Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God fights and Random thoughts --

So, the past 14 days have been RATHER a blur..... 

In accepting the honor to speak with two other women for Mother's Day, I had an idea that Satan was going to do everything in his power to steal, kill, and destroy - but I had NO clue as to  the extent of it. 

However, God Wins. 

In reading, or listening to my bible app read 2 Samuel  a few days ago - chapters 8-11, I could not help but allow the Holy Spirit to create word pictures within my mind ...of David listening, extending forgiveness, and then ...  God delivering to him the plunder from victories!    

I know God is holy and I WOULD never want to hurt my testimony by sticking in a cuss word here or there - but I admit -- sometimes when I am  praying, I get so angry at a problem and Satan that I literally want to let a few cuss words out-- cause it feels good.  Well, my flesh feels better.

Today, I could see David defeating the Philistines and I was screaming and hollering   - whoot whoot -- whoot ...YEAH... God wins! 

Over the past 14 days, I have had the sincere privilege to pray for several, correspond with several, and God even brought a few new women to minister to as one day I know I will minister with them! 

God wants his people free -- God wants us doing life with others and  doing our part of the Great Commission. 

I have been in tears seeking God on one matter and then, cried a few of my own cause my feelings got hurt. 

God wins.  God will win.  God has won...but these human eyes...these human thoughts needs reminders. 

I watched several teachings on Hell this weekend -- Jesus spoke more about hell  than heaven.  Why?  Maybe to remind us - that it is real.  Robert Morris used the illustration that perhaps in Jesus 3 years of ministry he spoke about it 33x -- that is about once a month.  What would happen in our ministers in the church spoke about hell once a month?  

I have sat in a seat on a bus to Tallahassee and back, I have watched a blacksmith make a nail, and I climbed up a 30 foot ladder and did some zip line adventures. 

Several times in the past two weeks, I have just marveled on 'how' God moves -- just when I think a particular prayer request has been forgotten -- HE shows up. 

So today, I also read in 2 Samuel 7.22 ...  How great you are, Sovereign Lord!  
HE is Sovereign -- HE will win.  Period.  End of Story. 

I was reading an except from 1000 Blessings  or 1000 ways of Gratitude by Ann Voskamp and I was tearfully crying as I could see this author's mamma hold her little one -- as she had been hit by a delivery truck on a farm.  I was reminded of the time my own dad, accidentally, ran over my 2 year old brother -- as he was running out of the barn trying to get a ride on the big tractor.

The beginning  of her book took me way back and she begins her (60 week National Best Seller Book)  story...  addressing those thoughts...  'why would God allow this' and within the first 10 pages of her book, I fell in love with God all over again and prayed ...

Lord -- I want to WRITE like her........  

 Here is the rest of 2 Samuel 7.22 :  Lord, there is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears. 

So, these RANDOM thoughts about God winning  and prayers that were spoken this past weekend .... Lord - move.
Lord - I am sort of in a funk again -- or maybe it is just that I am tired --
Lord - YOU are sovereign and if you never answered another prayer of mine -- I would still trust YOU Lord and believe -- that is what is best for me....
Lord, for these last 8 days of school -- God I pray that I finish well - thank you - amen.

- humbled...

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