Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Could it really happen?

Yes, I believe it will happen.  

 Healing of a broken heart --
-- healing of a bone in a cast --
--healing of a relationship  ---
--healing of a tooth pain --
--healing of a fever --
--but healing of cancer?  


God's will for our lives is to be healed.   To be whole.  To live in one accord with Him and be His hands and feet to this broken world. 
When people say, "His will be done " -- His will is that we are healed.  His will is that we serve Him and serve our purpose here on this earth until  He calls us home.   
His intention was for Adam and Eve to live in paradise and walk with Him forever -- until man interjected and changed the plan .

Man may say, "there is nothing more that can be done" but maybe now is the time where God can do His holy healing and finally all will  see and know that it HAD to be God that healed the one!   
It indeed is a miracle!


Yes, I realize and know that many don't see their physical healing until they meet Jesus in heaven, but there is physical healing here - ON EARTH - before heaven.

In the past year, I have declared some healing for myself.  Physical healing.  I had,  and I say, "had" because there is no evidence of it now - but --I had cellulitis in my leg.  I had  dealt with it for about 4 years  and about 4 months ago, I began to toy with the idea and just say  here or there -- "Lord, I need a healing in this leg!"    Then a sweet lady gave me some Tumeric to help me sleep and it was stated that it also  helped with inflammation.  So I took the pills to help me sleep but I also decided to begin to pray that it healed my leg as well.  So as I prayed, I decided to truly believe that God was going to heal my leg and began to claim the healing.  And He did.

Now, "man" may say it was the Tumeric but I truly believe that God was allowing me to see -- HOW to take authority over the healing that I had - it just needed to be called forth in faith through the Holy Spirit.  I had taken antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills for the lumps in my legs many times before with some healing but never  a complete healing  -- until I believe it CLICKED and I understood that I WAS healed.  So, again, I began to thank God for the healing and just rub my leg and slowly I watched the lumps disappear.   

 A few months ago, I felt and realized a familiar pain in the bone of my jaw....a tooth ache.  As much as I love Mark  Tenniswood -- I really did not wish to see him again for the 20something root canal and/or crown.   I knew this familiar pain -- I had been in this circumstance before. So, I began to tell God -- HE had to heal my tooth.  I babied it for a week and one afternoon as BP and I were traveling to the coast, I rubbed my gums and just declared -- I believe there is healing for this tooth - in Jesus name.   I remember talking to BP about it and stating -- "if I am going to believe for healing in Rebekah -- then why don't I declare it for myself.?"   So, right then and there as we traveled on Hwy 70 headed for Moon Swiners, I  rubbed my gums and took authority and thanked God for the healing.  For the next three days after that - I just  continued to rub my gums and  thanked  God for His healing touch.  My tooth never needed a root canal.  My tooth is healed.

So,  there is healing.  Maybe you have experienced it.  Sometimes I believe spiritual healing or emotional healing is more dramatic than a physical touch of healing -- but either way -- the one experiencing this gift of healing will certainly give credit to-- Jesus -!!

I do believe I have placed God in a box for too  too long -- and as each morning passes, I am  re-training my brain to think about my authority as a daughter of the most high God!

Miracles are happening every day.  There are many documented people healed of cancer!  And in third world countries -- people are being raised from the dead.  But here in America.... we don't see those manifestations.....why?    I believe we are guilty of unbelief.  


But Cancer....really?  Can God really heal cancer?

I had a conversation with a beautiful soul and I had a HARD time speaking about the healing I believe is going to manifest  for Pookie on THIS side of heaven.  I almost felt as  if I had to 'justify' it.  I went home that day and declared to  God and my husband -- THAT was not going to happen again.  I could not be wishy washy about my belief.  My husband and I have been challenged to read a few books about healing and our authority as a follower of Christ and I knew and could see that God has indeed a GREAT purpose for Pookie and her husband -- but I also had this peace -- this was not over.

We are not giving up HOPE - we are just giving total control to God! 

She is healed.
Jesus took those stripes.  39 of them.
Isaiah 53. 5 speaks of those stripes.      Some think the healing will come -- I felt this way for years -- until these past six months when I have begun to see some verses come to life.

 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.

 I read that scripture and believe the healing is HERE, we just have to call it forth and thank our Lord. People may say that 'by his stripes we are healed' is a figure of speech.  I say - no -- our healing is through Jesus but it is here. 
Words are powerful -- speak it in.  But Cancer?      Yes... 

I have been reluctant to write this blog - a bit scared.  Scared because , WHAT if I am wrong??  But I don't believe I am  wrong.  My sweet sister in Christ is at a point in her journey where the doctor's have said, "there is nothing more - make her comfortable"....but I believe NOW is the time when the healing Jesus gave her can manifest.  Period.

WHY do I believe so strongly?

Because -- why would God give me a vision or a prophetic word that she was going to be a MOM?  -IT is not in God's character to lie.    I have wrestled with that over and over and when I heard I wasn't the only one who stated that prophetically -- I felt a little more confidence in what I believe God seeded into my thoughts -- but still -- this is CRAZY....a baby?    This couldn't  be?   BUT, I believe we are to call it forth and it will be.

  The enemy continues to whisper - "that was only what you wanted to believe and say, that was not God'.     And I rebuke the enemy's whispers.  And I declare Jesus.  Yes, I believe there is a baby that will be born of Rebekah and Jared and the enemy knows how powerful this child could be -- so he is working overtime to fester this cancer within Rebekah.  But it won't work! 

I believe Matthew was prophesied, is promised, and will be fulfilled.  Period.  

You may ask or know of someone that did die without their healing.  Me too.
God gave us the power to heal.
 It's not our power. 
It's HIS power, but it under our authority. 
Jesus never told us to pray and ask God to heal people.  He told us to go and "heal the sick" - Matthew 10.8

I have read this over and over:  
In the Gospels, Jesus never commanded His disciples to pray for the sick, but He did command us to HEAL the sick.  ( Luke 9.2, 10.9) The  way it's being done in the church today, we basically pray, "OH Father, we know that Your can heal this person. If it Your will, please - pretty please - do it." 
We come as beggars, asking. And if we don't see something manifest, if we don't see an instant result then we wonder, Why didn't God heal them?  No, God has already released all the healing power it takes for every person on this planet to be healed of every sickness and disease.  Jesus took the stripes on His back for our healing, and now He's given us the power to heal the sick.  He gave us power and authority over all demons to cast them out and cure diseases.  Jesus gave that power to us, and it is up to us to use it.  from -- Andrew Wommack  in  The Believer's Authority

 We respond in faith --
The doctors say her body is shutting down -- 

But I say:   Lord God, the enemy boasted, "I will pursue, I will overtake them. I will divide the spoils: I will gorge myself on them.  I will draw my sword and my hand will destroy them. " BUT YOU can blow with YOUR breath and cause the sea to cover my enemy!  YOU can cause my enemy to sink like lead in the mighty Waters!  Exodus 15: 9-10

We declare this over Rebekah - 

Lord, Your POWER has NOT diminished since the days when you revealed Your power and glory as You fought for Israel.   I am Your child too.  Fight for me, God!  Overpower the one who seeks to overpower me!

And I say, Lord God, the cords of death have entangled me: the torrents of destruction are overwhelming me. The cords of the grave have coiled around me: The snares of death are confronting me.  IN my distress I am calling to You, Lord. I am crying to You, my God, for help.  From your temple hear my voice; let my cry come before You, into Your ears. Psalm 18. 4-6 


This evening, I had the deepest pleasure to pray in agreement with Taylor and Jared.   Rebekah has declared her healing and wants to be used by God.  She gives all honor and praise to HIM! What a testimony to God's goodness -- and  I agree with both of them -- Pookie's work here on earth is not finished, I believe there is MORE God wants to do through her.  She has TOUCHED so many and many have met her, read about her, even know the family and think --what now??  Now I believe God wants to SHOW His great power through her weakness and remind everyone who hears -- HE is still a miracle working God. 

   I would ask you to read my daughter's blog  -- the link is below: 

I would ask you to read in agreement and if you can't believe it can happen -- then pray differently or don't pray -- as I believe, very soon --- God is going to show off and give this community a big JOLT and show us His signs and wonders through a beautiful woman of God - named Rebekah!

- IN Jesus  healing name -- I believe Lord and I thank you for allowing me to  grab hold of your garment myself and  be on the fringe  of WHAT you are doing in the lives of Jared and Rebekah --  I see You and I am excited to see what YOU will manifest next Lord...... --- michelle

Taylor's update on Rebekah tonight -

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