Monday, February 13, 2012

valentines day..... is God enough?

Ok, to say that I have been looking forward to Valentine's Day is sort of a just is.  This particular day just brings forth expectations that rarely happen.  Why ....cause we live and watch this world around us and totally forget about WHO really HAS to be our Valentine. 

I mean, I watched as a kid so many things happen within my own family,  to the neighbors,  and then the TV...I mean, I was raised on DAYS of our could I not expect the MOST very romantic, blow your socks off surprise......And then, I grow up and watch more TV...see what they do on TV for their girlfriends, and husbands, and lovers...etc. etc. etc.   I watched 4 uncles 'find' and woo their wives and then participated in their weddings -- I believe I saw Love. 

As a kid, Valentine's meant candy and cutesy cards from friends and family.  Then as a teen - it brought forth great anxiety......would a boy ask me out?  Would someone buy me chocolate? 

Praise God...someone did.  That need was met. 

However, as each year passed, I would watch and watch, and my expectations increased which always caused guilt, friction, and frustration.  Well, maybe not always - but still.  I expected. 

A human can't meet all our needs.  WE were not created to be the need meeters for our spouces......WE were created to be helpmeets....helpmates....a partner......

I guess I now realize that God has to be that NEED meeter, HIS expectations are what I WANT to be...
HIS love for me...IS enough. 

A counselor asked that of me, back in November of 2009, "michelle, is God enough?"  ....little did I know and realize of what was going to come my way and in my path at that time, GOD was not enough....

I am so sorry Lord, I NOW get it --

The history behind this 'holiday'...if you read a bit, Christian martyrs were called 'valentines' as they were killed for their profession of Christian faith....funny....a true Valentine loves Jesus...and lives like Jesus and people would be able to see his or her faith....and be persecuted for it? 

So, God really has to be enough -- period. 

And when God really is enough ....  you can sit and let HIM love on you and FILL every hole and every need and then, be filled and loved.  Be filled and loved so much, that you 'spill over' that Jesus water...that extra Jesus and then show kindness and mercy to YOUR loved ones...

your husband..your child...your daughter..your son...your family...your mom...etc.  etc.  and your enemy...
...yes, your enemy....

That is how I want to make sure, I think and celebrate Valentines from this point on....sharing that love of God, letting others know that HE is the BEST so that others will notice - there is something about her and letting that Jesus overspill out...out...

Happy Valentine's Day God...thank you for being the BEST Valentine a girl could ever have.  Thank you for YOUR gift, it is eternal! 

PS flesh would still LOVE some chocolate and a card...just saying...but rest assured, I won't expect it, nor will I pout if it is not YOU truely have given me much and my cup is overflowing! 

And Lord, there are many women out there, that are expecting LOTS tomorrow and they won't get it - comfort.  Lord, there are children out there, that will be bombarded by gifts, candy, and toys and yet all they really want is their mom or their dad to be WITH them - comfort them.  Lord, there are hurting families that area dealing with the loss of a loved one - comfort them.  Lord, may each and every person that is within my circle of influence draw closer to you and let YOU love them and be their true Valentine. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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