Sunday, October 13, 2013

..what GOD can do in 3 years..reflecting...

Three years ago this weekend, John James spoke at our church for the 2nd time.  He had been there once before but I remember this weekend cause I had invited my hubby to come and he did. Three years ago was a part of the AWKWARD years. We were separated at the time, and well - it was just awkward.

I had been transfixed on the fact that JOHN JAMES of Newsboys fame was actually coming to little old Okeechobee. How incredible. I remember being star struck -- but that was when I was 'so immature'. LOL
Seriously....he is just a man that puts his pants on the same way we do. Nonetheless...I was still thrilled. Besides Steven Curtis Chapman - the Newsboys were really the ONLY group that had cutting edge 'fast rock' praise and worship music.

I still laugh at when I saw them in concert in Ft. Pierce at the Civic Center. We had to get a baby sitter for Taylor as it was one of our first outings after she was born - 22+ years ago and we had to sit through 2 other 'alternative' bands first that literally BLEW out out eardrums and Brendan wanted to GO. There was NO place to sit and all these teens...I admit, wanted to leave too. I convinced him to stay and at least hear ONE ...ONE Newsboy song..."shine" was the current hit. 

Anyway, we did, we stayed. Thank goodness they had a new album and they wanted to play the newer songs but SHINE was the current hit - so it was about the 4th song they did. When it finally started I motioned to Brendan to look around -- in the audience now were people OUR age...WOW. All the teens had gone to sit and we were among the 'yuppies' of our age....25 year olds...or at least they looked 25ish!!  

such fun - WE did leave after that song, as our ears were ringing and it took the drive all the way back to Okeechobee before I could hear out of my ears normally. But I coined that as our FIRST concert - it really was. We had never been to any concerts before.

I remember John singing -- I remember him looking a bit scary -- little did I know but that is when he was going through his own hell - but that is another story and another blog post for him to tell. He has a remarkable testimony and love for God. He joined our church today -- our 'little' FOL church - as he is under our cover as a missionary for the USA! Yeah...sort of cool.

yeah God!

I am so blessed to call him a friend now. How cool is that.

Back to 3 years ago - that day, I remember Brendan going forward to speak to him - wow. In those months we spoke about what we HAD to speak about -- nothing - it is such a different story. In fact, today Brendan was not at church, cause he was driving home from being a leader at a Men's Encounter in Titusville. Praise God -- only God can do that.

Three years ago, I took notes as John spoke and prayed about what may happen 'tomorrow'....Today, I took notes and prayed and thanked God for ALL HE has done and WHAT HE continues to do and I couldn't wait to get a call to hear of ALL that happened this weekend. As I knew- God was there. There were 12 men from our church that attended - tonight is the Celebration Service - I know I am going to be blessed by the testimonies!

So....let me go back once more... back to a prayer that I have taped in my bible. It is from 2 years ago - May of 2011, after one day I am sure I was a venting to my mentor - Pastor...Miss Linda.....

She replied with a prayer....

Lord, she is anxious to be the other half of him. To have that special love relationship that says you are approved of all the time. Nothing should be held back - that she is a part of his very business and life. She feels the intensity in her heart - that is the way it is suppose to be -- that she will have that relationship with her husband. 
Lord, she will have that. Lord, once the healing and recovery have taken place...when he is able to forgive everyone, including himself and move will happen. Lord, he has to come to this conclusion by himself...You can't flip on the light switch with any special word or insight, in fact - he will maybe even resist more - just because he knows exactly how she feels already. He wants to be the head, he knows he is not and he is taking his frustration out on her...but he will turn to God and finally LAY it all down at YOUR feet - but it has to be his idea. 
Lord, I pray she will keep trusting God to instruct herself and him and to discipline his child ( Bren ). God you know how to lay it out plainly. It may GET harder before he submits - as he has been spoiled. God put these two together, HE has a plan. 
Once the enemy is thrown out of the mix, great and mighty things will happen. It will be exciting and wonderful - you are actually perfect for each other. Lord, I just can't wait to see what you will do with them as ONE in YOU...I will laugh at Satan and how he tried to defeat them. He is the one who will wonder what happened and it will bite him on the butt- big time. Love you, Linda.....

That prayer was said over and over!

God answered that prayer.

I am the other half of a stronger but GOD ordained union. It feels great.  
It is still HARD at times, but God wins.  

So, I share this today -- to remind someone that will read it - DON'T give up. 
God does change people. 
God does honor marriage.
God does hear your prayers. 
God has a plan. 

Psalm 37 3Trust in the Lord, and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. 
Delight yourself in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.  

7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him, do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. GOD will win!!

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