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Getting Ready V -- Boundless Grace!

If you go back in my blog archives  - you will notice a Getting Ready I, II, and III and IV. 
If you have read my blog for the past 5 years, you know or have an idea of what is going to transpire next month.
If you want to join me in believing God can change lives - read on.


Tomorrow---  these past 2 months have been purposed.    Expecting --
The Lord gave me an incredible God Encounter weekend back in Feb of 2011 and it changed my world and my relationship with Christ.

For the past 2 months, several women and my church have been getting ready for something that will happen again in April.   I don't want to make light of it - but I also want to EXPRESS the JOY that is in my head and heart -- God is moving and at work.  

Here is an except from the previous blogs: 

I can't share too many details - or I would have to 'kill ya'.  But My Encounter Weekend back in February of 2011 really changed how I felt about God, it changed how I perceived my current situation,  and it prepared me to begin a healing process.

I remember HOW excited I was - meeting GOD face to face...well, sort of speaking.  Like I said, I can't reveal too much, but basically it is a God Boot Camp, it is a time to dig deep and see WHAT may need to be cast off and what may need to be forgiven and then, God comes in if your heart is open and HE does some corrective surgery.

I have blogged about it before.

Anyway....I still refer back to that experience when I am trying to encourage a new believer.  The ladies that walked me through that weekend are forever friends and they have touched a part of me that will forever be different. They were part of my refining process!

It will be in Titusville.
There will be  leaders.  And this time...there is an Intercessory TEAM!
There will  women who God is going to meet personally and HE is going to ROCK -it.

Tomorrow we begin to prepare hearts with the beginning of some Pre-Encounter classes. 

Psalm 19.14 reminds us that David cried out to God and asked that the words of his mouth be pleasing to God in HIS sight...So, Lord, may MY words be pleasing in YOUR sight...

I hope and pray that I seek HIS counsel on everything.

Ephesians 6.19 says  Thank you Father, that YOU will grant me freedom of utterance so that I may open my mouth boldly to speak that WHICH YOU give me to speak.....

After an Encounter weekend....we always pray and believe:  
We pray these women will walk away..
...ready to do the HARD... from worry and/or guilt...
...set free from strongholds that have been on her for too long
....ready to pray the long haul for an unsaved husband or child
...ready to stand in the gap for a wayward child, niece, or husband
....loved and understand HOW much HE does love her
So with the beginning of these classes and as we begin to prepare in these final 4 weeks before the actual event ...... I  will pray ahead of time ---- 
Lord, I pray that each and every one of these women  that go,  get so  set free and have such an unique experience with You that they will begin to win souls for Your Kingdom as well and they too ...will impact others.....
Lord, I pray as leaders, we are also touched and taught and we are open to what ALL You have planned....
Lord, I pray for the Intercessory Team a team You placed within the heart of both Barb and I, a team that would be leaders within the Body staying at home and not traveling to Titusville, that they know and understand that value and worth they are to this next Encounter.....
Lord, I pray that 'us' leaders won't allow our flesh to dictate our minds that we refresh each moment with YOUR word and believe that YOU will do what YOU want to do...
Lord, that goes the same for the Intercessory Team!!  
Lord, I pray that I continue to impact others - I want to hear 'well done my good and faithful servant' when I see you....I want the rewards in heaven.  I do.

Lord, I WANT each and every Leadership member and Intercessory member to WANT this too...
I want freedom for each of these ladies and I want a fresh word, a direct word for each of the leaders as well...
Lord, I believe You will use the Body to answer this --- 
Now as I close, I pray God that if someone reads this and wants this Encounter as well, that they would seek YOU and seek me they can participate too, in YOUR time and at our next Encounter.  

Lord, that NEXT Encounter is upon us, this week Lord, there is time and a spot for THOSE that You have orchestrated to read this and want to attend....but they must seek me out -- 
I believe and KNOW,  YOU are going to do great and mighty miracles  that Weeeknd in April ...I can SO believe it will happen, as the Enemy has been attacking like a roaring lion  -- wow and whoa...but with each distraction and disturbance...Victory was claimed.  

Do I really FEEL this peace Lord, that ALL is under Your feet -- yes, I do.  

YOU have lead us, YOU will continue, and YOU will be doing the we are obedient, we will be blessed.

Lord, for my sisters in Christ...for each one hurting -- that they would believe YOU are the answer.
Lord, for my sister in Christ...that our  prayer for a miracle is in the works.  And Lord, for every detail ...may it be blessed.  IN Jesus name...amen. 

1 John 2.27 ....'the anointing will teach you '...... Believing that EACH women attending this next Encounter Weekend will do JUST as the photo says --

She was stronger - than she ever imagined...
She was closer to Jesus  - than she had ever realized ...
and she was LOVED more than she ever knew.

So, Holy Spirit had me update and re-post this blog today -- as an invite.  As we, as a body of believers believe God is using this tool to reach the Church of Okeechobee. 

If you have read this and have your name on my list for April....I will see you at class tomorrow or next week. 

If you read this and are interested - message me privately. 
If you read this and know that you know...this is God's way of showing you  - something has to change - then let it. 

For those of you whom had attended a God Encounter Weekend and know the impact and importance of it - I would ask that you say a prayer for all of us and those women that are going to be set free.  As Your prayers are heard!  Bless you.


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