Thursday, March 29, 2012

BEth Moore says...Show me a godly

woman and I will show you a woman that pursued God. 

I came across my spiral in my desk back from 2010.  I read through the scriptures and the dates posted and thanked God for my pain at certain times and HIS word at others.  As I reflected, I sat humbled...

Someone told me something today, how when God makes beauty out of ashes...HE takes the ashes...and makes the beauty, but we can't hold onto those ashes.  Wow...I hope I never forget that. 

I thought about the godly women around me who pursue God......

Lord, thank you for that one, she always listend to God and sent me a text or always answered my phone when I needed her to.  May I never forget to do the same.

Lord, thank you for that one, a new friend, who did not really like me before all of this hurt, but cried for me, cried with me, and spoke truth into my life and gave me hope.  May I do the same for others you send my way.

Lord, thank you for that first one that I sought counsel from so many years ago, thank you for her ministry and her heart knowledge. 

Lord, thank you for that second one that prayed with me and I sat on her couch and she taught like no one else could.  May I have that ability some day.

Lord thank you for the one right next door, that always smiled and always listened. 

Lord, thank you for the newer one right next door at school, that always listened and smiled and prayed with me and Lord, may I return the favor.

Thank you for the ones that would send a card, or Facebook me, or just send me an email and they encouraged me and told me over and over that they were in prayer for me and my family and for us as a whole and they did not judge and they continued to pray and let me know -- it meant so much.  May I be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and pray for those that you send my way in that same manner.  Oh  God, when I feel burdened or feel their pain--- may I be sensitive and not too busy.  Lord, I don't ever want to be too busy.

Lord, thank you for the ones who stopped me in Wal-mart...or Publix.  I mean, thank you for the ones that really DID pray and want healing for my family...not the ones that were seeking gossip...Lord, I do pray for those, may they never feel the pain of real rejection and may they seek you first and not learn the hard way, but back to the sincere ones who sought me out...OH God...YOU know how their hugs, their breath of fresh air and encouragement just lifted me. 

Lord, thank you for Beth Moore  and various bible  teachers that I sought out, that I read about, that I searched and that I soaked up....Lord, YOU speak through many other mediums.  And then Lord, you would use your godly women around confirm and support....and you comforted...all the time. 

Lord, for that one new bible teacher friend that taught me so much about your word and served you Lord each Monday night at bible study with Beth's am so thankful for her and her ministry. 

Lord, for the new friend that blessed me with Angela Thomas two years in a row....and how she played such a role in healing....she brought the Jesus water to me and so many, bless her Lord.  I know she pursues you and I know you are highly favored. 

Lord, thank you for the new friend that has become like an old friend.  Lord, thank you for our 44th ...birthday and how much we have in common.  Lord, thank you for letting me learn from her, for the opportunity to see her delivered from stuff, and for the continued friendship and prayers she still extends. 

Lord, for the mutal friend that ---too shared her own experience -- and sent me those special flowers that one day, cause only she would understand.  And Praise God..Praise YOU as they are restoring and healing. 

Lord, for the three that sat in my house those weeks at the end of our Ruth bible study and we cried, and we shared, and we loved and we prayed...may each one of them, be blessed beyond measure.  One of them is the queen of high fives.  One of them is now a mommy and one of them is still an old friend that graces me with her smile very often as I see her life changing and as I get to pray for her and be her friend.  You Lord, have sealed so many NEW friendships and yet, secured old ones, and YOU just amaze me.

Lord, thank you for the sweet dear ones that made me laugh and laugh..and promised to hire a hit man if I needed one - just saying.  Oh God, how the laughter brought a smile and the ability to eat or live another moment.  Oh God, thank you for them...there a few that are so dear, and there are others that have come and gone.  Lord, it is so neat that we as adult women can come into a life...minister to it ...and then move on to what YOU have for us next.  Those friends and sisters - n ' Christ that YOU used for a short time, are as precious as the circle of friends I still have around me often.  Only YOU can do that God..ONLY you..and women that pursue YOU. 

Lord, for the real sister's in law daughter...Oh Lord, the list could go on and on, but I just want to say, I can see them all as YOUR godly women...thank you --words stated would not be enough as their prayers, their  hugs, just their phone calls  and knowing that they wanted God to win with

Bless them Lord,  bless them....

Lord,  I believe today  they need to know -- they are HIGHLY favored....we are highly favored as we are YOURS.  May anyone reading this - relate and know that they KNOW - YOU feel the VERY same way about them as well.   YOU pursue us Lord,   more than we pursue you...I pray anyone reading this will let YOU catch them...

Lord, for the godly women out there that pursue you .....thanks.  - Your daughter,  Michelle


  1. Thank you God for Michelle and her dedication to you. Because of our sharing time, I realized so many things you do for me daily. I have so many things to be thankful for right now!! I have prayed for my family to be in Church together ... each week a new family member joins us. You blessed me more than I could have imagined by the words my husband spoke to me on Sunday. I think sharing this... you'll see why I feel this. My husband wants to be Baptised soon and this past week was Baptism Sunday. Before the Baptism, the person speaks about this experience for them. My husband said,"I don't know any Bible verses like that man knew.. what do I say?" He quickly said," I just want everyone to know that I want Jesus to know I believe in him and want to be the best religious leader I can be for my family." A tear fell from my eyes and I replied, "You are the man I've always dreamed of !" Thank you Lord for sending Michelle next door. She has shown me the power of sharing!!

    1. I am humbled....bless you -- THANKS.....God is so cool -- so are you and your hubby!

  2. I thought and thought a moment and guess what...THERE were many GODLY MEN too ...that prayed...that hugged...that smiled...that helped me, by cutting the lawn or giving me solid advice, a godly man pursues God too. Thank you Lord for those godly men. Amen!

  3. WOW!! Your prayers are SO powerfully felt and appreciated!! I am so thankful that you are a praying woman and one part of my life even though we've only been in each others' presence a couple of times. But that's the beauty of being part of God's family. No words can describe the miraculous way He knits His saintly children together. The evidences of God's responses to your prayers is a manifestation of His kind love towards you and others you've prayed for, including me. Thank you so much for including me in your prayers. I feel them and am seeing God do some AMAZING works around me and for me. I see Him working the greatest desire of my heart into fruition. Several months ago He revealed Proverbs 24:5-6 as a vital verse to believe and pray for. And since that time, I am AMAZED at how He is bringing me "wise and knowlegable men and women to strengthen me and the vision He's given me for my community. Their wise guidance and counsel is something I so need in order to be victorious and Him glorified. HE is so very wonderful and awesome!! How grateful I am that He has allowed me the wonderful privelege of being His child and part of His work. God bless you, Sister Michelle. May the Lord continue to fill you with His Living Water as you remain in Him, dipping into His deep well of refreshment so that you can continue to refresh others.

    With lots of love and appreciation - Ashley

    1. Oh Ashley...thanks...I needed that today. I am so humbled. So humbled.


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