Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fighting off the Buzzards - Guest Blogger - Eunice

I have been on vacation.  God never goes on vacation.  Praise God HE is always right there when we need Him and when we ignore Him too.   While enjoying the majestic beauty of Colorado and the family time with both kids and son - n- love --- God was at work and within our time together.  I am most grateful.  However,  I am also aware that seasons of trials and battle are close and around.  I treasured this 'peaceful' get away with my children and husband but I also battled for another and for my own family as the enemy never gives up.  I read an article while gone where the author suggests that obeying God and living for Him and serving does not mean ..."it will get easier"... quite frankly the author warned, "it gets worse and the trails don't stop".  However, the glories that are given and witnessed are most precious and KEEPS one going.  I have seen that.  I want to see more.  Here is another quest post by my dear warrior pal -- that I named Eunice.  I pray for the day she can write her own blog and give her identity -- but right now it is important for her to battle with all her strength and when she is beyond this present battle and there is victory -- she will be able to share.  And, I know God is going to use her -- HE already has!!  
This is what she emailed me while I was gone.  Due to internet struggles and mountain regions, I was unable to read it until today and I instantly knew -- it would encourage another. 

I watched Lisa Bevere on Life Today last night.  And I listened.  She spoke about SCARY prayers.  Every day God continues to show me and others -- His time is near and yet, He has not returned yet, so we must continue to share His love and the gospel.  Lisa reminded me that Psalm 10 is a scary prayer -- Lord, crush the enemies ... Do it Lord - make a way and I pray the lost will return to You. 

If you are in a place where you believe or want to give up or give in... don't.  FIGHT. 
I pray this woman's heart will bless you and remind you to STAND strong against those buzzards! 

- Michelle

I am going through a difficult time in my life right now.

A faith fight is what I’ve come to call it.

Matthew 24:28 - Wherever there is a carcass, there the buzzards will gather.

Buzzards. I’ve seen them so much lately. Perched in dead trees like something I’ve seen out of an old cartoon. Buzzards, waiting to devour the dead.

I left for work early on a Monday morning to discover someone ran over an armadillo right outside of my driveway. Directly in front of my mailbox. I thought to myself I’d need to remove the corpse of this poor armadillo once I get home from work but by the time I got home the poor body of the armadillo was squashed on the pavement directly in front of my house.

There was no body removal for me to do of the mess now left in front of my home.

For two days I left and came home to an overwhelming stench outside my house of this dead animal. And a mounting number of buzzards perched upon my fence line, waiting to devour this carcass.

It left my stomach sick and quite frankly each time I entered my house, downtrodden by the overwhelming emotions of defeat for my very difficult faith fight; I thought how fitting it seemed to see the buzzards there like the dead animal, trying to eat and devour my dead circumstance.

One Wednesday evening during praise and worship service, as I was in my own battle, my own fight, I thought of those buzzards at my home, sitting, and ready to eat my life away. I was reminded of a woman whose sons were killed as a penance for Saul’s disobedience resulting in a three year famine. Rizpah was one of Saul’s concubines and had given him two sons. Her two sons were killed and hung at the sanctuary, as a result of their dads actions.

For five months their mother watched her sons decaying bodies hang as the buzzards tried to eat their bodies. This grieving mother fought back the buzzards awaiting and fighting for her sons to have a proper burial. (2 Samuel 3-21) In my grief stricken state, feeling like everything was dead. Hanging exposed for the buzzards to devour, I remembered Rizpah.

How despite her grief and emptiness she fought. She fought with all of her might to keep the buzzards away.

She refused to allow them to take everything precious to her.

Day and night for five months, she fought these buzzards.

As I raised my grief stricken hands, completely emptied of myself, I declared I would beat back the buzzards!

My life. My faith fight is a battle God has already won. I must be like Rizpah and persevere.

Does life have you down?

Are you at the end?

Do you feel death is imminent? Spiritual death?

You know God is there!

He is your source of strength in this unbearable time you are enduring!

Do you feel you’ve gone too far to turn back?

Is running the only option you see?

Sweet brother, sweet sister, He is there!

He wants to hold you!

He wants to love you!

He wants to restore you!

He wants to redeem you!

He wants to give you abundant life in HIM!

You pull in your strength!

You take a deep breath and YOU FIGHT!

Don’t you dare let the buzzards take your life!

It’s not dead!

God is your source of strength! (Psalm 28:7) God is your living water! (John 4:14) He cleanses you! (1 John 1:9) He will bring life into those dry bones!(Ezekiel 37:1-14)Surrender to Him and let Him clean you up!

Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP!


Fight the buzzards! Your life is worth it!


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