Monday, March 11, 2013 has been two years now......

  The following below was written in February of 2012. 

  At the time, I was reflecting on the previous year ( 2011)  and all that has changed.    Going to do it again.....

As God reminded me of  a chapter  in the bible of how God told  HIS people to put stones in the river....remembrance stones of WHAT God had done for them...... to bring them out of Egypt - so they would not forget. 

 I don't want to forget 'where' we were, I mean, I don't want the pain of it, but I don't want to forget what it took to change all of us into more CHRIST like people....we are different now.  Praise God.  

Now I will ADD in....what you read in the RED  is the update.....

Isaiah 43.2
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you.

A (TWO years ago) year ago, our lives were very different.  My life was very different.  I was on a roller coaster and just trying to get off, or back on...or even get to a new 'ride' but that was then.  A year ago, I was preparing my 4th graders for Florida Writes, trying my best to tweek any quick lessons and trying to make a child WANT to write. I had decided to apply for a new job and make some changes.    A year ago,  Hunter had just returned from Costa Rica and he spoke about the orphanage and how it affected him.  A year ago, Taylor had just turned 20 and I was taking my classes at church to go to my Encounter Retreat Weekend.  A year ago, things were very different.  And they were good.

My life now,  ( February 28, 2012 it  was still on a roller coaster, but  now (2013)  we have picked a new ride! ) 

  We - my husband and I  are getting on the roller coaster together and we get off together and most times we choose the one ride  that does NOT go upside down!   

I am moving forward and not going backwards or upside down anymore.  I am no longer teaching 4th grade...but sweating it out with 5th graders and trying to teach how to regroup and rename fractions /mixed numbers and then solve equations...I am learning. ( I am still teaching 5th graders and this year I know more about fractions and surface area and I still LOVE this job!)   And I got that new job.  Hunter did not go out of the country this year, but is preparing to head to Dallas in April with Brendan and compete in the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup and play soccer. Brendan and Hunter went to Dallas Cup.  The boys placed very well, but lost in a quarter final game and they could not WAIT to fly home, Brendan drove the rental car all the way home in 24 hours.....that was crazy!    And Taylor just turned 21 (she is now 22!) .....she is legal...Things are very different.  And they are good, but a 'better' good.   Things are better now.....much better.  Just completely different!  

This morning God reminded me of my Encounter weekend...and I went to FIND this post.  Thus, you are getting an update!   God reminded me, someone needed encouragement! 

 This morning, God reminded me of something special that happened to me a year ago at my Encounter weekend.....heading to the Encounter was hard, as there were so many unanswered questions, thoughts, and hurt, but coming home from it -- there was a true Encounter with My Lord.

The verse in Isaiah...passing through the waters...That has been happening for the past several years and God NEVER once....left me.  HE was there with me all the time.    I think back and can get overwhelmed by thoughts, problems, and hurts...and HE says, I will NOT let them overwhelm you... and HE kept HIS promise.  I did not get burned...scorched...and the flame did not kindle upon me.

A year ago(2011), I HATED God's timing.  Today(2012) ....HIS timing is something I don't understand but I don't HATE it anymore.  It is needed.  Today,  ( 2013) I now LOVE God's timing.  Of course, cause we are on the OTHER side of the hurt and restoration has come.  Now we just continue to do our best, LOVE HIM first and walk along with him.  

I heard my husband tell another this past weekend...."chell and I are really good, in fact great, it is the best we have ever been".....Those were sweet words to hear.  However, I can't easily forget how quickly something can turn  - we are very aware and grateful, but we are both committed to work at our relationship with HIM first, daily...which makes our relationship as husband and much better...and oh....the BEST it has ever been! 

The difference is really our relationship with Christ.  HE truly is finally at the head of our marriage, we really are a three-braided chord...bound tight, retied back together.  

Our hearts ache now for others we see in a similar situaiton or just in pain because of life and it's difficulties.  We ache cause a few times we just want to say ....'get right with God....let HIM in...let HIM fix it.....oh Lord, draw them near!'. 

 But, we have learned that prayer - is the key.  So we pray!   And pray.   

God reminded me today -- that I needed to share:

 THIS truth is RIGHT on whether you read it back in 2012 or just now for the first time........

Whatever YOU may be facing or experiencing right now in your life,  DO not give up.....Hang on.
Whatever YOU may be facing or experiencing right now in your life,  DO not give up.....Hang on.
Whatever YOU may be facing or experiencing right now in your life,  DO not give up.....Hang on.

At the beginning of my Encounter Weekend, I spoke to my Cell Pastor and made my list of hurts and what I wanted to hear from God and 'learn'....HE had HIS own plan.  HIS plan was MUCH better than mine or what I expected.

At the end of my Encounter Weekend, at a prayer time I was slain in the Spirit...that had NEVER happened to me before.  I have seen it happen, I have heard people talk about it - but if it was going to happen to me or be real...I had told God -- HE would have to do it.  HE did.  I went for prayer, I lifted my palms up to show I was submitting to whatever God had for me and my Cell Pastor began to pray.  All I heard was, "Father God..."  and I felt the bottoms of my feet lift up and I was down.  And out.  And I saw the most beautiful light...yellow light.  At first I asked God - 'what is this?'  But I felt peace and calm and tranquility.....I believe I got to see the light of God -- for a brief moment, just a brief moment, but HE reminded me of that Encounter today.  HE reminded me...HE is with us.. always...

There is more to this story - but, that is all I am suppose to share ...I am to encourage someone...somewhere.... HE will NOT let you pass through the waters alone, call to HIM today ...

Don't give up.

God wins.  God still wins.   Hang on!  

Submitted in Christ -- michelle

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