Friday, April 27, 2012

I have to share something.......this blessed me... when we just need to SEEK HIM...

 At times, we JUST need a little affirmation that we are IN HIS will and we are on the right track.  

 Today was one of those days when I got an affirmation.  I love getting these little blessings or I will call them tidbits from God here and there. I did not expect it, on this particular day I did not ask for it, but as soon as I recognized it.....I took it as MINE.  

Earlier this week, I was asked....'how did you endure?'......The sweet lady was referring to a time of real sadness and frustration in my life/marriage/family  and I stopped in my tracks as I know how I did...I mean,  I have rehearsed this 'why'  or 'how' in my head with God so many times, I find myself thinking of a 'shorter' version.   However, on that day, I began to tell her everything and I caught myself rambling a bit, but I guess on that particular day, I just needed to speak.    And yet,  the plain and simple truth is...I didn't endure...HE did.....

HE did.  

HE gave me hope right away with a vision and even though I did not understand that at the time, I knew that I knew that I was to forgive and move forward.  Sounds easy, right ?  Well, it wasn' was hard and long, but  I am doing it.   I want to share the blessing I got today, it was God's way of telling me 'atta girl'.  

I pray each day and I have a few friends that are in the MIDDLE of "hard" right now.  One friend and I have similar situations and yet, our circumstances are VERY different.  And, yet-- hurt is hurt and we are to comfort the hurting.    

I remember something Beth Moore stated in one  of her dvd's about 'not being about to trust God'.  And she spoke about  this conversation with Him and He told her, "Beth, just trust me for 5 min."  "That is all." And she found she could do that.  But only after she really hemmed and hawwed about it.  And God continued:  "Don't think of anything but me and trust me for 5 min."...   then.......another  5 minutes...... and another".....And Beth goes on to tell how at times, days would pass and it was a 5 min to 5 min kind of days, but then she noticed it was 10 min to 10 min.  And then she found it to be 20 min to 20 min and than an hour to an hour.  Get the point?  Some things that we must endure and 'go through' are LIKE that.  They just are.  God always wants us to move forward and rely more on HIM.  

Anyway,  back to my blessing.  In those moments or days of living 5 min to 5 min......I would seek HIM.  I would scream at times, pray often but mostly just talk back and forth with Jesus or the HOly Spirit, or God -- well, that was prayer.  I would get alone with Jesus and sing at the top of my voice over and over...'this is where the healing begins'....or a Mercy Me song.  

 And these little blessings or tidbits would appear, happen... and it just SUSTAINED me.    I have probably blogged about it before.  I know I have shared this with many.   And I even shared it with our Counselor, but she advised me NOT to look for SIGNS.  I get that.  It is easy to look at something and 'think' that is of God or that is my 'omen'....but, we must be careful.  God does use people, things, music, and so much more to speak to us, to bless us, and to sustain us.   And when we are truly seeking Him, we will know it is a blessing. 

So, yesterday when I was talking to another friend, I was explaining this and I wanted her to just seek HIM and live moment by moment and be still in HIM.    I  had no advice, other that to GET with HIM. 

In conversation later  with my Cell Pastor, she replied to me in an email and sent me this:  

" I know God has a plan for her..(us )  and  HE wants her...(us) to draw closer to Him. "  {we were both in prayer for a mutual sister in Christ} ..."I told her about getting the revelation word from God that addresses you right where you are and gives truth for the moment."
  "This type of word from God has to be sought after.  Sometimes we hear from God through others (Can be the most comforting and easy) sometimes througthe Holy Spirit that speaks truth almost audibly or through a "knowing", but then there are the times where you have to read and pray, yearning and seeking after Him in earnest. God makes a phrase, sentence or Word "pop out" to us."
  "Then we meditate and HE brings the peace and knowledge that HE is working through the circumstance.  Our confidence in Him grows and we are actually "Walking" with Him in Spirit.  We have to wait for this and be patient, enduring till we get the peace that is coming.  We grow through these times.  There are many examples in the Bible of where this occurred in times of stress."

I was blessed.  I replied to Linda's email right away..."yes, YOU said it perfectly....that is what I asked our mutual friend to do today, just pray and be still and seek HIM"   ..."But Linda, you said it perfectly - can I quote you?"  

She replied:   "I know it works that way -- I saw that in you Michelle, that is how you endured".   "And Yes, you can quote me!"  

THAT was my blessing.  THAT was my affirmation.  
So, as I promised God, I will share and tell as many as I can -- HANG in HIM.  HE does answer and HE will give you those tidbits.  

And as I was writing, editing and trying to compose this, my husband came out of the bedroom to check on me and he shared some sweet things and said a few other things, but it was REAL conversation and I could practically hear or see the confirmation in the air.  My husband and I were talking about this post.....I have his blessing to share.   THAT is a big thing.  Another tidbit that I will grab a hold of.  

Steven Curtis Chapman and his family called them 'bread crumbs'...that God had given them...insights and little blessings that sustained them after the loss of their precious Maria.  

thank you Linda Robertson for letting me quote you.....

thank you friend for reading this.....I hope it blessed you as much as it did me and I pray you too will get those tidbits and they will sustain you too....

-thank you God, your daughter -- Michelle 

PS, right now, my family and I are coming out of a valley.  However, I understand and realize the the enemy hates me and my family.  He does not like the fact that God wins.  So, I will just take all these blessings and tidbits and ponder them in my heart - store them in sort of a way, as when the enemy wants to attack again, we are ready!   We trust now.  I trust now.  I believe.  Nothing will shake that ever again.  Nothing.   Even if I mess up terribly or my husband has all been covered!  Amen.  

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