Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...break OPEN the skies, YOU are needed Lord!

   THIS is a repost   or an EDITED post that I posted about two years ago, there is someone that needs this prayer today and I needed it too.    I updated it a bit and added to it.  GOD is so creative and HIS word is alive and active -- that is why, HIS word is so relevant!  

I hope, if you are reading this, it blesses you as well, or share it with another.  

Lord, as I rode into work today the sunrise was so spectacular and it opened my eyes.  And Lord, I saw a similar sky as I drove the beginning of the sunset.

  Lord, YOU  blessed a song, "HE'll break open the skies....and save those that cry out HIS  name".  I thought of that, over and over and sang that song in my head today....YOU do break open the skies....YOUR word says that YOU don't want anyone to perish......I am just amazed that YOU love us that much.  And you love us over and over 24/7..... I remember back in February  ( 2011 ) when I had a vision of you, on that horse and you bent down and scooped me up...and placed me on the horse in front of you.  That scooping motion was so real. I could see and and feel it. And then, YOU gave me another vision of that BRIGHT yellow light - YOUR light.  I remember it being so clear and yet so bright that I wanted to look away but I didn't.  And it only lasted a few seconds, but there was such a peace and warmth with it.  Then later in the summer, when I listened to and read the story about Todd Burpo's just all came together and I really believed that I had been privileged enough to experience that yellow - YOUR light and then  that warmth.  It is a vision and a feeling that I will never forget.  I don't share that with too many as some may not believe it is true - but I do.  I used to think all that sort of stuff was just 'freakish' but now, YOU power and how you work is such a mystery and YOU make real things happen.  I see you Lord, as the warrior on the horse, coming in to rescue me.  

I remember back in July of 2009, as I was doing a bible study how YOU seemed to jump out of the DVD and speak to me because I had this bracelet on....and the verse was " I have engraved your name on the palm of my hand ".  The circumstance, the event, the DVD, and well -- it just was like YOU were directly there and telling me.  I know that  I know, you continue to delight me and help my faith get stronger and stronger.   That sunrise this am, that sunset was just another reminder of YOUR power and YOUR love for us.

Lord, I am praying today for my Sister in Christ  and her life.  I consider it a great privilege to pray on her behalf...I want her to experience YOU like I have.  I don't want her to experience any great sadness or hurt ...but I can attest - YOU bring beauty out of ashes and sometimes the blessings come through tears.   Lord, I pray that as she awakes each day, she will see a sunrise and know YOU are there.  I pray she will have a divine Encounter  with YOU Lord, and I also pray that her healing, her life, and her family are being blessed.  Lord, I pray for a total healing for her.  

Lord,  there is hurt within her heart....old hurt that continues to creep in - it has to stop.   Please, Lord, draw her near so she will get that relief.  Open her eyes in such a new way.  

Lord, I pray she would dream tonight and have a vision that would increase her faith and give her great hope.  Lord, YOU are in this...YOU inspire these prayers, may they not only give her hope but may she really believe that YOU will heal her as YOU break open the skies ....and she would see you in a new and real way. Amen.

In Christ, 

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