Friday, May 3, 2013

Day #23 -- Tuesday -- getting hurt...

Getting hurt SUCKS, especially when you rely on certain features of your body - like being able to move and bend and walk without pain.

So when I knew I had a 'catch' in my back on Sunday when I awoke...I should of been more careful.

Instead, I stretched and went to the gym on Monday and PUSHED myself cause I was working out with a younger person and my competitive spirit was NOT going to be weak....I may be the oldest, but I CAN....

Well, I can't...
I have to learn WHEN my body is saying REST and I guess I learn the HARD way.

Just saying.

That is what it is like with my relationship with God most times.  I have to learn the HARD way.

I have to be KNOCKED in the FACE before I finally do something to change it.

Or maybe that is where Taylor gets her procrastination from?  MAybe....

So, praise God for the chiropractor and his help, but today is Friday and I am sitting and feeling 150% better after being diagnosed with a bulging disk under the L5 vertebrate.

I had to be still....and my man prayed for me- he prayed I would be healed and quickly....

On Tuesday evening the doctor said I would be out of work until Monday...that just could not be.  I did not have sick leave can I afford to come to the doctor if I don't work.

I had ONE day left of sick leave so Wednesday was spent in bed.

And continued prayer...and I went to work on Thursday, I was walking slow, but today...what a recovery.  Now I know there is still a 'catch' in my back, but I will be careful and allow it to heal.

Change takes time too.... I have to let God change me in my beliefs or I have to give myself time to create a better habit....either takes time.

Time to heal.

But praise GOD HE heals.

On this day I was praying for prayer sounded a lot like this:

GOD, YOU HAVE to heal me...  I can't afford to be off of work.  What am I going to do?
Then I would praise HIM, thank you Lord, I know you will heal me.

Then I would get desperate again...God you MUST do this.

But whether I am desperate or of the promises I have learned to believe is that HE esteems me and HEARS my plea and He wants to heal matter what.  But HE also wants what is best for me.

I believe HE could of healed me the instant Brendan prayed for me - but HE knew I needed a day of rest as Wednesday, HE would be speaking to me again  -- loudly.  THAT is for the next blog.

Day # 23..    Our FAther which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name....Thy kingdom come and thy will be done..on Earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against you...and lead us not into temptation but deliver us Lord, for thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory - now and forever amen!
God does......all the time!


  1. Wow and how! It is Friday May 3rd went to the chiro and yep it was because my brain thought my body was younger than it really is and Yep! PRAISE TO OUR FATHER GOD FOR ALLOWING THIS TIME OF S L O W ERNESS TO GET MY BRAIN BACK IN WORSHIP MODE AND TO RELEASE ME FROM FEAR ONCE AGAIN. FATHER GOD LOVES ME I NEED TO LOVE MYSELF AND TAKE CARE OF ME FOR HIM! OOH HOO! the Truth does set you freeeeee. Love You Jesus.-Anna

  2. Ya wanna tell Jon IT IS OKAY TO NOT NEED ANY MORE TRACTORS TRUCKS OR FIRETRUCKS BUT THAT HIS WIFE WOULD LOVE TO RIDE ON A HARLEY WITH HIM AGAIN! he thinks just because i told him to fix the lawn mower FIRST he cudn't get a motorcycle-using my "NO!" as an excuse to chicken out on me and hide behind "fixin' up the farm and house" and being a workaholic! Guess it does go along w/being a business owner but WOWZERS JONNIE-WE AIN'T GETTIN ANY YOUNGER! LETS GO BIKIN' W/CHELLY AND BREN! (yeah we can haul the bike down and be Floriduh'ns for a few days-'sides,we are covered with all kinds'a insurance by Uncle Lowell......! 8)

  3. Praying now Anna.....NO more tractors Lord, may he see the need in his woman's heart and in her head.....Lord, I pray that the Harley can be found and used! Amen. Hang in there Anna...God will answer!


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