Saturday, December 15, 2012

a thank you Christmas Tea 2012

I got the honor today to bless a few people that have been in the 'trenches' with me.  And I was doubly blessed.

A friend of mine, shared with me several months ago that God had begun to call her to be BOLD, and sharing and teaching others about HIM that.....the harvest is BIG but the workers are few.

A LOT has happened to me in the past 5-8 years, but mostly the past three years have been a 'refining'.   And I have been claiming and knowing that chapter is closed and with the ending of this year, and  the coming  of the new year.....there  will be a BRAND new start.

 The sequel.... I like that.

There is scripture that says, HE will sift us like wheat --- to see what we are made of.
 There is scripture about building a house on sand verses solid rock.
There is the scripture about being in the refiners fire.
 There are God's promises all over, reminding us of HIS great love for us and yet...many of us quietly just exist.

That same friend reminded me you just want to exist?

What is my passion?
Do I have an unquenchable need to be be fulfilled? be important?

YES I do -- and GOD put that desire there.
Will I believe - YES I do.

Will I Act in Faith - I DID.  And I will continue to do so!
Will I chose to be special, important, and fulfilled - I DO LORD!

I am a strong woman with a  SOFT heart that wants others to experience the true freedom of Christ and how HE can heal, set you FREE, and  walk with you in VICTORY.

I want others to notice me and want what HE did for me.

I want others to ask...what makes her different.  That is my life's passion.

I want to be used by HIM.

Nothing gives me more joy than to see HIS glory in another.
Nothing gives me more joy than to witness prayers answered and miracles manifest.

The photo is of a book that my very first counselor/therapist game me some 4 years ago.  She called me on Monday - the author -- yep, the author.  THAT is an entirely different blog post, but GOD was direct and HE wants more women to step it up.  HE wants more workers, this world will continue to manifest more evil.....until we Christians - believers and ones SET FREE say, enough is enough......WE are more than conquers in Christ JEsus....

Lord, thank you again for the women you have blessed me with and that I can call 'friend'.  Lord, bless them this eve and I pray they will seek YOU with everything .....Lord, I am so blessed, so honored to call you by soul mate.  Amen!

- your daughter - chell


  1. Oh the Joy that floods my soul... He touched me!! My favorite Hymn comes to mind. As I read your message, through the words of my dear friend. Again, Thank You Jesus for placing me in the path of Chell! Your humble child, Pam

  2. Chelly.....God is good......God does win......

    Revelations tells what will and has to happen before this world is destroyed. But those that stay stead-fast and believe in Our Lord till the end will see Jesus is all His Glory.

  3. We shall endure, some days more valiant than others, but we Christ did with passion so will we in the power of His strength that is in us Even in these evil days because of the JOY that is before us.. Glory to our Father, God!


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