Monday, November 26, 2012

the picture of forgiveness is beautiful......

The photo is not of me nor anyone in particular, I just tried to find an 80's shot.  Sad to say I did have some HIGH hair and used the Paul Mitchell spray each day to get those wings off the sides by my ears....and I was/am blonde...and I had the, it could of been me....anyway....

It is time for me to share something again.  God continues to do a work in my life each day, and HE continues to teach me many things for which I am MOST grateful and this is one of those revelations.

Brendan, Hunter, and I went to North Carolina a few  weekends ago  for a soccer showcase.  It was a weekend of redemption.  Two years ago when we went, our lives were very different.  Even last year when we went there were new circumstances and the pressure of HP being noticed by College Scouts lingered over our heads.

 This year - peace.
 Praise God.

 HP has a college scholarship offer, and our lives are very full and blessed.  So this trip was just a blessed GOOD GOD memory as HE healed a few  loose ends.  In the process, I had the opportunity to have dinner with an old friend and her mother.  A friend that shared a bit of our lives back in the 80's.   This friend and her beautiful family joined Brendan and I and his cousin for dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and we had a wonderful evening of reminiscing.   Anyway, conversation continued and she blessed me with something she noticed.  "the picture of forgiveness is beautiful".    That phrase and her wisdom proved to be God's timing just the other day again when the enemy wanted to stir things up, and I had to remember the past is the past.  Her words, that photo of words, the picture of forgiveness is beautiful.  God used her in a mighty way.  Mighty.  

I continue to marvel on WHOM HE brings into our lives and uses, HE is constantly teaching us, continually showing us new concepts of HIS love, and sustaining us. And with that, the ENEMY certainly loves to weasel his way into the mix.  Funny how one door is closed, and yet, the enemy did not get the memo and so therefore we are in a constant state of being armed against the enemy and his fierily darts!

God gave me the scripture -- which I am IN SEARCH of finding the address about when Jesus say, 'blessed are those who believe and have not seen'....I could see God/Jesus and in reality it was the Holy Spirit speaking, but He was reminding me that "blessed are you Chelly..that you believed in something that was not held onto God's promise and now you are seeing the fruit of it..slowly and I am so proud of you! "   It was a moment on the cycle with God and trusting Brendan as we rode home from Palm City and breakfast last week.  And God used that sister in Christ that day too, to remind me how our past is our past and to let it stay there.

God bless Dottie, my old but new friend for being wise to YOUR ways.  God bless our trips for breakfast and just fun trips on the bike as we both find and enjoy the quiet time we get with you individually on that Harley and then together!  God bless others that read this..may they hear from YOU in a personal way that reminds them that YOU win and that YOU esteem them.  God bless the picture of is beautiful.  Lord, may more really experience that!  Amen.  

PS God, I am going to find that scripture is taking me a bit to find it- but I will find it.
To be continued.....

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