Sunday, December 2, 2012

is there real free will?

Ezekiel 18:1-4
The Message (MSG)
Judged According to the Way You Live18 1-2 God’s Message to me: “What do you people mean by going around the country repeating the saying,The parents ate green apples,The children got the stomachache?3-4 “As sure as I’m the living God, you’re not going to repeat this saying in Israel any longer. Every soul—man, woman, child—belongs to me, parent and child alike. You die for your own sin, not another’s.

How does the sovereignty of God really work? 
Is there real free will? 
Do we get to drive?  
His hand is 'on' the wheel, I get to drive but HE is there.  

In Ezekiel, God allowed Israel to drive on their own and drive away.  And then they HIT a tree....Babylon and got STUCK! ....what the fathers did....we are now STUCK!    God says, "NO".  That is NOT true, you are responsible for your own sin. 
The Israelites stayed in Babylon cause of their OWN sins, not their fathers.  

God does not punish me for my father's sins.  
God does not punish us for Adam's sin.  
God says 'no' you don't have to stay there.......You can move out of Babylon! 
My choices are based on what God allowed.   75% of my decisions are based on my DNA....but GREATER is he then is in me that he who is in the world.....
There is a Polard Study that says 85% of the Cherokee nation are alcoholics but 15% chose NOT to be... There is a Polard Study about homosexuality as well, that again shows... scientifically it appears that our sexual orientation is a choice.  

The supernatural beats the natural every time.  
You are most free when walking in HIS will and in HIS created natural environment.  
We were born to be dependent upon HIM, we function better in HIM and when we rebel, we want to DRIVE  without HIS hand on the wheel.  

So go ahead,   drive....but you will get STUCK - Amen!  

We were created to have relationships and we are most free when we live in HIS will...we do not have to stay in Babylon. 

It is my choice.  
It is my the degree that GOD grants it..I don't have total choice to do what I want, ..I have total choice to do what God allows.......Oh MY! 
My choice can't negate or nullify God's choice for me!  
Psalm 135:5
English Standard Version (ESV)For I know that the Lord is great,    and that our Lord is above all gods.
What would of happened if Josef would of said, "no I won't marry Mary!".

God has EVERYTHING in order and thought of....thought out and factored in...GOD has it.  

Everyday is a GIFT from God.  
You and I make over 1000 choices and decisions a day....what determines those?  

Remember, the Enemy gets us to believe we won't have any power or the ability to make choices - 

I choose Jesus.  

I found this notes from Dr. Joe Davis, from August, 2011.  God's word is timely and someone besides me needed to read this as well.  I hope it answered your questions....

Thank you Lord, michelle 

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