Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Day #16 - Prayers for a Sister in Crisis - Quitting.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me on two topics today.  And one of those topics was "quitting".  This past week, many teachers, including me, had to start all over again.  The week and a half off - had kids forgetting routines and procedures and so it felt like starting over on Monday and by today -- only "hump day" - I was already quite TIRED.  But -- routines help make a classroom run smoothly and utilizing the time we have for instruction the best way possible.  In setting up a room, I even place furniture around the room to have the best traffic flow -- every detail is thought of.  

Our lives -- many times we have to control every detail and that causes a crisis.  Sometimes we never had control which causes a crisis.  And other times -- you just don't know what happened and there is a crisis.  Beth Moore speak/talks about being in a PIT.  And whether you placed yourself in there, or if you fell into that PIT, or if another PUT you in that PIT -- you are in a pit.  Period.  However, God wastes nothing and you will get beyond this.  

But what about a day when you just REALLY just want to quit?   The Lord brought me to this post, that I wrote back in November of 2011.  Almost six years ago.  

Read on -
So -   when does one quit.... ???

I was mixing up some cookie batter to roll out some cookies.  The Youth Group at Church is  having a bake sale.  I successfully stirred up 2 batches of my Grandma's roll out cookies and used up all the flour.  So, I put the eggs, sugar, and butter in the mixer and turned it on to 'cream' .....  and I turned around to grab the new bag of flour out of the pantry and in the 45 seconds it took to grab it, I turned around to see this....

...the bowl was practically off the mixing stand and the batter had crawled up the sides of the bowl and was flying out.. it was everywhere...   there was a centrifugal force of that sweet yellow butter,sugar, and egg cream.....   the dog was even covered but I could not grab her fast enough to get a photo.

Clean up time...  quitting time.......

I could not establish how much batter was really left in the bowl so I quit.  I cleaned.

I got to thinking - there is a life lesson in this.  And there was.

My life goes up and down.  One day I am so strong and the next, a little thing can set me back.  I kept asking God this morning -- 'what'????    HE reminded me of HIS security.

I am secure in HIS love.  I am HIS.
God reminded me HE wins.  HE does not quit....  HE could of scooped up the batter and added flour and made some really good cookies, but I would of needed HIS divine HELP.... I would need some supernatural power.

Right now, on this Earth - I can access that.

 I cleaned up the batter and knew HE was there, always scraping my feelings up of this or that - what has been splattered here and there and HE adds to me and makes me whole again, tasting sweet.  IT is HIM.  Not... what this person says or does for me. Not what I am expecting from this one or that one.  Not what I can do on my own -- it is HIM.  ONLY HIM.  HE has to do it.

HE reminded me today, that quitting is NOT an option.   Which is very funny because   last night at a certain point..... because of a certain thing.... I had really thought about quitting.  For the first time in this journey since we decided to reconcile--I have wanted to quit.   I have asked, "can I?"

 But last night, the  Enemy really got in my head and really made me feel that quitting would be easier.  That dart came - and it was grabbed and held at bay -- not by me --- by the Holy Spirit.  HE reminded me of past victories and HIS plan is always good.  HE reminded me of the reward awaiting -- to see a whole family restored.  So, last night before I finally closed my eyes......  I asked God for a fresh new start today.

HE answered -- this am, I find it interesting that the thought of "I am quitting"..    is now like a distant thought, but it did bring me back to the Cross...... we can't do anything without HIS help.

 I can't worry about tomorrow- HE is my security.  I can't allow the Enemy to put thoughts of quitting in me - I will renew my mind.  Every moment -- Every minute.

Maybe this will bless you today -- if you read to the end.

God answers prayers.  HE allows hurt and pain -- for a reason -- so we rely totally on HIM and HIM only.    When we are restless - we need to SEEK HIM more.  WHEN we don't know what to do - we TURN to HIM.

And it is God who establishes us with  you in Christ, and has anointed us, and who has also put his seal on us and give us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee ---2 Corn 1.21-22

The Holy Spirit is our guarantee -- HE is fighting for us and HE gave us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us while we are here... so when we want to quit, we know that we know, that is not what our Lord wants.  And so that we know,  HE will come and add scrape us up -  and add what is needed so that we are sweet and whole again.  HE restores.

Thank You Lord,  YOUR love makes me smile.

You know Lord, that the  Enemy really wants to beat me up today - do me a favor and kick him into hell - thanks, michelle

That was my post -- as I re-posted and edited it a bit for today -- I prayed:  

Lord, for that sweet sister that wants to give up -- and quit.  Lord, GRAB those darts and thoughts like I had and like YOU did for it for her today, and may she come back to this blog prayer and be reminded that YOU are fighting for her....IN Jesus name, Amen 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Prayer #15 - Sister in Christ in Crisis - When God speaks.

Adam saw God.   ( Gen 3. 8-9)  Moses met with Him personally.   ( Numbers 12. 6-8) Paul also saw the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus. ( Acts 9)  

God speaks.  God spoke through angels, for example Peter was visited in prison.  ( Acts 5)  In the Old Testament angels appeared to Abraham, Lot, and David and other prophets.   Sometimes God speaks audibly.   A voice from heaven was heard at Jesus' baptism. ( Luke 3)  Paul's heard the audible voice on the road to Damascus ( Acts 9).  A voice was heart by the boy Samuel ( 1Samuel) and on the other occasions in scripture.

God can speak to you while being caught up in the Spirit, in a trance, and in open visions.   But you can also have mental pictures, dreams, or internally hear an expression or just a simple knowing.

God can also speak through our natural senses in a supernatural way.  That is, we received supernatural knowing or understanding that is triggered by something in our natural senses.  Taste, touch, and smell all can produce similar understanding if we are carefully listening to our spirits.

I believe God speaks to me through others as well.  God can bring people in your life for a season.  God can also speak to you through a total stranger.

Where did I get this stuff?   I have some experience where I know that I know God speaks to me, but also I took a 30 week class where we studied many of the characteristics of God.   And, I continue to educate myself with solid teachers that teach from His Word. 

The photo here is of my note page on when God speaks - during that class.   

   In looking at this information, I just marveled at WHAT God has done!

 When I was taking notes in the class, back in 2011,  I was also documenting the different ways God had been speaking to me  and I found this.  I found a list in my journal where I was writing down what I HEARD from God. 

 It was a knowing -- and perhaps it was a voice -- but I knew, it was God. 

Here is a record of my list:

Oct/08  "love him where he is at"
Sept/ 09 "hangith  in there baby -  don't give up " Kay Arthur spoke those words and I knew God had her say that for me! 
July/10 "you never have to explain yourself again - I have him"
July/10 "I will use you with women"
Aug/10 "I will bring him home  BUT he isn't finished  yet"
Feb/11 "9 months was my  ( Chell's)  fixing"
March/11 "be still and wait"
April /11 "hold on do not give up"
April 25, 2011 "I have him -- you can't change him"

And these  were also written down but with no dates next to them. 
 "surrender  -- show him grace and mercy" 
"spiritual warfare  - learn HOW to fight" 
"He can't love you until He loves me first"  

If I think and add to that list, I would add:

August 2014 - "take this to more churches -- go horizontal" 
August 2014 -- "release it again, and wash her feet" 
September 2015 "this was WHY..."
 There is so much more....

Even a few days ago when I was praying for another, I heard, "I placed her there -- she is to be there.  I have her". 

So -

Lord, as this blog is read, I pray that   the one reading this would  continue to dig deep into  (Your ) God's  word.  I pray that  you  ( the one reading this ) are wanting to walk with  God  and  hear His voice.   

  I pray that as you continue to mingle and speak  with spiritually mature people and teachings -- that you can discern the voice of God quickly and allow it to change your thoughts or answer a prayer.  

 I pray  You constantly ASK Him  for more.  You are fighting  for eternity  and  I believe that You will indeed win  this present crisis of faith.   

 And Lord, for the others that need this prayer and reminder --  I pray they expect to be used by You -- and I pray that they will take risks, pray bold prayers for their husband or wayward child, but indeed use scripture to  bind the enemy and loose on earth what is in heaven!   Lord, I pray this would encourage that one reading it -- to wait but also to ask and hear from You.  

Lord, I pray a blessing on my man -- thank you for speaking to me in those times -- holding me, reminding me of Your promise that from way back  -- two years prior to the earthquake  -- you were preparing me and I praise God that I listened and obeyed.   You are using me with women -- God but YOU are doing this.   I do want more still....    I want all of You.  

And Lord, as You gave me a word for another -- I can confirm it in Your Word -- YOU were made for such a time as this.  God knows WHY He has you here and dealing with this present Crisis -- it is for You - so that You can cling to that old rugged cross and that as you continue with the gorrie....the glory will come!   Hang in there.  

In Jesus name - amen.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Prayer/Day # 14 Prayers for a Sister in Christ in Crisis - there is HOPE!

  Today we started school back.  I thought of the women with children that can't go to school -- yet -- because  of Hurricane Irma.   I thought about the many teachers that were not allowed to start school today because of the lack of power and damage to their community or school.

I also thought of one particular sister in Christ who has  sustained a major loss with her home and belongings because of the Hurricane.  I could not get her out of my mind today -- and I asked God  to bring me the RIGHT blog to share.  She is not crying over STUFF....but this next season will be difficult as she will no longer have an income  and her husband's fishing business is put on hold for some time.  Again, it may be a difficult season but I am confident that God is right there with her and leading and guiding her.  

The Holy Spirit led me to this blog I wrote about seven months ago.  I read it  again and KNEW -- I needed to read this again, so another would as well.   

I also prayed for the wife who is still trying to HOLD her family together -- believing that God has her still waiting -- and I agreed with her in prayer today, that His will would be done.  So many would of given up already, but she knows that she knows, her present difficult season can't compare to the glory that God will reveal in eternity! 

I also prayed for a young lady.  A student.  She shared her heart with me today -- she was not enjoying the teasing she was getting from her classmates because she decided to "go with" another boy that liked her.  I reminded her that if she was my daughter - she would not be allowed to have a "beau" in the 5th grade, that she could have a crush; however,  if she felt she was mature enough to be "dating" then she may have to endure a bit of teasing from the other fifth graders.  That conversation led to another, and when I heard her heart and what she has been allowed to do and think so far in her short 11 years ...... well, I reminded her that I pray for her daily and I prayed that she would consider just being  "friends" with the boy!   

Lord, may the one reading this, have the time and patience to read these blogs or come back to them and know that YOU are a God of HOPE and that her present season is NOT hopeless!  In Jesus name, Amen.  

So, here is that blog:  

The Lord brought me to something this morning,  I believe He  spoke into my heart -- "remind the women that they have a GREAT God!".  

This came to me during worship at the Propel Event in Orlando last December.  I went with great exceptions to hear and see a great move of God and within the first 10 minutes of worship, He spoke and I had 4 pages written in my journal.  I could not write fast enough.  I sat down in awe and wonder.   

Then the speakers spoke.

 Today,  I read in Ephesians 1-2 and was reminded of my power in Christ.  Our power in Christ Jesus.  I was reminded that I am a fellow citizen  with the saints!  And that Jesus Christ is my cornerstone.   This goes for EVERY sister in Christ! 

This week has certainly been a blessing to me -- if you read my previous blog, we signed a contract on a home.  A lake condo.  ( That sounds so Palm Beachish....)  But after moving four times and renting the past 61/2 years, were are ready to be completed and move into our home.  7.  This is the 7th year since our house sort of broke apart so with God's perfect timing and number -- it fits.   So, with all that sweet goodness, OF COURSE I can smile, write a blog and encourage.  Encouraging when it hurts is truly an act of God --  but also knowing that He is going to redeem and restore is something I held onto so tightly when we were in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.  

So, I am unsure exactly WHERE   you are at this moment,  today as you are reading this;  but I went to 3 other blogs where there was a theme of HOPE and perhaps one of these will help you get through this next 5 minutes, the next 5 hours, or maybe it will hold you for the next 5 years.   Sometimes the wait is very long.  I am reminded of Moses and his 40 years, Joseph and his 13 years, and even Jesus waiting from the age of 12 to about 33!   Waiting seems to be something God uses.  

I want to remind you - God does keep His promises and He can change people. 
 He can change you! 

Often WHAT IS revealed in us -- can't come to the surface until you don't get what you want!!   THAT is our true self.  Our mouth and lives must line up with God's Word !   Perhaps that is what God is waiting on -- waiting on YOU to do some changing and He can then move forward with your husband or children.  Is He waiting on you?

What comes out of our hearts -- is what God is looking at.  So often we can smile and look so perfect and deep inside there is pride, lust, greed, and unforgiveness -- and yet, no one could tell from the outside until something happens and then maybe our true self comes out.

I think our world has this 'theme' right now to - JUST accept it. 

 NO way -- we serve a mighty God and I won't just accept it.  I am going to stand on God's Word and use that as my guide.  I am going to stand on His Word!  So, in His Word it says, I have a purpose and He has great plans for me.  His Word reminds me  that He is the alpha and the omega and I am not the head nor the tail -- but I am WITH Him - seated at His side.  And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

YA!!  Right now I am playing Lion and the Lamb by Big Daddy Weave.  
I had to write it that big - as the words get me fired up.  I am MORE than just me -- I am one with Christ.   And His Word says that I can do EVEN more than what Jesus did....!!  That is power.

So, with that -- whatever it  IS this day -- I pray you will grab your bible and go directly to Ephesians 1-3 and read  and when you get to 3.20 -- STAND and declare that need and allow God to fulfill  His Will, In Jesus name.   Amen.

And perhaps you will follow these links and read more - I pray that one of these blogs will give you the needed hope to press in, hold on,  and believe in a miracle for your marriage, your children, yourself, or even the one right in your circle of influence that God placed on your heart.   He wants you to see the victory!  

I am humbled that God even uses this blog for one person to read -- may it indeed be an encouragement!   - Michelle

Exodus 14.14

A Message of Hope - David Wilkerson

A Message of HOPE - God's Promises

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prayer #13 - the POWER That Sustains. The Long and Short of it.

I want to share  something that is VERY hard to explain.....

Here is some scripture :

2 Timothy 3: 16-17 says All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. 

1 Corinthians 12.1 says  'now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant' 

1 Corinthians 1. 6-7 says 'you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed' 

Luke 3.16 says 'John answered the, all, " I baptize you with water, but one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to unite.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.'

John 1. 32- 34 says 'Then John gave his testimony: " I saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him. And I myself did not know him, but the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, 'the man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.' I have seen and I testify that this is God's Chosen One." 

I am speaking about the POWER   -- the power that sustained me.
I believe that POWER was the difference.

Today -- as I pray for those sisters in Christ and as I pray for my own daughter....future daughter in love and for the family close -- I pray that they will seek and hear the Holy Spirit comfort and calm the storm.  I also pray  the understand that their relationship with the Holy Spirit is vital.  So the prayer is short today.  Simple.  The REST of the blog -- is for your reading pleasure if you want to read MY testiment of HOW I became fully filled by the Holy Spirit and HOW I continue to allow Him to refill me - daily.  
                                               - Michelle 

Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I pray that my dear sister in Christ will reflect and ask herself if she needs MORE of You and more of Your power through Holy Spirit.  I pray that as she walks this day out, she is seeking the body of Christ and seeking time spent with You and with other believers - it is vital for us to allow Your body to dwell within us and we need that fellowship.  Lord, I guard her mind as she may quickly just want to avoid all human contact, but that she is obedient and seeks that local church.  Lord, for my sweet sister in Christ today - give her favor -- In Jesus name, Amen.

 Ok - here is my testimony: 

I thank God for the ministering and mentoring possibilities HE brings to me.  I know I am  to encourage.   I SOUGHT out much encouragement when I was in the middle of a crisis of belief and heartache  within my immediate  family and it was a vital part of my healing and coping.    When I stop and speak, or write, I reflect and the enemy loves to remind me HOW long we were in that pain or how I  was ...or we were in turmoil  but so OUT Of fellowship with our Lord.    ( the enemy does that - he is a LIAR )

So I battle, and take those thoughts captive and believe HIS word and HIS promises.

But I will stop and ask myself -- "how did I do it Lord?"
 And I quickly remind myself or whomever I spoke to -- " I didn't -- HE did it through me...I did it through HIM "

And one of the main reasons I did overcome was because I had some EXTRA power.

 I had a power tool within my reach -- that power was a blessing and it DID sustain me.

This is a literal illustration but if I had to cut a forest of trees down, and I had a saw, I could do the job.  But if I had a POWER tool - an ELECTRIC saw - just think of HOW much faster I would get the job done.   

Sometimes we are SO full of hurt or SO full of  discouragement   that we just don't want to open our bibles nor even pray or think -- THAT is when I could stop, pray in my prayer language,  and know that know -- I WAS speaking DIRECTLY to the Father and the enemy had NO clue.  Amen.

I am referring to my prayer language -- I am referring to speaking/praying  in tongues.  I am speaking of the grace gift that God has for us. 

I believe that if you are struggling and trying to hold on, perhaps you are ready for this Power ...the Power of the Holy Spirit it  is needed.

God is raising a generation of women -- we are like the lioness' arising.  We are SO powerful and our swords are our words ...HIS words...OUR sword is the word of God.

We need to know it - live it, breathe it in and speak it out.

God's word shows me that HIS gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit HIS gift to me.
We ALL receive the Holy Spirit upon conversion or salvation  -- that is not what I am speaking of.
Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is separate and distinct  -- different from receiving the Holy Spirit at salvation.

Personally, I was raised Catholic and my priest told me that speaking in tongues was a way to help explain what transpired after the death of Christ.  He told me it does not happen today and that if it did - it would be for the priests. I have also sat under teaching that stated "it is not for now". 

I had asked, I inquired.   I was 17.

I went to church with my boyfriend - Brendan.  I heard some people pray out loud and it sounded weird.  It scared me.  Therefore I had already set my heart against it.

 I  remember one Sunday School lesson where it was discussed and I  praised God, because  the teacher stated, "you don't have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to go to heaven".  Relief -- I was 20.

In the mean time, I heard some people pray it more privately.  I asked questions of Brendan and his Grandparents and  got  it 'figured out' for my limited perspective. 

From age 21-35 various people at church would preach about it.  I ignored it - it still felt 'freaky'. I got too busy -- it was not needed in my opinion. Too busy!

Brendan and I never discussed it.

 By the age of 36 - I became MORE aware of many things.  We were pretty involved in a wonderful church where the baptism of the holy spirit was not welcomed or it was not spoken about.  In fact, it became a topic that had to be defended.   Brendan began to talk about it - conversations started.  He wanted it so I wanted it,  but in my own head - I was still afraid of it.   My uncle was diagnosed with cancer and all of a sudden  prayer became a focal point, something I was doing daily as I wanted to help make a difference. 

Skip to age 39 - this  was a time in my life when God was beginning to change me.

The enemy so deceived my husband, in hindsight I see a man that tried within his 'humanness' to seek God but the enemy won out each time, thus, deception and lies were  believed.

 From my perspective, I was alone.  In many lonely walks and countless  talks with God, I was 'given' a phrase a sentence.  It did not make sense. I did not ask for it, but as I would walk and talk to God, I would feel impressions of Him speaking to me and then one day -- I "got" this phrase.  Those 5 words.  They were of a foreign language or a heavenly language.

  I never spoke of it to my husband -- the enemy has such a wall between us then.  I was afraid.  I did not tell anyone,  but repeating it over and over brought comfort.  I paid closer attention now to preachers on TV  and I read lots of books or articles on the subject.  And I asked God, "did I have my prayer language?".  But I had no idea if I did -- looking back, yes I did, God had baptized me in that prayer language but I was too weak ...too scared.... and to much of a baby in Christ to understand it and I did  not have anyone around me to disciple me. Oh God had put people there - but I couldn't see them.  I was blind.

Even though at that time -- I was attending church...

But let me say it again  -- I  had many around me that could of helped me understand but the enemy had me so closed off and ALONE and isolated - even though I was a youth leader --
even though I lead  bible studies ---
even though I prayed often ----   I was still so alone and deceived. 

That was my idol of pride that time I had things so figured out - I was so blind!
I also had a spirit of religion where I felt I knew what I was suppose to do and I did it. I judged everyone around me according to that spirit of pride and make assumptions based on what FRUIT I saw.   Pride.   My pride was disguised as "a godly woman".  

But the Lord knew -- He knew what it would take to make my eyes open. 

Sometime in there,  I witnessed my daughter research it, seek it,  and get her prayer language and she was so excited, so full of HIM!!  She came home to share and within her speaking about it, our son read the material and was baptized in it instantly.  I had both kids speaking in their prayer language and I had to admit -- IT WAS real!  It also scared me again.    .I went to the bedroom where my depressed husband was watching football  and I shared with him and he could not even look at me.  I just judged him - he was in a midlife crisis and was not seeking God.  Or THAT is what I assumed. 

In hindsight, I understand why  my husband said nothing and  appeared to be untouched, he was so full of anger, justification, and guilt and he could not acknowledge anything that had to do with God.    I had no idea what my husband  was stuck in  ....I just thought he was in a major depression and mid-life crisis.  But how sweet of God, giving that gift  to my children as God  knew that within a few short years children would NEED that as the hurricane had not HIT us yet.  I was 42.

It is hard to capture 10 years worth of feelings  in a blog that I try to keep brief -- but, I needed to say all that so that you  can understand the fear I had and the resistance I had to being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

...Until I was 44.  I believe THAT is when I truly OPENED the eyes HE gave me.  I had too - I was desperate.  I sought out a friend,  and his wife and as we prayed together-God opened my eyes and I realized I had unforgiveness towards so many -- but who could blame me, I had been betrayed! I also realized my pride and HOW I was no better than anyone else.  My good deeds were NOT enough. 

 He asked me if I had a prayer language and  I explained.  Then he asked if he could pray for me in that prayer language and I said OF course!   As I was now, ready to receive.  As he prayed, like I said, God opened my spiritual eyes and in my head,  and showed me that I had this mistrust and unforgiveness and that I needed to forgive him-- my friend and others.    And so, I did.  I  forgave him and as those words came out of my prayer language spit out in front of me.  I say spit out in front of me , but it bursted out - and it was real and I knew it and I freaked out cause I knew I did not put those words into my mouth. And so I covered my mouth, like a mother would cover the lips of her sassy child if she was speaking crossly. 

He quickly  told me to continue to speak it out.  "Fan it into flames" !  AS I know now, that is so important when one receives their prayer language because the enemy hates it and quickly whispers - THAT is not real.  But I knew it was real and I just had to jump up and praise God. But I also did not speak it again in front of him or his wife.  I needed to go home and allow the realness of it to be realized.  I needed time.  But, this time - I did not doubt it.  And I began to fan it into flames. 

 From that point on -- I knew I could  rely on praying in my prayer language -- cause after that, there were many many many countless and sleepless nights where I just had NO more words but I wanted to speak to God and pray for the people in my life family...I wanted restoration and I wanted redemption and I wanted my family - to be quite honest - I wanted my husband saved. Period.

THAT is the POWER that sustained me.
THAT is the power I rely on now to continue to fight the enemy.
THAT is the difference -- I believe in some of us getting our healing faster than others......
THAT is what I believe makes the difference.

Peter denied Jesus 3x while they were persecuting our Lord, and yet, after repenting and receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, he had power and boldness to preach to the multitudes and over 3000 were born again.

Skip back to me at age 44. After that night of prayer in my friend's living room - God began to open my eyes like never before and thus began a process that took time, patience, and lots of love and therapy --- so that by age 45....I REALLY could forgive the one person I felt was the blame and I realized that I had to FORGIVE God too...but that is another blog.  And I had to forgive myself and seek forgiveness....   Full circle.

I have always wanted to minister to people.   I feel. I want to be used by God.   I wanted to be the next Beth Moore once I heard her and realized WHAT she accomplishes through Christ.  But,  God did not make me Beth Moore...He made me Michelle.

 And yes,  I have been through a few trials and most recently my family,  has walked through the fire and we came out on the other side -- better, stronger, and finally FREE of so much bondage and strongholds.  Free of condemnation and shame, free of the lies that the enemy had convinced us all.

 God allowed the hurt and betrayal  to pierce our family and so now -- many people believe I am some really GREAT prayer warrior or person that 'gets things done'.  One person even said I was remarkable ....I am not remarkable - I am HIS and if my words, or my actions help another to understand and realize that we all will face JESUS one day and give an account -- than praise God, I want to be used, I want the LOST saved.  

God will hear  you JUST a mightily but the enemy has you  convinced your words are not good enough.  The enemy is a LIAR.

I am nothing without God.  I am nothing without Christ - HE is the one that healed.  HE is the one that restored -- I only grabbed onto the fringe of HIS garment and HUNG on for dear life.
I did hang on tight.
I did not give up.
I wanted to.  I asked God many many many nights to please release me -- to please let me just be DONE...but HE never did that.
 HE gave us His son -- so we can endure.

 I sought HIS word and the sword and when I just COULD not pray anymore...I spoke my prayers directly to GOD by using my prayer language. It was the power I needed.

It was no longer freaky.
It was real.

I am 51 and a half  today ....

This boldness is only from HIM.  My life verse it to let HIS light shine in me - like Beth Moore says, "there is NO high like a Jesus high" see another be SET believe in miracles and to be a part of a church body/family that believes  GOD Can do anything is encouragement and life to to my husband and children. 

BTW -- if you speak to him and get talking about God  -- he will tell you of THAT power too - and there is nothing more rewarding  than praying with your husband and hearing him claim life over you...bless you..and pray for you.   Hearing him ask me to pray for him, to keep another  in my prayers,  Etc. ETc.  THAT is what God intended.  THAT is  one of the reasons  He allowed  our  crisis of faith.

...So, I could write today and even if ONLY one person reads this and gets the urge to inquire about the Holy Spirit and want to have that -- prayer language...I am blessed and humbled.

 You can have that power too - HE promised it.

The baptism is a gift  received by faith.
We receive it by asking.
Have you already spoke it out -- that you would never get it??
Have you experienced it before so you are already freaked out?

 You can change that.

Start reading the book of Acts and Corinthians chapters 12-14 and Jesus will be more real to you and if you have READ to the bottom of this post -- I believe YOU want that power too.

- Michelle

If you read this and endured to the end  -- I believe God is giving you a reminder -- HE wins!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Prayer #11 and Prayer #12 -- For a Sister in Christ in Crisis -- we are not God forsaken

First -- I do apologize.

 I just did not physically have the time yesterday to post my prayer.

 However -- I prayed. 

Not only for the one sister that these 40 days of prayers started for -----

-       --but for the others that He brought in my path yesterday......even my precious grand-daughter!

   I had not seen her for a good 2 weeks and we had to catch up and I prayed over her little bottom that needed some extra butt paste -- as diaper rash is NO fun!   But let me get back to my sister in Christ ---

Today should be Day #12.  Prayer #12. 

Today, I knew that I needed to be fed. 

I watched a Simulcast with  Beth Moore - 2x. 

And I had a visit by a sweet sister in Christ - two of them actually besides being able to hug some other dear pals that love Jesus at a birthday party -- and my heart was filled.

I needed today.  Not only  to get some extra work done, but to be filled with His Word, and His Servant's fresh message...and with the  physical presence of the body of Christ.   Fellowship! 

So, as I am about to lay my head to the pillow -- I will let you just hear my prayer --- no real theme other than WHAT is on my heart.


So tonight -- as I pray, I hope this speaks to more than just me and her.....

Lord -- thank you.  I want to always BE in Your Word.  I want it alive and active in my life.  I want to always be growing in Your knowledge.  I want to be in Your Strength and grow in wisdom and I want always to give Thanks.   Your Joy in me what will draw those that are lost to You .  As they won't believe that no matter the circumstance -- I will praise You. 

 Lord, for my sister in Christ this eve - there are a few more on my heart than just that one....but I pray that she will want to be In Your Word, she will want to continue to grow in the knowledge of You and she will allow You to be her strength!   I pray she will give thanks.  I pray she will give thanks -- in spite of her spite of her circumstances..and in spite of any other trials.  

 Lord, today Beth spoke and reminded us all -- we don't live in a GOD- forsaken WE are here.  And WE are Yours.  And Lord, Beth reminded me especially that our phones have become idols...our devices have become vices...Lord, that this blog, nor my phone, or whatever I communicate with -- would NOT become an idol or a vice.....  

Lord, I was created for such a time as this.  I was chosen to live this life -- walk this path, and endure these present circumstances.  Lord, for the one I was fortunate to love on today -- God...You choose her for this time and place and for this hardship - for Your purposes.  I pray she will see the beauty and the WONDER in that -- even as she is rebuilding from a major loss.  Help her Lord.  

Lord, for the one I specifically wrote this blog for -- Lord, that she would see and understand that You choose her for this time and for Your purpose -- she is suffering right now but as You remind us in Romans...the suffering can't compare to the glory that will come later.... Lord, help her.  

Lord, for the other women that are on my prayer wall this eve -- where I am interceding for their marriages and their hearts....Lord, that EACH of them would see that Your allowed this -- You want their focus , and that You are indeed present.  Lord, that they too would be reminded that the present tears -- can't compare to the glory.  Lord, help them.  

And Lord,  for my own granddaughter -- Ava and the one in womb...Sawyer Jane -- God, as we are all living in the season of  the end, may my two grands be raised with the light and wield a sword like we never could....Lord, I pray over them and thank you for the insight -- to raise girls in Your knowledge  -- and I pray for my daughter as she speaks life over them!   

Lord, again -- I thank you -- I won't ever say that I live in a God-forsaken I am here.  Lord, I know we are transformed by the washing of Your Word over us -- but help us to live in this world were the gorrie and the glory seem to go hand in hand.  

Lord, I pray these prayer touches whomever reads it.  May they seek You Lord and allow You to be their ALL.  IN Jesus name.  

And Lord, for Ava's diaper rash...may it decrease by morning as I want a happy baby in church - IN Jesus name.  Amen.  

I am humbled Lord -- and wanting to help.  In Jesus name.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Prayer #10 for a Sister in Christ in Crisis - the Lord's prayer

Our Father -- who knows all and sees all....who is with me RIGHT here and RIGHT now....and as I walked around our yard this eve, I felt Your presence so strongly....YOU -- Our Father, which art in heaven --

 -- hallowed be thy name.  Lord, I am sorry that so many take Your Name in Vain...that they don't honor WHO You really are.  Forgive me Lord, when I fail in this area.... 

 -- Thy Kingdom come -- Lord, I admit -- You can call Your bride home ANYTIME!  However, until You do, I will trust in Your timing and be Your hands and feet.

--Thy will be done --- on earth as it is in heaven!    Lord, there is so much that is wrong with this earth and the people on it.  But I thank you for extending grace and mercy and holding out even longer that MORE can hear Your voice and respond.

--Give us this day -- Lord, many are suffering this eve with no power and even limited funds.  I think especially of a sweet sister in Christ that totally LOST her home yesterday.  It survived the hurricane and yet when FPL put the power switch on -- wiring or whatever caused a spark and her entire home went into flames.... all they have, literally are the clothes on their backs.  Lord, they love you -- they understand Your grace and mercy and I just pray for she and her family -- as I know You will give them their daily bread.  Lord, bring beauty out of these literal ashes! 

And for my other sister in Christ who is waiting on an estranged husband-
And for another sister in Christ who is waiting on an estranged husband- 
And for another sister in Christ who is waiting on You God to lead and guide her as her husband continues to pursue a divorce and You have not released her - 
And for another sister in Christ who is seeking You Lord to help her husband quit the casual drug abuse of pot smoking - 
And for another sister in Christ who is a baby in this 'walking with You Lord' and she is trying her best to remain in Your will and not in her flesh --
And for another sister in Christ that needs a new job so she can leave her present job and make a better life for herself and her daughters-
And for another sister in Christ who will be moving shortly and she is allowing her husband to make choices that scare her -- will he stay sober...will he revert back to his addictions?  
And for another sister in Christ who just let her first born go to college -- the transition Lord, is hard-
And for another sister in Christ, newly engaged but her fiance is in the middle of those Montana wild fires...
And for another sister in Christ that took a personal loss today at her place of work, trying to understand God's will in this situation is very hard -
And for another sister in Christ who is trying to rebuild a relationship with her sister-
And for another sister in Christ who is being obedient and staying sexually pure before her Lord -  

oh my -- I honestly could list another 20..... Lord, my heart is heavy with burden and yet FULL of expectancy -- as I walked this eve, YOU spoke and reminded me of something....I will share.....

But first -- for all of the ABOVE... Give them their DAILY Bread!  

--forgive us our tresspasses -- God, may each of these precious daughters of You -- seek forgiveness
--lead them NOT into temptation --
--but deliver them Lord -- from EVERY EVIL....

For Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the Glory.

Ok ...and NOW for the extra - what You spoke to me this eve.  Lord, HELP me put it into words.

"my daughter, Michelle -- I moved the storm for you.  You asked and You received.  I want to do that for everyone.  As if everyone who humble themselves and seek My face...I will hear their prayer and heal their land...."  

I want to clarify that -- I felt the presence of God speaking to me.  Reminding me that I was VERY important to Him.  However....He wants YOU to feel that way as well.  He wants YOU to be THAT close to Him....that You can ask to move the storm and He will. Having that knowledge...that I am worth dying for -- is freedom.  It affects everything.  Speaking the Lord's Prayer is comfort to me -- I can revert to it and allow it to fill my head and bones.   He will supply my daily bread.  He did.  He did this past week.  

At the last Hurricane - Jeanine -- I asked and told many - "I won't stay in my home again and listen to a CAT 3 or 4 Hurricane".  And I didn't.  God answered that request that I really did not even put into a prayer.  He took me away from the entire storm.  By the time Irma hit us was probably a CAT 2 or the end of a CAT 3.  By the looks of the trees around my home -- and the damage in Okeechobee -- we were a CAT 2 or CAT 3 in some areas.  But anyway -- even that simple little request, God honored.  I write all that -- not to brag....but to remind whomever is reading this ON THE OTHER SIDE of this post -- God wants to DO THAT for YOU too.  

Will you let him?  

I promise -- Your life will never be the same....IN Jesus name.  Amen.   

Prayer #9 - Perspective. Prayers for a Sister in Christ, in Crisis

So, when the Lord placed His  confirmation on these 40 days of prayers -- HE knew Irma was to happen.  He knew where I would be this  past week and He knew EXACTLY where that woman in Crisis is...

In the past week, I have relied on internet services from my brother's home.  I had the Holy Spirit lead and direct the prayers and postings thus far -- but today's  prayer is for me.  Me.    Well, I am sure that one person reading this-- will be able to relate as well.  I am at the airport, a little frustrated because I got 'hosed' by the ticket counter  person and having to spend a little more to get home than I expected -- but then...I have a home to go to.  

We were unable to get the 'long leg' seats and will be squished for the two  hour twenty minute flight to Orlando  -- but then...I have power at my home and will be able to sleep in comfort and have a/c.

As I reflected on the week here in Wisconsin, the enemy was quick to point out how life has "gone on" as if everything was normal and yet my dear friends back home are in such  frustration and some are in peril.  I told the enemy to shut up.

 But one can quickly see how 'life' goes back to normal when the danger has passed.  I overheard my hubby speaking  to a friend back in Okeechobee and his words, "can you imagine what the world will be like once the Christians are taken out of it?  Meaning the Rapture?  Can you imagine the lines for this or that -- or the destruction when a Christian who was flying a plane is raptured  and the plane heads straight for a metropolitan area?"  


In the past six days,  I have experienced great anxiety,  great relief, and peace  and  GIVE all praise to our Lord -- as we did DODGE a bullet.  Watching the TV news from 1400 miles away was just as crazy as if I would of been there.   My son wanted me to just ignore the TV and enjoy family and yet....that was so very hard to do.   One  events  planned for last weekend was a football game.  At the football game, several old classmates and neighbors all smiled and asked HOW we were doing, but as I spoke to one person I said, "It's like knowing your leg is going to be broken...will it be broken above the calf or below...or will I only lose a few toes in the break or removal?".   Weird.  Perspective.

 As I told my dad -- we debated on whether  keeping the flights we had booked some five months ago and then the day before  our last Thursday flight, my husband said, "let's go".

That night ( last week Wednesday )  we walked around our home and little common/park  area and prayed.  Brendan stated, "Lord, we believe we will return as expected to our home in which You are glorified and we will be able to continue to invite friends and family in and be a living testimony of Your grace and mercy!  And Lord, if that is not in Your big plan, then we will return with a positive attitude and still glorify You!".   

As we boarded  last Thursday, received many extra comforts  ( free Leg Room Seats) and sympathies,  and even discounts on meals that day of flight here -- we wondered what we would return too.

When someone asked, I replied, "well, my I am sticking to what my husband prayed and prophesied over our pier when we left and that was..."    So, those that asked...those that cried with me -- knew that God was going to get the glory.

And I cried.  Last Friday was my meltdown.  If you have been reading these posts - you already read that blog/prayer post.

Lord, provide.
This unexpected EXTRA stay in the beautiful Wisconsin Indian summer was indeed a blessing...but my life will NOT go back to normal.  

We have lived through Andrew, Charley, Francis, Jeanie, Matthew and now Irma -- but Irma will not be forgotten.  


One does not live through a hurricane scare and return to normal.

However -- one CAN totally rely on our Heavenly Father and no matter WHAT the outcome....He can bring beauty out of the ashes!  

So as we return and I am literally sitting at the gate, as they call Zone 1 to board --  I continue to believe that no matter what GOD Wins!  

I will also pray for that sister in Christ -- that she is doing well -- staying busy and believing that God will win in her situation as well.  I have checked in with her - but I am unsure if she has power.  But as I conclude and then board the plane...I will ask that indeed -- she is seeking HIS feathers as He covers her -- and me.  Lord, I pray for traveling mercies and prepare me for the work ahead...IN Jesus name.  Amen.   

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day #8 - Prayers for a Sister in Christ - in Crisis. Max Lucado's perspective.

  Today is Tuesday.  Today as I prayed for another woman's home in Big Pine Key - I kept thinking about the numerous people who have damage to their homes. 


 I have thought about those of us that 'dodged a bullet' and I also thought about those that just want to whine and complain on FB about not having power or even about not having internet so they can watch their shows.


I read a blog today from a lady who was from St. Johns an island near Puerto Rico.  Her home and business is probably totally destroyed as well as the other people on that island. 


And locally here in Wisconsin, there is a young lady that has a spinal chord injury from a boating accident in Canada over the weekend -- fighting for her life.   



I even got to be a 'celebrity' as I visited my nephew's second grade classroom and spoke about hurricanes and the student's eyes just filled with wonder -- wondering why I would live where hurricanes go!?  


I found this article the other night -- after having some what of a pity party myself.  It was a good read.  


My prayers for my Sister in Christ this eve -- basically just a reminder that God has YOU!   Continue to seek Him.    And this article gives a little perspective and reminds us that even though we are in a crisis and with heartache....there is always someone that would trade with us as from their perspective -- it may be a little worse.  


Max Lucado: Hurricane Irma is coming. Where is God?

By Max Lucado
Published September 08, 2017
Texans wading through water that covers prized possessions. Floridians fleeing a hurricane that is wider than their state. Forecasts of apocalyptic wind and waves. Wildfires filling the west coast with smoke. An earthquake rocks Mexico. Buildings collapse. Tsunamis threaten.
How can this all be happening? How should we respond? And, most of all, where is God? Scripture has answers.

Jesus said, “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.” (Lk. 21:25, NIV)

Natural disasters may surprise us, but they do not surprise God. Increasing frequency of natural calamities are like the birth pangs of pregnancy—indications of an impending delivery. Christians do not know when Christ will return, but we believe we will see “…the Son of Man coming in the cloud with great power and glory. When these things (natural disasters) begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Lk. 21:27-28, NIV)

This is the time to “stand up and lift up.” Lift up prayers. Lift up hope. Lift up your hearts. God is above this storm.
The storm is coming, but God is with us. Look ahead and chart a path to safety. Look around and see who you can help.
Turn your attention away from the crisis and, for a few minutes, celebrate God. It does you no good to obsess yourself with your trouble. The more you stare at it, the bigger it grows. Yet, the more you look to God, the quicker the problem is reduced to its proper size. This was the strategy of the psalmist:
I will lift up my eyes to the hills- 

from whence comes my help? 

My help comes from the Lord, 

who made heaven and earth. (Ps. 121:1, NKJV) 

Do you see the intentionality in those words? I will lift up my eyes.
Do not meditate on the mess. You gain nothing by setting your eyes on the calamities. You gain everything by setting your eyes on the Lord.
This was the lesson that Peter learned on the stormy Sea of Galilee. He was a fisherman. He knew what ten-foot waves could do to small boats. Maybe that is why he was the only one to volunteer to leave the craft.
When he saw Jesus on the water through the storm he cried out, “Lord if it is really you, then command me to come to you on the water.”

Jesus said, “Come.”

And Peter left the boat and walked on the water to Jesus. But when Peter saw the wind and the waves, he became afraid and began to sink. He shouted, “Lord, save me.” (Mt. 14:28-30, NCV)
As long as Peter focused on the face of Christ, he did the impossible. Yet, when he shifted his gaze to the force of the storm, he sank like a stone. If you are sinking, it is because you are looking in the wrong direction.
Is God sovereign over the hurricane? Is he mightier than your problem? Does he have answers to your questions? According to the Bible, the answer is yes, yes, and yes!
“God…is the blessed controller of all things, the king over all kings and the master of all masters” (1 Tim. 6:15, Phillips).
 If he sustains all and controls all, don't you think he has authority over this situation you face?
Pray, armed with the knowledge that God is in control. Face the uncertain future with conviction. Our good God in heaven overseeing this stormy world.

 We may not be able to see his purpose or his plan, but the Lord of heaven is on his throne and in firm control of the universe and our lives.

The storm is coming, but God is with us. Look ahead and chart a path to safety. Look around and see who you can help. And look up to the God who loves you. He can be trusted with your future.  And he can be trusted with your very life.

Max Lucado is a San Antonio pastor and best-selling author. His latest book is "Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World" (Thomas Nelson, September 2017). Visit his website at Follow him on Twitter @MaxLucado.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 7 -- Prayers for a sister in Christ in Crisis -- Beth's plea - we HAVE to pray!

Yesterday -- my husband and I sat around the TV and prayed. 

 I literally prayed the entire day --  as yesterday  -- our dear community of family and friends battled Irma --  and many of us -- battled in prayer!  

The blog prayer planned to post  yesterday-- failed.  
Today -- as we watched the news and the aftermath of flooding and photos -- I just thanked God.  

We were spared. 

God showed us mercy. 

Some did not fare as well -- as their homes were compromised.  

THE Holy Spirit brought me to this post. 
 Today should really be Day #8

I totally believe our fervent prayer in our community -- changed   IRMA--

  From Beth Moore:  
The word setting fire to my heart this moment is Colossians 4:2 –
Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.
Nothing is going to sound new or fresh in what I’m about to say because we’ve all heard it over and over again but sometimes it’s a timing thing. 

In other words, we’ve heard something a million times but all the sudden, with explanations known to God alone, the thing clicks and the breakthrough comes.
Here goes:




It’s time we quit falling asleep in prayer. 
It’s time we quit practicing a prayer routine that bores us to tears. 
It’s time our quiet times ceased to be quiet. 
There are battles to be won. Works to be done. The kinds which only come through prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

It’s time we quit depending on someone else to do it for us. 
It’s time for each of us to see in the mirror one of the most powerful people of prayer we may ever meet.

It’s time we prayed like we believed the risen Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, was right in our very presence. Because He is.
This is what Colossians 4:2 says:
Continue steadfastly in prayer. 

Don’t give up several days in.
Don’t get all whiny.
Don’t get all offended because God doesn’t appear to answer right away.
Keep praying.
Keep believing.

There are muscles God means to strengthen. It’s about the means as much as the end.
Did God clearly promise in His Word what you are asking for? Then do not shrink back.
Or is there a precedent in Scripture for what you’re asking in prayer? Then keep telling Him what it is, asking Him if He’d be glorified in granting your request and, if not, to remove or quiet your desire.
Persist. That’s what Luke 11:5-10 and 18:1-8 are all about.

We are warriors. Victors. More than over comers. Bloody and bruised, we still get back up. Lip busted, we open back up our mouths – this time the louder – and call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised and so shall we be saved from our enemies. (Psalm 18:3)

Being watchful in it with thanksgiving. 

This is key. We’ve got to keep our eyes wide open.

We can close our eyes during prayer if we need to but then, for crying out loud, let’s get those things open and let God see the whites of our eyes, ready and watchful. Let’s expect something, for Heaven’s sake. Jesus promised us in John 5:17 that God is always at work.

When we get a glimpse of His activity or the slightest hint of answered prayer, let’s thank Him for it right then and there. For instance, have you been praying for someone dear to you to be set free from an area of tremendous bondage? While you wait for the huge breakthrough, can you see any glimpses that God is at work? Then thank Him for it. Applaud Him. Like Elijah who knew it was going to rain the moment he saw a cloud the size of a man’s fist, believe with all your heart that He who began a good work WILL be faithful to complete it.

We can be so preoccupied looking to the horizon for the huge thing that we miss the glorious mosaic of a hundred scattered pieces of answered prayer right at our feet. God is rarely up to only one thing. Our nature is to look for the big finish. His is to call us into constant and daily communion, working through every circumstance, tweaking and turning and tying and telling. He’s teaching our tongues the art of tasting in a world trained to binge.
We’re looking for the string of pearls. He’s planting one pearl here. Another pearl there. The full stretch of our lifetime is the string. We won’t see how those jewels all came together on the one strand until we study them under the light of His glorious presence. In the meantime, let’s ask God to make us alert and give us eyes to see where He’s working on the way to the divine achievement we’re longing for. And let’s respond with hearts full of gratitude and mouths full of praise.
Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

The Apostle Paul’s next words represent a concept that is crucial to the well-being of our souls. Colossians 4:3 –
At the same time, pray also for us…
At the same time we are praying and watching and waiting, we will be vastly helped and blessed and connected by praying fervently for other people. 

 Intercession for others becomes a guard against the narcissism of this present culture seeping right through the screen door of our prayer closets.

 A stunning number of Christians don’t believe in praying for themselves at all. Others have global vision the length of their noses and don’t believe in praying for anyone besides themselves. The counsel of the Scriptures is to pray for others and to pray for ourselves.
But, for the love of God, PRAY.

There is no other way.
We’ve got to wake up and pray.

In Jesus’ Name.
Like those who believe He hears.

Satan wants you to quit praying. He wants you to believe God isn’t paying one whit of attention to you. That He’s moved on without you. That you don’t matter. There’s only one thing to do with that. Pray twice as much. With twice the faith. And a thousand times the thanks.
Get up and pray.

We’ve got one shot at this earthly life. Good Lord, let’s make it count.

  Amen.    I could not of said it any better...  LOL!  
Lord, that anyone reading this would see and know the urgency of prayer.
I love the line....   'quit the boring prayers'..... 
It is time to pray.



Saturday, September 9, 2017

Prayers - #6 for a Sister in Christ in Crisis - Psalm 91

  Good morn -- God morn 

 It is very surreal here in Wisconsin.  Watching the news from a different perspective.  My hubby and I prayed again this AM for everyone being touched by IRMA and even those who have already weathered her wrath.  Sometimes we do our "ABC prayers".  

That is where we each take a letter of the alphabet and let the Holy Spirit lead and then we pray.  For example....K was Keep -- Keep our son's girlfriend safe in Tallahassee and may she see all that GOD can do through this storm.  X was Extra today is the football game we planned some 4-5 months ago to enjoy as a family. 

 WE will continue to hold all of Florida in our thoughts and prayers but we will also try and enjoy the 69 degree weather and football.  

I have to admit --we watched our son in love ( Jake ) coach his team a few weeks ago.  We battled sweat and rain clouds and mosquitoes.  It was certainly enjoyable last night to sit at a football game and sip on Hot Cider and Hot Chocolate. 

But as we prepare to leave  for the Mad City -- we also prayed for several married couples where we are determined to stand in the gap.  And there are sweet sisters in Christ that just want to have a good day .... and we prayed.  The fact that "we" pray together - is simply a blessing.  The Holy Spirit brought me back to Psalm 91 today -- with the words...."tell her to focus on me".  

So, with that -- I am just posting Psalm 91.  I am posting the Message version.  And.....I ask that if you are reading this, you just read this Psalm out loud.  Allow it to speak to you.  

Weather you are in the middle of Irma stuff or in the middle of  a season with your children, or in a season of uncertainty with your marriage and spouse.....I ask that you play 5 minutes of praise music and allow the words to fill you.  Find the one song that will transport you to His feet.  And then read this Psalm.  And allow God to minister to the needs of your heart and head today.  

For me...there is greater peace as I watched the 5am report.  Our prayer has been that Irma move west and dissipate.... and I believe the HANDS of God  -- are moving!  

May we continue to believe.  I will have power and internet the rest of this sweet sister on the other side of this screen may not -- but my prayers will still be posted.  God is going to win in her life.... HE  already has -- as HE has her -- totally submitted to Him.    .....the rest of the turmoil she is experiencing right now ..."just a flesh wound".... it will get better.  

Lord- heal...In Jesus name.  

Now read and let God speak:   

 You who sit down in the High God’s presence,
    spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow,
Say this: “God, you’re my refuge.
    I trust in you and I’m safe!”
That’s right—he rescues you from hidden traps,
    shields you from deadly hazards.

His huge outstretched arms protect you—
    under them you’re perfectly safe;
    his arms fend off all harm.

Fear nothing—not wild wolves in the night,
    not flying arrows in the day,
Not disease that prowls through the darkness,
    not disaster that erupts at high noon.
Even though others succumb all around,
    drop like flies right and left,
    no harm will even graze you.

You’ll stand untouched, watch it all from a distance,
    watch the wicked turn into corpses.

Yes, because God’s your refuge,
    the High God your very own home,
Evil can’t get close to you,
    harm can’t get through the door.
He ordered his angels
    to guard you wherever you go.
If you stumble, they’ll catch you;
    their job is to keep you from falling.

You’ll walk unharmed among lions and snakes,
    and kick young lions and serpents from the path.

 “If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God,
    “I’ll get you out of any trouble.
I’ll give you the best of care
    if you’ll only get to know and trust me.
Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times;
    I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party.
I’ll give you a long life,
    give you a long drink of salvation!”