Sunday, February 5, 2012

a filthy rag.....and a few thoughts...

Hey, has been a while since I have posted something ....just about me....or what God has been showing me.  I was pretty focused there for a bit, a glorious 40 days of prayer for a secret sister in Christ and God continues to keep me focused.    I believe God used those prayers  for me, for her, but for others too....and HE did not say it was 'time' to stop praying either.  I have continued to pray for my secret sister, but just not POST....

I have also been really seeking and asking God many questions...many.  I have had a few things confirmed and new 'wrinkles' to pray and think about.

Today in church my Pastor spoke about our sin, and how it is like a filthy rag...but God does not see me that way.  Because I have Jesus, Jesus wraps me in HIS covering and God sees me through Jesus.    That was a cool thing to rethink.

And, another thought he reminded me of...that people think they can ADD God into their lives and keep the same sin.

I could relate to that. ....I can see where I added God into my life but only where I thought HE could fit in.  I added God into my life and DID the things that looked right - but I really did not understand what it meant to really LOVE HIM first.  I am so glad that HE waited on me.

How different my life is now, than 3 years ago...than 2 years ago...than just a year ago -- I am so humbled.  And blessed.

Pastor Dave went on to speak about how when God is added...other stuff must be subtracted.  How true....and we can prove to others how much God has added by our lives.  Wow.

Obedience brings joy to God.

I got to thinking and humbly...tears welled in my eyes.  As some personal stuff was revealed to me again this past weekend and yet, so much MORE was added of God.  Someone told me this weekend, 'how strong I was'...'am' is ONLY because of God.

Pastor Dave also showed us scripture in Luke and in Acts...that shows..God does discipline.

One of the things that was finally added to my hunger for HIS word.  It hurts my heart to see others have pain, get pain, or have to deal with a trial of some that they FINALLY want HIM, but HE knows best.

I pray, that I continue to ADD God and subtract the other life will prove there is good fruit.

Lord, I am so glad you don't view me as a filthy rag.
Lord, I love you.
Lord, thank you for having the patience to wait on me.
Lord, I praise YOUR name.
Lord, I want you to say to me - 'well done my good and faithful daughter'...
Lord, thank you for helping me stay obedient.
Lord, thank you for YOUR timing.
Lord, thank you for being the RIGHT daddy and protector.
Lord, thank you for slowly changing...adding and subtracting....
Lord, it was stated 'we are doing well'....Lord, be in EACH moment, be in EACH minute, be in EACH thought...of each of us and them.  Amen.

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