Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are you saved?

"If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved" Romans 10.9

Are you saved?

Have you heard someone say ? "I hope so." " I hope I am good enough." Then . . .listen -- Some people think, 'well, I have not killed anyone or committed adultry' . .and others think, I have prayed, gone to church and been good . . . . .

Anyway, some people have believed a lie. That we must 'earn' our way there or 'do stuff' . . .As we could never be good enough to earn it and we will never be good enough to get in . .that is why Jesus gave HIS life . . HE paid that price. Praise God.

So many are trying to earn what they already have. And it is the lie of performance-based acceptance that keeps woman and men -- bound.

The word 'saved' has been tossed about so much -- it may of lost its wonder and mystery. The word salvation is used five times in Romans and the verb form, saved, occurs eight. It means, "deliverance" or "rescue".

From Sharon Jaynes . . Through Jeus Christ we are saved from lostness ( matt 18.11), the wrath of God (romans 5.9), the penalty of sin, the realm of darkness ( colossians 1.13), eternal separation from God, and eternal punishment in hell( rev 20.6) . WE are saved from the penalty of sin the moment we believe. WE are being saved from the power of sin as we continue to live on this earth and become more and more confirmed to the image of Christ. And we will be saved from the presence of sin when we leave this earthly body to spend eternity with God.

Am I saved?

Yes I am . . .I know that I know, my name is written there -- cause I am now considered a saint in HIS eyes .. . my sins . even future ones .are forgiven because HIS blood washed them away. Never to be remembered. ... that is a concept that one can have a hard time believing.

Thank you Lord.