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My Mom (s) Repost from 2014

Today is Mother's Day -- and YES, I am reposting this -- the prayer is still  a prayer of mine. The love I feel for BOTH of my mom's has not changed....  
And if you read to the bottom -- Both Erica and Alyssa have very healthy almost 1 year olds now....  God is good, God is gracious...and God even had me speaking at today's Mother's Day Service -- I am blessed.  I indeed Love the Lord - and He is the BEST Mom ...a girl could ever have!  LOL 

So for now ...

Reposting my Mother's Day blog from May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to first my mom.
 Sandy.  In the photo  below where she is holding Taylor --at about a week old, I did the math and she is probably 46 in that photo --I am already older at this point.

My other mom is my mother-n-law.  Marilyn, I did the math on her too -- she was just 2 years older  in that photo than I am presently.

Those 'ages' sort of freaked me out at first -- because today I have been teasing Brendan that we are now "GRANDS"  a puppy - Taylor got herself a baby this week
- she weighs all of 2 pounds and her head is still a little to big and she falls over here and there - but she is a cutie!

Not that my moms are old or that I am, I just had a little laugh and pondering moment in realization of 'where' my moms were in time when ...Taylor arrived.  TP was a first grandkid for my Mom - now she has 20+ .......I would have to stop and count to be specific but I am too tired.

And Marilyn has a few more than TP now  - but Taylor was her 2nd granddaughter.

And now with Taylor getting a puppy - and believe me it is like having a newborn in the house -- well, it just has made me laugh and appreciate motherhood all over again.

My mom, Sandy, Taylor and Marilyn 
 Seriously -- I have been preparing this  blog for over an month now- but now  it is midnight on the eve of Mother's Day and I am just finding the right photos to post....

I guess I really had to just wait for Taylor's little one to be a part of this family too.

BTW- Hunter is home for summer, he and Brendan enjoyed the Miami Game and I heard HP yell at the TV a few times....and Bella, our 7 year old Boston, was asleep on Hunter's legs.  Elsa, Taylor's Boston ( 8 weeks ), was asleep on Brendan's chest and Taylor and I were busy doing other necessary stuff -- the house was full - is full and my HEART is happy.

I do enjoy being a mom and having both of them home -- for the present time. And this entire day has been one big Mother's Day present!

 So - back to Mother's Day -- First to my MOm......Mom, Happy Mother's Day - if you were here, you would be joining us for a drive over to St. Pete to meet more family and enjoy a First Communion Service.  If you were here, there would be a big hug -  probably no card - this is it, but there would be some good fun.  If you were here, I would tell you this face to face.  

Thank you for teaching me unconditional love, giving me your talent to write,  and sharing with me the  many secret hiding places where you would stash chocolate.  ......

Thank you for the ears that were cleaned out and the times you would try to have peace and quiet in the bathtub and we always invaded your spot.  Thank you for Sour Cream Twists and the ability to go to the refrigerator and put together something.  AND.....How could one forget the endless trays of Rice Krispie treats that were our first breakfast bars.  

Mom - thank you for teaching me the value of friendship and loyalty.  Mom, you taught me perseverance.  And Mom...even though we are far away , your photo is on my dresser and I look at you each morning and say hello and pray.  Even though we don't see eye to eye on some topics...I do respect your opinions and listen.   Mom, my worth ethic is also because of YOU.  I love you and miss you - and I pray the REST of my siblings did something spectacular....cause they are close!!  LOL! 
 I pray a blessing over you - that you will remain healthy and full of energy to continue the task at hand - there is much for to do for the Kingdom of God.   Happy Mother's Day!

Blake and Taylor - probably 1996-97.

Taylor and Elsa on their way home.
Taylor and our first Boston - whizzer!  
My Mother's Day 1992
 To Other Moms....the photo above is of Taylor at my 2nd Mother's Day - what a joy a child brings...

Lord, I pray right now for the many moms who are hurting. I pray for the ones who have lost their children and I pray for the ones that have such little ones right now and they are just trying to juggle a job, a family, and everything else besides making sure there are plenty of diapers and orange juice.   - God may each and everyone of them understand that being a mom is a blessing and a calling  and I pray that any hurting mom will find comfort in your arms  this Mother's Day Weekend -  I especially ask a blessing upon my sister - who lost  her child several years ago, but my how you had the healing already planned as she enjoys a grand-daughter from her daughter and she gets to enjoy another son -  we will believe that Blake is planning a big  Mother's Day party for us all  when we are  in heaven! -  I pray for the women I know with teenagers - God - that they will continue to cover them with prayers and believe that God has great plans for them.  And I pray for a dear one and her 2 year old who are going through the valley right now - may, by this time next year, the confusion that seems to plague them right now--be gone.   God that each of these moms put YOU first -- as with that in perspective -- the rest will fall into place.   amen.  

I am a mom of two -- TP and this is HP...on his golf cart - typical Sunday afternoon.

Now for my next mom - Happy Mother's Day to Marilyn,  whom I affectionally call 'mom'  as well.   Mom - thank you for raising a son that has become the God's  mate for me.  Thank you for the endless words of encouragement and prayers for me and my kids...and your boy.  Thank you for always watching out for us, grabbing the bill at Pogey's and for reminding me that our time is precious.  

 Thank you for what you have taught me as well, especially how to listen to the Holy Spirit.  
I pray a blessing over you - that you will remain healthy and full of energy to continue the task at hand - there is much for to do for the Kingdom of God.   You are a welcome of marital wisdom and godly wisdom and you dote over us so.   Most importantly,  thank you for the endless errands  and stuff you did for Brendan and I as we raised out kids -- like staying home with a sick one and babysitting a puppy ...whizzer each day.  We owe you a bunch, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day -- especially to  my sisters -- Diann, Brittan, Jeanette,
                     -My Sisters - n laws.... Becky, Janette, Tina, MArcia, Kristi, Tiffany and Laurie
                      -Erica - who is going to deliver soon and to Alyssa who just had her girl last night.
  And the list can go on  - seriously - I am thinking of one right this moment  that needs a reminder that God is in control with her daughter and she will come to repentance!!    - So I will stop at this and not try to list or name them all -- as they know whom they are and they will use the follow prayer to cover their children this morning.

Lord, thank you for being a mom.  Lord, thank you for the blessing and the honor to instill the love of Jesus into their lives...thank you for the provisions you give and thank you for the continued love , grace and mercy.  Lord, ONLY you can make a 'perfect child'...that was Your son which we thank you for, I pray a blessing over all the mom's I know - may they seek YOU first today and may their children - give them the love and honor they deserve...IN Jesus name  - amen.  And Lord for the men of these women -- may they too - honor their wives today - with YOUR grace and mercy .  Amen.

And  - if you love me and you are a mom ...  and this blog touched you  -- then --THIS note is to remind you - GOD is in control but you must let Him be.  

God bless - hugs and kisses to my moms....- chell 

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