Saturday, February 15, 2014

...profound words that REALLY struck this evening-

  I tried to run a 5K today. 
I have not really 'run'  one in over a year.  And I say loosely run, as I probably walked a good 1/3 of it. 

 A back injury, phlebitis in my legs, and a knee tweaking
 and JUST PLAIN laziness...has prevented it for a long bit --  However...I tried it today.

It was fun -- the best part was when I was on the last mile and I had passed the OHS Baseball team for the 3rd time ( they were just toying with me) and I yelled out in front of their Coach, "boy or boy will Mr. Pritchard have FUN with this on the announcements on Tuesday, that his 48 year old WIFE beat the team to the finish line"....needless to say - they passed me and finished before me.  But it made me feel a bit STRONG! 
...I needed  some ice and rest time flat on my back -- so, needless to say, I need to work at this. 

That was my AM....then my afternoon -- I wanted to hear from God on a subject. 

HE clearly SHOWS up and I think I stumbled on to the WHY of it....CAUSE that is WHAT GOD does.  HE answers. 

Sometimes I am SO sure He is just laughing at me and saying 'dah'....praise God HE does not put that on a billboard -- I will confess on my own self  -- the more I get to know HIM...the more 'dumb' I feel at times...or maybe the more 'ah  ha's ' happen. 

And in the middle of that -- he answered a prayer that I had been asking for a bit.  Weird how HE did it - but good.  And I really had to accept the answer --- even when my flesh wanted to refute it.  I was humbled.  I probably won't share that -- too personal ...but the STRUGGLE to accept an answer when my flesh still wants to HOLD onto its feelings...whoa -- powerful. 

I guess that is WHY HE had me listening to someone one this evening while I was a working.  I had to listen to the podcast   - despite- what I believe -- I really can't do two things at once, but I was able to hear the message and let it sink in. 

I went to the Messenger International Site of Lisa and John Bevere - they just finished taping a DVD series on the Story of Marriage - it won't come out until August - but I fell upon their son blogging and preaching  on a  message about Holiness.   It blessed me.  It challenged me and it made me understand .....THAT I had to accept WHAT God answered for me today -- and let those feelings of my flesh be dead.....

Either way -- going to share a bit  --

1.  Holiness is living RIGHT in God.
2.  Righteousness is right STANDING in God.
3.  The gift of Salvation is the Gift of Jesus Christ. 
4.  If you HAVE not seen a transformation in your life, you have not realized WHO YOU are in Christ.  There is a change in our identity. 
5.  YOUR walk with Christ...should GET MORE exciting and more challenging each day ...and the JOY should increase too.

( This SO blessed me...I am so much MORE....excited about God and what HE is doing in the people around me....I will talk constantly ...and share if you let is SO exciting!  Addison spoke about that 'childlike' faith...and he said he has MORE of that now at 28 years of age...and that fit me...I have MORE faith - so much more faith now than when I first heard of Jesus!  )   ....and THAT is exciting! 

And,  6, 7, 8, and 9, and 10.....

 , ,  The more you experience God - the more you know HIM.
The more you KNOW HIM...the more you WANT to know HIM...
The more you WANT to know HIM, the more YOU will CHANGE....
The more you CHANGE...the MORE YOU SEE GOD...It is a Cycle..
.- I am quoting Addison Bevere

THIS is so so so so so so so true. 
God reminded me again today - HE wants me EVEN MORE in HIS when we spend that time with HIM....we grow. 

And finally -- Addison ended with:   "If your Spiritual Man is not spending time with the Spirit of God and His Word...then your Spirit Man will die..."

I have seen this within a life. 
I have witnessed a death and then a rebirth.  I am honored to call him my husband. 
THAT was one of the things that MOST attracted me to him back in 1991... He knew he was going to heaven.  He knew history and stuff...and I watched him as he read his bible and spoke of God.  But I allowed the business of life to keep me busy and I never grew in my own knowledge of Christ....until much later. And He allowed the enemy to lie to him -- but that is his story.   ----

  Now -- it is an awesome thing to awake and see him in his chair - reading his bible and then sharing what God has revealed to him.  It is an awesome thing to he grows closer to God ...I get the benefit and the covering of a godly husband and father to my kids.  I WANT this for EVERY woman I know -- and if they are single.....I want them under the covering of a Pastor that peaches this and covers them with his Spiritual authority --  God wins. 


Thank you Lord, I am humbled and I will easily accept your answer to the prayer this evening -- and I won't allow the enemy to lie to me in that area again.  You win.   - humbled....michelle

PS, I challenge you to go to the Messenger International site and take the 38 minutes to listen to Addison speak and give a message on Holiness   it was called "Giving up on Good Behavior" - I know it will change your heart -- and bring you closer to God! 

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  1. Michelle, Pastor John spoke this same word in a way, today at M2L. "True worship will TRANSFORM you!" Agreed. Thx for you. Congrats on finishing the 5k. Good job choosing to do the 5k, even!


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