Tuesday, March 5, 2013

our limited vision........

If you could see me as I write this moment - a few different things transpired today that made me frustrated, angry, and overjoyed, and then so excited I wanted to literally FLY and carry a banner that says ...GOD WINS!!!  

But some of that is for another blog and a later date....

THIS is what I wanted to share this evening:

I found the following quote typed up  in cleaning up the papers in my purse and bible....It was a part of Sharon Jaynes's Girlfriends in God devotional...from back in October or maybe earlier in the year.  However, I know it is by HIS divine intervention that it CAME to life this evening.  It must of spoke to me back then, as I copied and printed it off....but tonight - it is time to blog it and share!

She quoted  Jean-Pierre de Caussade and he said it well:

"Each and every trial is an opportunity to trust HIM more.  You would be very ashamed if you knew what experiences you call setbacks, upheavals, pointless disturbances, and tedious annoyances really are.  You would realize that your complaints about them are nothing more nor less than blasphemies -- thought that never occurs to you.  Nothing happens to you except by the will of GOD, and yet beloved children curse it because they do not know it for what it is."   

HIS ways are HIGHER than our ways and HIS thoughts are HIGHER than our thoughts.   Isaiah 55.9

I have been in prayer for a particular pal and my heart has been aching.  But not only for her - there are others on my prayer list.  I have come to learn about Intercessory Prayer - when  GOD burdens you for a loved one or a lost one, or a total stranger.  Either way....it is an ACT of God when the burden is placed on you.

I consider it,  now,  a blessing.  I won't 'curse' or feel frustrated about it.  But, for a brief moment yesterday I did.  I did.

  I was ready to GIVE up.

  I even 'told' God - I quit.

 And HE quickly reminded of when I felt that way within my own life as I prayed for my heart and I was tired of hurting.      And HE quickly reminded me the outcome - God WINS.  So I quickly repented, chatted/prayed more with God and renounced my self-pity and knew I was NOT going to quit and I would continue to lay that burden at HIS feet...the cross.

I then walked into my house and was blessed tremendously by a personal letter from Beth Moore's team of prayer warriors.  I got the 'usual' form letter/ card from BEth too, but I realize she is a mega personality and can't respond personally, but one of her prayer warriors did and it encouraged me.  HIS timing is perfect.  HE knew I would say, "I quit, and then 5 min later take that back,  and then 30 seconds later walk it to be blessed....."  HE knew that - that is why I call Him LORD!

HE is my best friend.  HE has my back.  HE fights for me!

So when I found this little snip-it of truth that Sharon Jaynes shared...I was heavily reminded - HIS ways are higher than our ways...HIS thoughts are higher than our thoughts.....God wins.

My limited vision is limited, but praise God I am now in the practice of opening my eyes more often and I pray that HE will continue to burden me with prayer requests - I want to be HIS servant and be a part of HIS will.

Today's trials....I won't complain.  I already have a plan to make tomorrow better.  And I figure the Enemy knew I was on fire with prayer for another - so what better way  than to throw up some other crud to get me off track.  But, I am more wise to his stupid and cunning ways.  My armor is up and getting stronger day after day.  Amen!

The trials of today are not setbacks....as I know - Nothing happens to me except by the will of God.

honored...and so in LOVE with my Lord that I want more...

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