Tuesday, November 6, 2012

well of course...there is a post....I ELECT....

Wow, another Election and CNN just projected the winner and I won't even type the name here cause it is not whom I voted for - but, I have complete faith and trust in God.  ( 11:31pm )

A friend posted something earlier today and I reposted it 2x.  It went something like this:

 After all is said and done, Jesus is still Lord.  God is still on the throne, etc. etc.  There were a few other points but I won't list them here.

Basically, God is who HE said HE  is.  We are whom God said we are...God will do what HE said HE was going to do,  I can do all things through HIM and HIS word is alive and active in me and I am believing GOD.  That is the faith pledge that Beth Moore has you memorize at the beginning of her Believing God Bible study.  I still find myself seeking comfort in that as I recite the pledge.

I know today we voted for a new President and I will honor and respect him as the leader of our nation but I am really disappointed in the ones who told me..."I don't vote"...."my vote just cancels out my husband's"..."and they are both liars anyway".....disappointed.  However, I serve a God and love a Lord that does not disappoint.

Today a dear friend of mine had to make some VERY tough choices as her husband is in critical condition at a hospital.
Today a sweet pal's daughter celebrated a birthday.
Today another miracle woman had OT and PT.
Today a boy got snipped at because I was frustrated with the 'new' computers that I wanted to TOSS.
Today a friend learned that her home had 'only' an inch of water in it rather than 2 feet up in Tuckerton, New JErsey.
Today another pal endured a procedure that will hopefully fix a 'heart' problem.
Today another friend prayed  and prayed so that she could just cope.
Today a sweet one got to hear her baby's heartbeat for the first time.
Today a coach got a phone call of a victory.
Today....I am sure that somewhere a mother or father  is in tears as they  lost her son and did not have the blessed assurance of his salvation.
Today, I am sure that someone went to bed hungry.
Today I am sure that a father or a mother cried out, Lord I need a miracle.
Today I am sure that someone got a diagnosis that was unfavorable.
Today I am sure God answered prayer.

Today Lord, forgive us.....it is all relative. Lord, I pray that we would  really look at the verse that says,

IF MY PEOPLE will humbly pray and SEEK my face and call upon me and then I will answer them..then I will heal their land....Lord, we need a healing.  Lord, we need it big.

Lord, I believe that with this re-election of Mr. Obama, we are just getting a little bit closer to YOU coming back.  But if not Lord -- we will tarry on and believe YOU are Lord and KING.

Lord, I thank you for today, for the blessing of the gift you gave me through a new friend.  Lord, I thank you for answered prayer in believing the heart will mend, and for the one who is working hard at her OT and PT.  Lord, I thank you for the heartbeat and for the strength you are giving the one who is making TOUGH decisions and grieving as well.  Lord for it all.

Lord,  I last blogged or posted back on the 18th of October.  It has been about 2 weeks.  You know I only want to type and blog if it is something worth saying....something that will help another seek you or get encouragement.  But it also serves as therapy for me.  To come back here later and read of all that you have done and all the blessings so I must add this -- Lord, you closed a major door in the past few weeks with me.  I am not ready to  blog about it as I am still formulating the words, but I just have to say this Lord - thank you.  As I read over journals of the past two years...I sat amazed of ALL that you have accomplished in YOUR timing.   You are an amazing Lord.  You are an amazing Daddy and friend and You are the comforter this eve for many who are scared that Obama will usher in more troubles.  We place our trust in YOU - for you never fail us.  I elect YOU Lord.  You win.


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