Monday, July 18, 2016

Always True #1....

Ok,  a dear friend gave me this book back when I was in the middle of heartache.    I could not read it.  I believe it was because...  I did not want to read something in there that would tell me......  

...... that my marriage may NOT be restored.     You see, I had  counsel and many who would tell me, "it just looks like maybe this won't work out!".   BUT... I had counsel and several that would tell me, "with GOD, nothing is impossible!". 

But in the meantime.....

Anyway, in 2012, I got the courage to  finish reading it.  I had read parts back in 2011 when she gave it to me....but as I said, I just could not complete the book.   And God, in his perfect wisdom knew I would PICK it up finally in 2012 and read and  it would remind me that HIS promises are Always true. 

Today, there are a few  I want to encourage.  The Lord brought me BACK to this book!!   So I dug in again.    I believe it will give  hope.  It did me.  I admit -- I think many  should get this book- it is indeed a best seller!   I  should probably buy several copies -- but sometimes when I  give another a book, it just sits -- like many  books that just sat -- when they were given to me.  However ---- 

Maybe this will ignite a few to buy and read this book that Mr. MacDonald has written -- it is a good one for all those who believe!  Anyway ----

Dark days.  I had to know that in those dark days... what would happen next.   I just wanted insight!
In those dark days, I knew that if I could make it just ONE more day -- God would lead me and maybe tomorrow that MIRACLE would happen.....

Then I read this:   " the very idea that God commits Himself to do anyting is incredible.  He does not have to bind Himself to us in any way.  He is God!"  He is completly above and beyond us.  As part of His creation, we are in no postiion to to hold Him to anything!  But yet, God does flat out promise to do some things -- for us.  For ME!! "   - Mr. MadDonald

2 Peter 1.4 says:   "by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises"  !!  

Romans 8.32, "he who did not spare his own  Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?"

Even when it is hard to trust -- God's promises remain the same!

HE knows how you want to quit or just be 'done'..   Psalm 103:14 says, "He knows our frame: he remembers that we are dust".  

But HANG on.....   the middle part...between I believe and receiving that promise....  is indeed - FAITH! 

God feels compassion for the pain of not knowing -- and that is why HE invented this idea of a promise!  
God knows what HE has promised and HE can't lie! 

Jeremiah 32.27 says:  I am the Lord anything too hard for me?  

David says, " I would of despaired if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living"  Psalm 27.13

God promises that even if you have been hit with a problem so big you just want to turn the pages of the calendar and wait this one out....   God promises strength and peace through that trial...  He does! 

So right now... I encourage you to dig deep in God's Word today and find some promises that YOU will hold dear and write out on a post it note or an index card.  WRITE them in the corners of your mind and heart...  make several copies to place int he bathroom, the bedroom...even your car -- and tell Satan today that -- he is not going to win today -- but THAT God will!  

Lord, I thank you in advance for the HOPE that this blog will bring to that one or several .....THAT in the next few blogs, based on this book - each person reading this will know -- that indeed YOUR promises are always true.  I pray as YOU help me Lord, "outline" this resource that those who NEED to read this and USE this book - would have the gumption today to order it.  LORD...I think you for faithful authors that are divinely inspired.  Lord, USE this blog always to bring hope and to remind that one that is ready to give up -- that GOD WINS!   

Amen - 
 I am humbled...   and in prayer for some dear women RIGHT now.... that are fighting the enemy and claiming HIS promises  that their lives would honor God in everything - IN Jesus name, Amen.

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