Monday, January 21, 2013

You CAN teach an OLD dog new tricks!

I have to share. 

You can teach an old dog new tricks.
God is so merciful and faithful.  HE just is.

OK, this past weekend has been like something out of a 'that's good, ooh, that's bad' book.  I read this one to my students and it speaks about a kid that takes a  balloon out for a nice day to 'fly' and that is GOOD, but then the balloon gets away so that is BAD.  Then the balloon gets tangled in some sort of air plane..that is BAD, but the air plane engine was cutting out so the balloon saves the day..that is GOOD.  You get the idea - right?

Well, the good - HP and his club soccer team were picked to play the National U17 team in Bradenton on Saturday.  Good.  We set off Saturday morn and 100 miles down the road, the car begins to act up and make a noise...BAD.  Several prayers and moments later we hear a 'poof' and well, we pull over.  The Good -- we are right off Hwy 70 and there are parents that are ahead of us that can get HP to the game, but a tow truck will be needed.  BAD.

I INSIST that Brendan go and enjoy the game but he says, "no way", he won't leave me alone in the car for 2 hours as we wait to be towed - that is GOOD- sweet husband.  Tow truck bill is LARGE - BAD.

Anyway, I will stop there.  Sunday morn we had a GREAT service at church.  Sunday night we were blessed to hear Dr. Joe Davis from Southeastern University and he shared about how now, there is medical proof that YOU CAN build new brain cells -- daily.  Our brains are continually changing and new cells ARE being created.  WE have over 100 billion brain cells and they can see by brain scans how we can change our brains - physically....that is GOOD.  VEry GOOD.

There is also proof now that morality has NOTHING to do with DNA - that is another subject.  Our choices is what is the key....our choices.

So he spoke on Romans 12.2.....Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.

God's word is GOOD.  Dr. Davis continued to explain that there is this 'placebo' effect.  In research and studies, there is a 35% variance where neuro-surgeons and geneticists all agree....people are 'healed' by taking a placebos...meaning, they are believing in something higher...something that is not 'so' at the moment and IT IS HEALING them....IT Is working and they have that proof on brain scans.

Well, Of course is FAITH....Believing in something that is unseen -- believing that a husband can be the man you need and the head of the home.  Believing  that you can forgive and live each day with out daily reminders of pain or hurt.  Believing you CAN, trust a GOD that sees all, knows all, and LOVES me...LOVES us just the same.  Tremendous.

So, let me wrap this up.  This weekend, God used the car going dead on us, to show me that my husband has MORE faith in our finances than I do.  Pridefully.....I could not see the silver lining with the news that we did blow the engine on the Accord.  ( It has 197,000 miles on it and is only 4.5 years old) We don't have any extra savings, but we have jobs and we will be ok, but it took that simple illustration to remind me -- God can be trusted.

You see, Dr. Davis stated that in the research that our brains will 'default' to old patterns.  Our brains will default to old patterns....that is the key, we must be willing to STICK out whatever change we want to make for 28 our brain can make a new 'default' pattern.  When we got hit by the car bill, my default went to, 'here we go again, what did I do wrong?'...Brendan has been changing and his brain  said, 'praise God they found an engine for less than $2000 and with install, it will be $2500 and praise God' we have a credit card to put it on for now!'.

We have to renew our minds -- daily.  We have to get past that 28 days to make our brains rethink about choosing the sugar snack instead of a healthy one - get it?

We have to renew our minds, in believing that GOD can heal.
We have to renew our minds, into believing the loved ones around us WILL be saved.
We have to renew our minds, into believing that GOD wins no matter what.
WE have to renew our minds, into believing HIS promises instead of the lies the enemy continues to whisper to us.

We all can change into the image of our God...our Creator.
There is scientific proof that our brains LIKE believing in something that is BIGGER than itself.
There is scientific proof that our brains LIKE believing in something that is Bigger than can be healed.  God will redeem.   A person that seems SO lost and SO far from God...can be that husband or wife or friend that GOD intended him or her to be.

Don't give up!

When bad things happen, I have a tendency to ask God - 'what did I do wrong'.
I am going to CHANGE my default pattern.
God wants me to renew my mind daily and believe HIS promises instead of the pattern of default lies that just come easier.

I hope that is making sense to you as you read was revelation to me this weekend.
I was thinking for sure it was my fault that our car died.  That is how the Enemy lies.

God clearly showed me this weekend that my faith was a big thing.  It still is.  I would say, I was STUBBORN, but God clearly illustrated to me how, I believed in something that was NOT there....I believed in a man and believed he could be what GOD intended.

What a miracle it is to see that happening.  What a joy it is to trust God in each and every thing.  God also clearly showed me that I was not trusting HIM with our finances but that my husband was, I had to SEE I will reprogram my thoughts.

God clearly showed me, to be a do-er...not a sitter.
Be bold Michelle.
You are deeply loved and YOUR new tricks, are needed in the Kingdom.

Lord, thank you - I am humbled.

YOU did GOOD this weekend Lord, thank you for loving me THIS much!

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