Wednesday, March 2, 2016

YOU may be a TARGET......

I am reminded - I am a target.
I am reminding you - You are a target.

I believe I am sharing this again today because -- you , reading this ,  needs to be reminded, YOU are a target.
Satan hates you.  But...

God wins.

 In Girls with of the first sessions teaches us....

  You are a TARGET.  You can choose to be a hero.  We say 'choose too' ....cause you can just sit, opt out, or give up - but we pray you choose to be a hero.   We are attacked in areas of our future strength.  This 'attack' could be more about your future than your past.   The enemy  attacks what he feels threatened by.

 The enemy will use tactics of distraction, demeaning, division, and destruction to destroy.   And he uses our family members for an immediate effect! 

That is his main mission -- to steal, kill, and destroy.

Did you hear that -- it is Satan's main mission to steal, kill, and destroy.

To steal any peace,  to kill any destroy the belief that God is at work.

Satan makes you think -- that God has forgotten you.
Satan reminds you of what 'could of happened'......

If there is anything or anyone keeping the relationship between YOU and your Father in heaven....then the enemy is 'winning'.

 It is so important that we choose to use our Sword - God's Word and be that hero.

Christian means, "anointed one".  EAch day, I pray that I and YOU reading this...make a choice to STAND up for STAND for what HIS Word declares and .....chose to speak life.

The battle is really the Lord's....  HE fights for us, but HE needs me...HE needs you, to make that individual choice to RISE UP and find out who you are and bring your part to a much greater whole.

You have an anointing on YOUR life.

The enemy hates YOUR anointing and the power it signifies.

In Session   Two,  there are more reminders:  
A SWORD is Born!  
God's Word is a God Sword and this sword must be put into use on the field of battle -- our lives. 

Be a DOER of the word and not just a listener. 
Remember the enemy is NOT threatened by a piece or a fragment of a weapon.  When swords appear -- motives are revealed.  

Lisa Bevere shares a story from Lord of the Rings and how it says;  "to REFORGE the SWORD".  

Many times,   "far too many factions of Christ's body wield only pieces and fragments of the Word and no longer lift His Word up in its entirety as a whole.  Hard ships and trials will come - God will use these trials and natural happenings to UNITE HIS people so that we are all saying and doing the same thing..with Authority! "
 - Lisa Bevere

This direct quote was inspired and spoken to her by the Holy Spirit.  But I believe these are God's Words and when the Holy Spirit speaks -- we listen and obey. 

 She obeyed -- wrote a book....and this book is being used to REFORGE a body of believers -- the BRIDE of Christ -- as we were instructed in the Great Commission  - we can't sit back and ignore it anymore.  

As a woman who  loves the Lord and knows her purpose -- I must  continue to pray and speak life and ENCOURAGE -- HE wants you to RISE up dear daughter -- the time is now!   - michelle 


Lord, last night a body of believers gathered to begin a process to help others reach some freedom.  Last night a body of women gathered to hear from You, as we want to do Your will.   Last night a body of believers where challenged to ask You or to determine their life goal.  Lord, as we gathered and prayed, as we listened and watched....  You spoke.  However Lord, the enemy did his dirty stuff as well......and as I type this today,  I know and believe that no matter what, YOUR plans will succeed.  However, I pray right now for each woman represented and for anyone reading this.....that they would see, that the present suffering is because of Satan's continued efforts to steal, kill, and destroy.  However, I pray their swords are active and that they will seek You and begin to grasp a spirit of PURE PERSEVERANCE for Your Will.  I pray they will use their spiritual eyes to see beyond the present circumstance and believe that no matter what -- YOU are not withholding the good.  I pray that they will believe, that You will walk them through this present circumstance and deliver them from every evil.  

And,  on a personal note --

I am coming off a 'high' of a month.  In February, I celebrated  my birthday and the joyous event of my daughter   and our son in love's wedding celebration.  Yep....we had a 2nd wedding, complete with vows, new vows, and a dance.  It was set in a beautiful location with family and dear friends, but the most special thing was that my family joined me in church for two of those Sunday's.  It was a tremendous month -- God made turning 50 -- a wonderful event.  And, almost every one of my siblings made it here to celebrate with us - enduring financial hardships and giving when they too have families and expenses of their own.   I totally realize the sacrifice they made to join us -- to join me!   (And Brendan too!)   After all that personal 'high'.... the enemy quickly whispers his crud -- however, as I was telling another, there is something different with these attacks now--- there is MORE if HIS peace.

 When God allows a revealing of a circumstance and situation, that is very personal or with a family member -- there is a Knowing that - this too shall pass as HE revealed it now for HIS purpose.   And   Knowing that I have been positioned for such a time as this -- it is NO big deal, cause God will win.  He asks me to be diligent in prayer without ceasing and He reminds me of who I am in HIM.    Maybe it is being 50 that helps... I have seen more and been exposed to more --- or maybe it is just that I am eating "meat"  instead of the milk of HIS Word, and His Word  is alive and active in me more than ever.  It is...peaceful.

 Grace is my word of the year -- and He is showing me how I do extend grace to others and He is showing me where I must extend more grace.  Maybe THERE is where the peace is coming from .....   unsure ...but I know for sure --- I like this season and I am excited to see WHAT He will do as I am getting a kick out of WHAT HE is already doing.
I am so humbled.
I am so grateful. my sister's --last night-- and my mom that made my birthday month so special -- I love you dearly.  And I can't wait until we can have our next girls night out! 

Watch out Satan - you are going down!   - michelle

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