Saturday, February 22, 2014

...prayer answered and continued - it is a process - DO not grow weary...

 There is a verse in the bible -  "Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we don't give up". 

Every once in awhile, I go backwards and read my blogs from a few years ago to several years ago.  I went back in time again today and read a post for my birthday - my 45th birthday. 

I cut/copied and pasted a portion of it here: 

In reality -- 45 and blessed, chosen, accepted, adopted, redeemed, and forgiven . .

In all seriousness - Lord, thank you for this week. But mostly Lord, thank you for the recent knowledge of KNOWING that I am in the center of your will. I make a big deal out of 'dates' and time but as each year passes - I really only come to understand how precious life is, how short it is and how I deeply love and respect you as Lord and Savior. And Lord, I WANT your will be done. For my birthday Lord, hear my prayer.
Lord, I want and wish for each of my family and extended family to see YOU shine in me. Lord, for my birthday I will ask for that miracle that I believe YOU promised me; however, in YOUR time Lord. Lord, for my children, may their hunger for you grow and grow in a good way. Lord, I am so grateful for this day -- for YOUR love and what YOU have allowed in my life. And Lord, I am thankful. Lord, Use me, teach me and bless me today. Like that verse about Jacob -- I won't let you go until you bless me -- bless me Lord, I pray. Be with me always. Thank you.
Your daughter.

I could recite this prayer all over again, but the miracle I was asking for is different and God DID grant me a miracle some time after I posted this prayer. 

I still want my kids to hunger and thirst for you EVEN more.

I still want HIS light to SHINE within me and HE has affirmed in me that I am STILL in HIS will. 

I STILL want HIM to bless me and I am very grateful for ALL that HE has done and what HE will still do. 

But I had to share this...please don't give up -- faith creates miracles --- hang on.  After I posted this prayer, it was still another14 months until my eyes and my ears could sort of believe that God was restoring my marriage...but first HE had to restore a life. 

If you are praying today - are you willing to wait another 14 months?    If God has instructed you to obey Him... I pray you have the strength to see it through and I pray that in 14 months you will get the answer and then...I pray another 2 years from that will get what I got today....

It has almost been 4 years now since the bomb exploded within our home and the crisis of faith took on a new direction...but today -- I heard something that blessed me beyond measure..

I heard my husband say, "I watch you Chell - I listen to what you say..I want what you have with God, so I want my relationship to grow".  And then a little while later, I overheard him tell another about why people are being drawn to me....'they see God in her and in her obedience'. 

For my husband to acknowledge that God's light shines in me -- whoa.  I am humbled. 

For my husband to WANT more of God...whoa. I am excited. 


I am so grateful for this day! And it gives me the faith and perseverance to stick to what God has asked me to do -- to stand in the gap for ...........and I am going to believe in the next miracle - amen. 

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