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This guy I know is 51 and a reminder of What God has called me to do - pray for marriages!

First ride... January 2012
There is this guy I know that  has a birthday today.  I tried to post a current photo of him 3 times earlier today but each time Facebook told me there was a problem posted.  What?? 

He just got home from a Harley ride and I shared that with him and his exact words were "thank you Jesus"  -- "don't put anything on FB." 

So I am not --  I am blogging. 

But seriously -- it is his birthday today.

 The CREDIT goes to his mother who labored and delivered -- I have only been a part of the past  thirty five birthdays....  some I had awesome gifts for, some I had some really cool family events planned and others that I forgot - simply because it was the end of school and we were poor or too busy or to be honest I was tired and I did not care. 

Anyway -- I think once you hit  50 - you tend to celebrate MORE and every day and at this point if we need something - we get it so actually buying a birthday present is very hard.   For my 51st - birthday  - I got a house.  For his .. more house details!

Today ....I begged him to come with me for a pedicure and he did and he entertained the ENTIRE room of women getting their nails done.  He was adamant about NOT having a man rub his feet - and God took favor on him or pity and granted that wish!   Brendan is certainly one of a kind and MINE.

We celebrated with a cookie cake last night with our kids and that adorable little grand - daughter. He did not want any photos taken for fear of hurting other family -- as we just can't get all of our immediate family around a table anymore .... and BIG parties is NoT his thing. 

  We will have some steak later this evening with his folks and probably just retire early as lets face it -- as we get older -- our SLEEP makes us very happy.

 And we are not DEAD yet -- hanky panky at middle age  just gets  better and if I am honest -- that is probably what EVERY male really wants for his  birthday.  Hey -- God created it.   We are married.  It is ok!  Be real.    LOL 

 But, as we get older -- just having the laundry done brings pleasure  and knowing that on Monday no lesson plans have to be written!   And, 5 new episodes of ZOMBIE house makeovers gives us a thrill too!   BTW -- Tiny House Nation -- you are just another type of person we don't get -- but that is OK! 

In all seriousness -- I have to honor him and not get all gushy here -- but I have to say something --

Bren -- thanks.  Thanks for being who you are in Christ.

  There.  I want to go ON and ON and totally explain what that means.
  I want to give my readers a good 5-6 explanations on HOW that makes sense -- but the Holy Spirit and Brendan want me to LEAVE it there. 

Yesterday, if you have heard -- we had an  airboat ride experience  -- where we almost died --

---well, we did not die and it depends upon who is telling the story if we were even close. But....

yesterday as we spent several hours off the grid and  the Lord began to remind me of ALL my husband is to me....

My husband .... my proctor, my dear friend, and yesterday he grabbed me away from the back of the airboat -- as  he became  my night in shining armor! 
He also grabbed the other lady we were with away -- so he was my hero -- but he also was my prayer warrior as we nervously awaited being towed.  I saw him - pray under his breath.

There is no one that can rub me the wrong way like he does.  And yet there is no one whose prayers I covet the most.   And there is no one that can make me laugh like he does and yet, I can get so frustrated with him as he cupcakes me in bed with his famous farting on command attribute.  Now with that comment he will say, 'chell why put that out there - and yet EVERYONE who knows him knows he would be the FIRST to tell you that public bit of family secret!!'

It's funny or it is revelation...for years and years and years and years -- where I felt he was not enough or he did NOT do what he needed to do -- I fussed and manipulated.  But when that was  pulled from me -- I had  to look at  marriage differently and I  look at  him  differently - everyday. ( With respect.)    

Satan hates marriage.  He does not want anyone to be married - much less have a vibrant and healthy relationship that enjoy each other --

--- those of you that do have that  -- you have a miracle within your home 

--those  of us that maybe had it and lost it and got it back -- we are most grateful...

--those of us that felt they never started that way --pray -- it CAN be that way...

---those of you nagging or belittling your man cause it is not what you want ...pray -- allow God to change you and when that LOVE of Christ is pouring out of you -- and you change....he will.  He will or the Lord will move and let you know what to do next......

---and those of you still waiting -- continue to do what God has laid on your heart.  Seek Him, love and pursue God and the right person in God's timing will come if that is the desire of your heart.  However,  don't let that desire be your idol.....that is an entire different blog!

I have seen a person ( spiritually) been raised from the dead. 

God is not a man who should lie.  There are promises for us that He has. 

I am most grateful that I can call my BP - my best friend  and anointed pal -- I covet his prayers and do life SO much better when we are both in alignment with our Lord and Savior.  His discernment is so much stronger than mine and it catches me daily.   Doing that work or being in alignment  on a daily basis is work -- but good work and blessed work -- cause the rewards here are awesome and I can't wait to see what awaits us in heaven.  This life is only temporary. 

This started off as a short birthday  blog for BP -- but it really is about HOPE and marraige -- there are still many unhappy marriages out there that are unequally yoked -- but don't lose Hope ....pray. 

So I will end...

Lord, do for her -- what you have done for me. 
 For another,  I pray she will do the HARD and wait on you or do some changing so that he sees in her....what the devil has made him to believe  was a negative in her.  For another, I pray she will have the strength to stop the affair and end her present marriage well and allow you to heal those broken parts.  For another who is still waiting  on revelation and a husband with a submitted heart - sustain her.  For the next one who has a man who is trying but she is so tired of being that spiritual grown up.   And for another,   I pray you will help her wait and be single for a time without allowing more baggage that she can get healthy.  And I pray for the one  that has no clue.  She just knows that something is not right.  God I claim victory in these marriages -- but I realize I can't do it for them -- and you won't unless they let you in I pray that no matter WHO is reading this, they will seek YOU and Your Holy Word and ask.  IN Jesus name.  Amen. 

At  Elizabeth's wedding -- probably  2005

August of 2011

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