Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God's promises.

I had a wonderful time with my husband in Wisconsin visiting family, enjoying God's creation while riding a Harley, and enjoying many childhood memories of Ice Cream treats and favorite hang outs to grab a burger.

On the entire trip, I would ask God -- 'what are you going to remind me of?'....  Or, 'what shall I blog about next?'...And I would pray and ask and quite frankly - NOTHING....came to mind.

The greatest highlight of the trip? BP and I riding around the western part of the state, praying together over the hum of the Harley, and then listening to oldies and singing on the bike as we drove through Mountain Lion State Park and its hair pin turns.

The 'low' point?  ....Having to hug good bye again to several nieces and nephews and siblings -- until the next visit.

The most surprising fun?  The chatter and fellowship at a 30th year - high school -  class reunion, where I got a laugh out of several women telling me, "oh, you got a good one - he still has his hair!".  And then, listening to my husband and a few grade school buddies talk about a future reunion with another childhood pal and going to a Texas college football game in the fall....  grown men -- laughing about getting together. This cracks me up - as if 'women' are the only ones who get giddy about a weekend away...

God reminded me the entire week of HOW blessed I am, what HE has called me to do, and HE gave me rest -- just to enjoy my week (5 days) of a vacation.

And by the end of my week,  God did give me this....a reminder -- HE keeps HIS promises.

That blessed me so.

God's Word tells me I am redeemed and forgiven. (Col 1.14)  God's Word tells me I am a joint heir to God and a joint-heir with Christ. (Romans 8.16-17)  God's Word reminds me I am the salt and light of the earth. (Matt 5. 13-14)  God's Word tells me and teaches me so much I am a new Creation in Him.

God promised me, to bring beauty out of the ashes....God promised me that I would be 'OK' -- no matter what.  God has given me a peace about such events, circumstances, and people....that I know that I know ...for this moment - I am in right standing with HIM and I am eternally secure, in HIM.

God promised to WOW me...and HE did --- especially on the Harley - as we drove along the Mississippi and I got to see HIS majesty and wonder in His creation.  God reminded me of how 'easy' my life is...compared to the Amish families I saw farming ....but in their lives....HE has promised them JUST as much 'ease'......

God promised me that the 'ache' I feel within my stomach...within my being.... about some people I am praying NOT going unnoticed - - HE hears...and HE is working.  And HE reminded me - NOT to give up!    Be relentless!

God promised me that my next adventure - MOVING again - won't be the death of my spirit -- but it will bring NEW found glory and fun with my husband and it will bring the needed savings so that we can finally secure and build our home!

God promised me that  dear family members, those  I want....well, I want them to EXPERIENCE Christ like I have....and to have that spite of their circumstances......well, God promised me that all will be well -- to continue to speak life, pray, and have faith.  God is faithful and HE sees me being relentless and faithful.

God promised me that....HE wins all the time.
God also promised me that -- HE is  delighted in me.  

God is so sweet.
God is so faithful.
God is so kind.
God is my best comforter and my confident.
God is also peeling away some layers again of 'stuff' that need to go.
HE has also reminded me to be pure before Him and stand firm.

God reminded me that HE is the one that will judge.
God reminded me that HE is the one that will bring the beauty out of ashes -- and that HE will make all things new.

God reminded me that -- HE has this 'blog' for another...that THIS beauty...THESE promises are for EACH of His children.

In we flew home, we took an 'upgrade' and sat in the Exit aisle so a family could sit together.  It was a blessing for us, especially for my husband and his LONG legs!  I sat 5 feet from the First Class Cabin.  On this flight - for 2 hours - I got to SEE how the first class passengers were treated, compared to us.  Now I understand, my ticket was about $150 compared to their $400...but, as each 'special' perk was given and received  -- I could not help but think of God.

We are ALL First Class in HIS book -- in HIS eyes.  Everyone  gets special treatment no one is 'better' than another as no one paid a higher price to get there....the price was paid - by Jesus!

  Heaven is not for certain is open to all.  And when we are there -- there will be NO sadness or sorrow...none.  I won't know or understand the sorrow of 'not knowing' a loved one is there....that is hard to comprehend and in my human-ness ...I want to understand it.  But for now - I don't want any one to perish...I want to continue to make sure that each has the opportunity to be  in FIRST CLASS with I press on...

I promised that to God...I will continue to be used by long as HE wants me - I am HIS.

Lord, if a reader reads this and does not have that security of YOU within them and if there is no peace...then I pray they would call out to You right now, pray, and accept your free gift of eternal life and then I pray they will find a church home -- a local spot to plug into and experience that freedom that ONLY You can give.  amen.    ( Empty me of me...fill me with You!)

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