Monday, February 3, 2014

It is finished.....amen. God Encounter Recap -

 Ok, I am going to have to be brief - can I do it?  I believe I can!

 So, what an incredible weekend.  25 participants and 13 leaders - a true God appointed time.  I really can't go into the details of the Event - as that sets up pre-conceived ideas and basically it can ruin a blessing for another  when it is their turn to attend.

  There  is a motto  .."what is said and happens at the Encounter - stays right there at our meeting place -- kind of like what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas".

 But, I will tell you this - if you want to really experience something that WILL change your life...then....this is what you have to do.

You can contact my Pastors and  seek them about attending a God Encounter Weekend.... can  begin to come and visit my ( Our ) church....and come and see what is happening.    Begin to join my cell group and get plugged in....Stick around, and  then,  when the next Encounter is assigned - inquire and sign up for our next Encounter weekend.

I believe God will instruct my Pastors ( Dave and Linda ) to set the date for the next women's Encounter.  Right now, the next Men's Encounter is first on the Agenda.

  There is some  prep  work and schooling and planning .....and there is some time involved.  There is discipleship and there is a process by which you makes sense, and it works, but you have to come and see.

 Just saying...that is what it is!

I was blessed with a beautiful room.  I am including a few photos.  This place is in Titusville and my room was Galatians 2.20 prayer...was that the women would understand the power of the Cross....and as  I sat on my bed   after I got unpacked.....I looked up and saw all these Crosses -- God is so sweet.

 When I went to my Encounter as a Participant 3 years ago, this place was awesome and comfy...but  decorated like a motel...with those floral turquoise comforters and FLAT this place is like a bed and breakfast... so that was my blessing #1.
Blessing #1.5...My leader and Pastor - Linda  -- wow I learned so much from her this weekend.   When we did our first Encounter in August, we had some trainers and  Godly Women from a church in Louisiana that mentored us and walked us through our First Encounter Weekend Event.  This time, Pastor Linda was our mentor...and wow - GOD uses her!

 Blessing #2- the leaders melted together - I knew we would but when you get 13 women together there can be ...well..but there was NONE of that - I have some awesome sister's in Christ that want the heart of Jesus to be understood.

Blessing #3 -- to get to learn more about the women at my church -- and be real in front of them and they were real in front of me...which brought forth many untold blessings.

Blessing #4 -- as the women arrived, I got to hear ...well, can't share that.
Blessing #5 -- the ladies in my small group....well, can't share that...
Blessing #6 - the food - AWESOME...
Blessing #7 -- the testimonies...can't share that ....
Blessing #8 -- watching the women bond because...can't share that...
Blessing #9 -- when  a team of prayer warriors prayed for  a women  to get healed........can't share that..but I can tell you she testified to a complete healing at the Celebration Service last night so she will tell you -- God heals.
Blessing #10  -- women were SET free, chains from past hurts were broken off,  and the  leaders ..had new giftings, more freedom, and liberty in Christ and God blessed our socks off...

My point is...this was  a weekend that changed the lives of 25 women and the rest of us...38 ladies will forever be changed.   It is truly a special thing and I WANT each and every one of my family friends...and my extended circle of women friends to EXPERIENCE it.  So...there.  Just saying.

God works.  God wins.  God is amazing.

I SO want to share more, but again -- I must submit to my Pastor and follow the directions of being a 'bit quiet'.  But I can tell you today --I was literally flying in my school room - nothing got me upset today.  I awoke to a choir of angels singing -- and I could hear and rehear the testimonies that the women gave last night - a testament to HIS love for them..for us. biggest blessing - I learned how to trust the Holy Spirit within me...God is so sweet.  He gave me physical confirmations and He gave me spiritual confirmations as well as confirmation in His Word. There is NO high like a Jesus HIGH  and I was labeled a 'Jesus freak' and I humbling accept that nick name and I pray I live up to it.

Obedience brings froth Spiritual blessings.
Jesus was obedient.
We got the blessing because of HIS obedience to His FAther.
God wins.  
My 'blessing' room. 

just a place to beautiful


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