Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

August 15, 1987
25 years ago, on August 15th, (in the morning)  I quickly drove home to pick up Trevor and Nathan as they were the little ring bears and they had to get their tux's. I did not stick around long to do much of anything else, the barn doors were open, and I could hear my dad milking in the barn.  Very distinct sound!    And the day began.  25 years ago it was a VERY hot Wisconsin day.  Getting ALL 8 of my siblings there and my parents was a feat, as they each had a part in the wedding party!   25 years ago, I am sure I called home more than once  to make sure everyone was 'ok' and on their way to the church - I had planned the wedding to be AFTER the cows had to be milked but way before the evening chores!  25 years years ago, with family and friends we said some vows. 

Now, I don't think I married my best friend 25 years ago - I don't think I knew how to be a real friend.  In grade school I would have one best friend or two best friends, like Wendy and Rene, but if I missed school the next day, when I returned-- Leah and Wendy were best pals, Rene was now friends with Maggie and I got 'stuck' with Jennifer.  Oh - how cruel this sounds.  So....25 years ago, I married a  good looking friend.   Whom now, I can say....is becoming MY BEST friend

He was the most handsome guy I knew.
 I know I had BIG dreams for our lives together - such expectations.
I knew I loved him dearly -  dearly .
And I was so excited to begin this NEW life together. 

I had NO idea of how young we really were. 
WE had NO money.
I had NO idea of how to communicate or even be 'married' other than what I saw on TV and what I witnessed around me.  However, I had GOOD teachers.

Our lives began.

25 years is a LONG time, but yet  when I was looking for some photos ( other than seeing how YOUNG we look) it seems like it has been about  -- maybe 10-15 years....

There was college, student teaching, moving to Florida, apartment life, the arrival of Taylor, building a house, and then Hunter...and so on and so on. 
Family trips, Christmas Trees, and every August another anniversary would roll around in the middle of us both trying to set up a classroom for school to begin. 

And there were other weddings..... This photo was at year 17...at Trevor and Marcie's wedding.  Happy Years! 

Oh my, this was in 1997, at prom....Happy 10th Anniversary!    Happy Years!  We look like babies!

Here is 24.5 years....last December - new bike, new hobbie, new memories! 
Tomorrow is no different, as I 'blog' this on the eve of....tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary.  It is a milestone in the world -- a QUARTER of a century....it really is just another day. 

A day I am very thankful for.

Psm. 27.14 says: Rely on the Lord!  Be strong and confident!  Rely on the Lord! 

25 years later, I think I know what it means now to be married and how HARD it really is, whether you celebrate year #2, 5, 7, 13 or even 18!!   My parents celebrated year #46 this year.  Brendan's folks celebrated year #51.....by God's Grace. 

I pray we live long enough to see our children celebrate their 25th...If the Lord tarries. 

I am very thankful for the past 25 years - ALL of them, even the harder ones.  Life is not easy, praise God for Jeremiah 29.11....for I know the plans I have for you, "to prosper you and not to harm you - to give you hope and a future".....

25 years later, he is STILL the most handsome guy I know.
I still have BIG dreams for us.
I know I love him dearly, but there is ONE big difference now, I love God more.  (BP is sort of 2nd)
I am more excited about the next 25 years...seriously! 

Now I realize HOW young we really were, and we both try and remember that!
WE still have no money...ha ha.
And I think finally after some time, we are finally figuring out how to really communicate! 

Happy Anniversary Brendan, I am VERY proud of you.

Matthew 6.14


  1. and 33 years ago (January yeah January in NORTHERN MINNESOTA! DUMB! IT WAS 3 DEGREES AND MY DRESS WAS EYELET LACE COLD!) and we are still learning how to be friends-many many things in common (we didn't know about till way after the kids left home)and both of us raised in unChristian disfunctional homes- can read each others mind,he needs my strength now and it is fun to be "Mama" (like on "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reigndeer")and bring Jon cocoa and build a fire in the fireplace-we even cleaned the gutters out up on a manlift together-which showed Jon I really did trust him! OOFDA!

    1. Anna, glad to hear that.....you will have to read the anniversary post of 2011 and 2010 ...a little different - all just proof of HIS glory and power. Thanks for responding.
      And I am so sure, God is asking you to be the 'mama' in some ways...just remember you are also the WIFE!!!!! LOL!


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