Saturday, March 12, 2016

What HE asks....our actions.....

So, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me -- HE speaks to me often.  I know I don't grieve Him anymore - at least NOT on purpose, but I grieved a bit this past week --

I have grieved over some actions.

God draws us near.  He wants fellowship with us.  I know and realize that many are at 'different stages' of this life.  Some are just getting by - only by the grace of God.

Some have it all figured out.
Some will come to this blog, read only a bit of it and think..."I don't have time for that"..... and yet, others are hungry and searching.  

 Some don't even know God.

  But I do...

After wandering in the wilderness for some 38 years -- my eyes were opened and a veil was removed.    It took a Crisis of Faith, but it opened my eyes.  He has changed me.  I want THAT for anyone and everyone  within my circle of friends, family, and  the strangers around me.

Jesus did give us all a commandment - to LOVE all...and to LOVE God above all others.  Jesus also gave us a commission -- to share HIM with others.

One day we will stand before Him and be judged on WHAT we did do for Him...with Him...and sadly...where we failed in THAT department.

 Praise God I have a perfect lawyer to plead by case -- Jesus, but I want more.  I want to hear, "well done by good and faithful one".     As I tell myself, I want to hear God say, "atta girl".  

With that -- I choose to live my life and I pray, as I am NOT perfect, that my LIFE reflects my walk with HIM and for HIM.

That includes my circle of work place... even when I walk into the Comcast office and fuss about my slow internet...I am representing HIM???  Lord, I pray I have.  Forgive me when I have fallen short.   

And that.. has grieved me.
As this past week, I have witnessed  several incidents  that  have grieved me....cause some people  did not act Christ like.

And they have  proclaimed to be Christians.....and those that are on the fence,  that are watching them, and  questioning this entire "Christian thing" have voiced and stated  thinking, "if THAT is Christian behavior...then how am I any different?" 

Is it not true?

  Have you been hurt before by the 'Christian' acts of another?
  Men/  Women/ Friends/ Lovers/  Spouses/ Humans will fail us - the only perfected  one is Jesus.

I thought and thought about HOW to express this today and then...of course, HE provides in His Word. And, each Saturday I am sitting under Beth Moore doing a Bible Study and she is a bit influential  as well!   But it was truly God's Word that spoke.  It was God's timing as He knew what had transpired this week, and Yet, He also knew, I would come to 2 Corinthians 4! 

2nd Corinthians 4 = Is God's Word.
The Red =  These are my thoughts.....

1Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart. 
Christians are not to lose heart -- that means our actions should not appear as if they have lost heart!  Why are you speaking death??  

2Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways: we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God.  We should always speak truth.  We should not lie.  If we have stated we would be someplace to so something - keep our word.  Be there.  If we have stated we would pay or do something for someone - do it.  Don't give excuses or forget -- make your word a meaningful one.  Do not distort God's Word.  Do not 'adjust' it to fit Your present needs.   On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commit  ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.  Our word should be our word.   Don't lie.  Don't lie.  Don't tell half truths.  Don't.

3And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing.  4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.  The god of this age is Satan, who holds power over much of the activity in this world - for now.  However it is temporary and conditional.  He continues only as God allows.  ONLY as God allows.   Which will present you and I with a choice...   Those of us that know Christ must realize that because people are blinded to the truth, we need to view them through God's eyes of mercy.  It maybe easier to get upset with another because of their actions -- we must remember that Christ showed humility and compassion for us. 

 The Holy Spirit will enable us to do our work and deal with those that are blinded.....but WHAT about those of us that have proclaimed their veil was removed?     

 Those are the ones that will grieve the Holy Spirit when they know what is not of Him and do it anyway....   sometimes their 'cherished sin' still cherished. 
 5For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake.  6 For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the gift of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. 

7But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power if from God and not from us.  But we....did you hear that -- BUT..WE ... BUT me... BUT you... have this treasure....   we may experience a sense of frailty and vulnerability caused by anxiety, fear, grief and weakness; yet, because of God's treasure within us  we are not defeated. 

 We have been called to a crucified life with Christ -- but we don't walk around like we are full of pity...powerlessness...and woe's me...  we are MORE than conquerors through Him  ( Romans 8.37) and that in our weakness, troubles and suffering, it will  open up an opportunity for Christ's love, power, and life to be revealed in us.  We die to be filled with Him.  So WHEN we proclaim to be HIS...ACT like it... true to your word -- 
...speak truth -- what you said you were going to do --
...get into a body of believers and be a part of His Kingdom -- not follow a man to this or that place of worship....get into your home church, the one HE has called you to and serve-- set an alarm and be at church -- HIM and HIS Word , not another for affirmation and confirmation -- SEEK HIM -- your tongue...there is power of life and death in it  ( Prov. 18.21) the person that glows so brightly with Jesus that others  WANT WHAT you have.....  
...we pray and act on what we don't see -- having faith....but, those that are veiled are watching -- don't even GIVE the appearance of EVIL....   the appearance...  1 Thess 5.22...stay away from the appearance of evil

8We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair ;  
That word crushed is the Greek word Senchoreo which means to be constrained, to be restricted, to be unable to express oneself!!     Did you hear that?   Satan wants to keep us from expressing proclaim victory in the heat of being 'crushed'....  

God's Word is our life... our tool...
It is our loaded gun to fight the enemy.  We must read it, learn it, hide it in our hearts! 
I believe, therefore I speak .... this mountain will move!!  Lord, if it does not move, I will climb on top of it and get over it...  period!   ( Beth Moore's illustration today!) 
In Jeremiah 23.29 it says " 'Is not my word like FIRE,' declares the LORD"

Vs 13...   It is written: " I believed; therefore I have spoken,"  With that same Spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak,   Spirit = Pneuma....   but it also means breath...CPR... as we BELIEVE...we inhale His Words, and as we speak, we EXHALE His Words - And cast the burden upon God and His Word!  

God's words are omnipotent and our words are potent!  
That can be  GOOD and it can be something that GRIEVES HIM too...

I will not accept a powerless prayer life.  

"When are you going to make the Devil say "sorry" for messing with you or your family?" ...Beth Moore 


I started off stating I was grieved.  
I was.  I no longer am.  

Holy Spirit spoke, God's Word brought hope and I prayed.  I prayed for those that grieved me I did judge or I assessed that their actions this past week -- were not Christ like. 

 However...... I am not their judge...I am not their mentor.... I am not their Jr. holy spirit...  
 God has them.   But, perhaps one reading this would stop and I?

People are messy.  I am boldly proclaiming some stuff here and I know that I know, Satan will look for ANY loop hole to TRIP me up within the next 20 minutes once I post this.  He hates me.  

In the past month, Holy Spirit has cemented something within me and used several incidents and people to get it written PERMANENTLY within my head and heart....

I can't get my affirmation from my friends. 
I can't get my affirmation from my Christian friends. 
I can't get my affirmation from FaceBook. 
I can't get my affirmation from my children.
I can't get my affirmation from prayers being answered.
I can't get my  affirmation from my man.  
I can't get my affirmation from my man. 
I can't get my affirmation from my man- husband! 

It CAN ONLY BE from HIM.  Period.     


Now, He has used my friends, my family, my man...and my kids and He has used FaceBook, and it so blesses me; but, Our Father has so clearly showed me again WHAT he wants me doing for Him. 

 I have a succinct life goal...  to be used by HIM and hear, "atta girl". 

 That  may look like many different things to the outside world, but I have peace as to WHAT it looks like - right now.   Amen.  

And I believe HE will continue to use my friends, family and so forth, but He needed me to truly understand and live and thrive  on affirmation from HIM only this past week. 

 Perhaps that is why my eyes and ears were so sensitive to other stuff and  please, if you live or work with me....don't read this and think, "what on earth is she fussing about?" 

The Holy Spirit will convict you if you read this and wonder.  In the scope of it all .....the certain situations and such have already worked themselves out and I trust that GOD is big enough!

I truly believe the Lord continually is RIGHT there - drawing  us and only until our hearts are open and ready....  will we see.  

For some of us, it takes a major crisis of faith  -- for others - what does it take?  

Are you there yet?  If you are reading this and reading the entire blog -- I would say you are very hungry or understand and perhaps asking yourself right now..."Lord, what is my succinct life goal? What do you want of me??" 

And, I know I only have to answer for myself --  my children are grown and adults.  They will answer to Jesus for their own choices, as their mother, I will always pray for them ...but, I don't get to write an excuse note for their behaviors.    ( And it was NOT my children that grieved me--just for any out there that are still trying to figure me out...LOL)  But, what I am trying to remind you, the reader,  of??   What has HE asked of you?  

What actions does He see?  

Who will God ask you to account for?    
I am thankful I am not a man - as my husband does have to stand and be accountable for his family....  but, my actions will be judged. 

 My life here on earth and what I do in the body of Christ...will be accounted for.  

And Lord, I pray I have not grieved you -- since the veil was taken off!!  

Who will God ask you about?  

Would God be pleased with Your actions?  
Would God be stating "well done"...if you proclaim to be His and yet...hold onto cherished sin?  

Or how about these questions?   
Are you crushed but not defeated?  
Persecuted but not abandoned?  
Struck down but not destroyed?  

Are Your spoken words - words of LIFE?  
Is there an appearance of sin within your 4 walls?  

What is Your succinct life goal?  

What about Your commissioned request? 

  Jesus commissioned ALL of us -- Matthew 25,  I believe -- nope...that is a good chapter; it is in Matthew 28 verse 19 ...go and make disciples of all nations -- 

Lord, that my life be like a love song to you and for you -- that I live a life worthy of Your calling - In Jesus name...amen.  


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