Saturday, April 14, 2012

my daughter's good friend got married today....

Today, is a first.  Today, one of Taylor's closest  friends got married.  It was a very sweet sweet wedding.  The weather was perfect, the chairs set, the girls walked the aisles littered with rose and flower petals. And they were real petals and smelled of HIS nature.   The junior bridesmaids and the little flower girls were most adorable.  I sat with my husband on my left and Taylor on my right.  The minister - Cary, did a great job....Judd sang - sweet.   The smiles were everywhere. The wind tipped over something but it did not matter.  People smiled.  The bride's mom was elated and I could see the pride in the Father of the Bride.  Sarah made a beautiful bride.  The groom's mom was so proud and beautiful as she walked down to greet the guests.  Aaron was handsome in his shirt and jacket.  Everyone looked so fresh.  Everyone had that look of hope and joy.  Weddings are about bringing forth a renewal. Weddings are a day to celebrate.  Weddings make you think.

I mean -- today, I thought of many things, and I thought about the last wedding I attended.  Which happened to be another Christ centered union.   I thought about Taylor's wedding some day.......I thought and prayed for the service and the groom and the bride.  I thought about the families and how they all must be anxious.  Aaron was one of my first first graders - years ago.  He was the sweetest kid back then, I really think I was  his 4th grade teacher as well.  Maybe that is why he is a writer.  Na...Just Kidding.  He loved Blake, dedicated one of his books to Blake,  and lived by him for a few years.    I say that  God weaves a tapestry, a perfect he knit the two of them together and there are ties to both the groom and the bride within out family.  Taylor and Sarah have been friends since middle school.  Time and distance has changed their relationship, but I know they will remain life long friends.

Today God reminded me of how HE redeems.  HE really redeems HIS children.   HE blesses.  Just sitting at a marriage ceremony with my husband and daughter is a a miracle in itself.   This is the first wedding ceremony that we have attended together in probably 4-5 years.  How time flies, but HOW God can heal is one of the things I thought about.  HE redeems.  I thought about a gift and I will probably buy the usual "toaster"  but I also wanted to blog a prayer ...for Aaron and the 'first' couple of Taylor's crowd to tie the knot........

Someone teased Brendan  today, 'you'd  better warn him- what is he thinking?'.......I smiled,  Brendan just nodded, the person was joking and had no idea about God and how HE has placed Sarah and Aaron together, but I did.  It was one of those situations where you just smile and not speak up.  I mean - the time was not right.  Just the fact that I happened to be sitting with my husband of 24+ years......should of told this person - we don't tease about THAT  stuff, but that is not the purpose of this blog.

The purpose is to remind myself and maybe those reading...that GOD designed marriage for a purpose.  HE designed marriage as a tool  to show HIS love through us, a godly marriage is for HIS purpose.  Both Sarah and Aaron spoke volumes today.  It was a Christ centered union, event, and celebration.  I am sure the angels assigned to the two of them celebrated today.   We all did.

Now Taylor has a 'married' friend.  New topics, new  things to is just life.   I watched the people celebrate this union...God got the glory.  It was so cool.

Thank you Aaron and Sarah for including us.  Your gift will come.  I choose to go for a Harley ride when I should of bought a gift, but I will...I want to actually bring it to your home----soon.  But until then, I wanted to post  a prayer of blessing over your marriage.  You indeed are a special two and I believe I will get to watch your marriage unfold right in front of me and I love that idea.

-- Michelle

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hall
Lord, they will celebrate their 25th anniversary one day - I know it.  
Lord, I pray right now as I ask YOU to bless this marriage.  Lord, I come to YOU and say, praise you Jesus, praise YOU for the glory YOU have shown us all.  Thank you for the cross.  Praise YOUR holy name.   Lord, thank YOu for the gift of love, YOUR love.  Thank you LORD For YOUR  perfect will.  Lord, may Aaron and Sarah both look to YOU first in every situation; therefore when they look to each other, their minds will be filled with YOU and the enemy can't get in to cause doubt or begin to destroy  it.  Lord,  I pray a prayer of blessing over them that they will continue to grow in YOU and be a light for all of the young couples around them.  Lord, I pray as they seal their covenant, YOUR  love would grow so strong and bind them together in YOU.   Lord, I pray that both of them will never be self seeking or easily angered, but if they do..that they would come to YOU first and then to each other.  Lord, I bind the enemy right not and order  him to leave these two alone.   They are YOURS.  They are blessed.  They are YOURS.  Lord, I pray as they learn to live with each other, they won't keep any record of wrongs.  Lord, I pray they both will have a heart to serve YOU first and then each other, and in that...all of their individual needs will be met.  LORD, bind their love and may it grow so deep.  Lord, thank you for allowing us to see YOUR glory within them.  Lord, there is still heartache around them within their families and friends, but Lord, may the two of them be warriors for YOU and  a blessing  to those around them.  May anyone who comes in contact with them, see their love for YOU and WANT that.  Lord,  may they lay themselves and their pride upon your cross and walk away empty of themselves and FULL of YOU.  Lord, protect them, Lord, may they always trust YOU first and then  each other.  Lord, I pray a prayer of LONGEVITY upon this marriage - to death do they part.  Lord and I pray JOY all over them.  LORD, may they escape the natural trap of negativity that others may cast upon them.  Lord, I pray they will trust YOU in everything.  Lord, I know that if they both are seeking YOU and they are both HUMBLE...then WATCH out -- they will do great and mighty things for your kingdom - together.  Bless them Lord,

Me and My man...marriage is hard but good - very good!  God wins!
Happy Wedding Day
 Aaron and Sarah
- Amen!

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