Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Believing God -- an invitation!

This bible study started back in January at our Insurance office.  God's timing is perfect and our calendars are full...so the 10 weeks have stretched out and we will finish April 23rd....

We started with 27 women joining in a crowded room -- but it has gotten 'slim'... as we come to an end.

I was watching John Bevere and he stated something -- "the world cares about how we start...God does not care about how we start but how we finish"...

That really hit home.

Because of life and business... I myself, was unable to keep up with  my homework and  as I should be working on Week 9... I am at Day One of Week 7 -- but I am determined to finish well.

I looked and looked ALL over my storage and my cottage for my book -- my Believing God workbook from back in 2009 when I did this study the first time.  After 3 days of looking, I could hear  God whisper to me and say, "stop looking".....  this LAST Saturday when we watched Beth speak about living in His Promised Land... living in our Gilgal...

It was like REVELATION again -- THIS is why HE did not allow me to find the book....as I would of read and read within the pages about cycles of defeat ...instead of cycles of Victory in which I live now....

So why am I blogging this?


I asked several women to join me on this study and one stated..." I have already done that -- I don't need to do it again".    Girl.... yes you do! 

Fresh eyes.

I don't mean to share any condemnation and she reads my blog, but I have already gone to her and told her -- personally -- YES you do....

This study ... helps you to bring up your faith.   It requires you to do some memorizing that will change your life...

God is who He is.
God will do what He said He would do.
I am who God says I am.
I can do all things through Christ Jesus.
God's Word is alive and active in me..... I am believing God.

I am believing God to redeem  a family that has had a recent situation with child molestration.
I am believing God to restore a family to wholeness after sin was exposed.
I am believing God to walk with a mother and father as their entire family is walking through new waters and it appears that they all may drown....
I am believing God to restore a man's desire for HIM rather then his desire to feed his flesh.
I am believing God to redeem a man's heart and family after confessed sin.
I am believing God to open the eyes of two teenagers that have been living lies of sexual sin.
I am believing God to use the youth ministers of this community to follow up with the youth that were sold out to HIM at Younified.  
I am believing God to bust open within the community of Okeechobee .....and  the women filled with fresh faith will TAKE back what Satan has stolen.
I am believing God to mend a relationship so that a step mother will be looked upon as a woman of God rather than the enemy.
I am believing God to mend a marriage that Satan is trying to destroy because of the 'stuff' a blended family has to work through.
I am believing God to work a miracle in the heart of a husband who does not see, God gave him the BEST wife to pray and honor him as he walks through the ugly of his childhood.
This List is long... I have more but I am stopping here --

I am believing God to  help me finish Week 7 and 8's homework so that when we meet again in April on the 16th.... I will be able to receive WHAT HE wants to awaken in me -- again! 

I have done 5-6 Beth Moore studies since 1995.... I could never finish and keep up with them, until ....a LOVE for Him changed.   I changed.  Circumstances changed that made me want Him...but in those circumstances I realized that HE was pursuing me ...all along.    It wasn't about the others...it was about ME ..ME and God -- I will, alone, stand before Him one day and I will hear - "well done my faithful one".    THAT is my succinct LIFE Goal! 

If you have never done this study - find someone to do it with.
If you have done it before... I challenge you to pull out that book, skim read it and WATCH week 6, 7 AND 8  all over --

......I know that when I did the study back in 2009, I had unbelief. 
Forgive me Lord of my unbelief.

It still can creep back in -- however, I am believing that  the concepts and truths revealed in HIS Word through this 2nd look at this study - will STICK - more than ever.

There will be few blogs in this new light of God growth in my head!! 

I do challenge you --
If you are not doing a study at the moment - ask God if this is something You should dig into . 

There are many studies on line you can join. 

   I know what His answer will be --

"Child ...believe me".

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  1. I'm believing God for total transformation experience in EVERY woman during the Encounter as they receive healing and an awakening of who they really are in Christ. Wonderful blog my sister and awesome study. I, personally, have received so much through it!


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