexual choices and so forth -- freedom and liberty for those loved ones Lord...  I will stand firm and believe it shall come into my words are potent -- especially when I add in Your Word and that Word is that You desire NO one to perish bu have everlasting life -- so with that I will HOLD OUT until I see it!    And as I hold out, help me lord to show grace to all and show love when it is not returned.....IN Jesus MIGHTY name....amen. 

PS Lord, I would just remind you that I am so grateful and thankful for what you did on the Cross for me and for others...  Without the Cross there were be no Crown or victory...  Thank you Lord 

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