Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Consequences of Sin -- Part 2

I have had a LOT of activity today on my phone today with this blog.
Several have read the blog I posted last night and commented  and today Holy Spirit continued to remind me of various circumstances and prayer requests that are being prayed for.

Holy Spirit wasn't finished last night -- I  have to add or mention more:   

Consequences do stink.

Ok, I will state it -- consequences suck.

Triggers will come from ALL over the place.
Getting beyond the hurt....getting past those consequences and walking by faith -- is WHERE God wants us to be.

It just is.

And I realize, that you may be reading this and you are dealing with consequences that were placed upon you.  Guess what?   Jesus knows exactly how you feel.  

Every time I think ..."oh woe's me...."   I stop and imagine Christ on that Cross -- He suffered great consequences and never never never deserved it.  He suffered the consequences in spite of  His perfect life.

And perhaps the consequences you are dealing with right now are because of your previous actions or sin....so you may feel so much quilt and shame -- but that is coming from the enemy, as if Jesus is within your heart -- Jesus is NOT condemning you.  But Jesus is asking you to walk by faith and walk in a manner that shows HE is Your Lord......

It is no secret, unless you have never read my blog before,  in my own marriage we had a rough 6-10 years.  I never realized how disconnected we were - until everything fell apart.   In the wee hours of one night, the Lord gave me a vision of my husband and I renewing our vows.  ( BTW,  that has not happened as of yet and BP says it will happen at  the 30 year mark...LOL!)   However, that vision,  the prayers of my children,  and a deep knowing within me that I was to show grace and mercy -- kept me hanging on.    Period.

There was a separation.   There were very awkward weekends and months where the roller coaster of feelings and emotions kept me upside down for almost a year.  There was therapy.

There were tears.
There were sleepless nights.
There were many many many nights where I just held my bible on my chest and prayed the Rapture would happen while I slept.

But....   There was intense prayer.

And,   many nights when I felt like quitting,  God would speak through His Word or another and remind me of WHAT God had asked me to do -- wait.

Consequently, a miracle occurred and we did survive and now -- we thrive.

 Our marriage is not what is was before and it is not 'better'...it is different.  Truly now, Christ is the center and each of us are sinners, saved by grace ....seeking forgiveness constantly  and placing the needs of  others before ourselves.    But...it took time.

It took walking through those consequences in a godly manner.
It took trusting God was fighting for me and for us.
It took believing that what I was seeing ...at the moment...was NOT what would come into fruition.

It took faith.
It took forgiveness.
Daily forgiveness.
Daily  -- the renewal of my mind WITH God's Word -- not FB or what my friends prayed over me. 

Bottom line....   it was Jesus and me.
Bottom Line -- God was MORE interested in MY internal relationship with HIM...than He was with the external.

Bottom Line..  God was MORE interested in MY internal rather than the external.
Bottom Line... IS God more interested in YOUR internal rather than  YOUR external?

This is where -- I had to add part 2... because I believe several read my post last night and thought...
But ... she does not get 'my circumstance' and 'my situation is different and worse'.....

So, I am speaking now to the one who is still struggling with the consequences she is dealing with at the moment ....

Bottom Line -- has Jesus forgiven you?  
Is your sin "less" than the sin that occurred so this consequence is at hand?   
 Did Jesus die on  that Cross for you?   
Do you wish to place Him there again ...?  As if the one time He went was not GOOD enough?  
Jesus paid that price for all sin...   past, present,  and future.  

Beloved, I know that I know it hurts...and it sucks....and it is NOT fun...but -- WHAT is Jesus asking you to do?  
Will you stand before God and tell HIM..."nope...no way -- there is NO way that I could forgive that!" 
Will you stand before God and tell HIM.."do you realize HOW hard it was and how HURT I am?" 

Beloved, what will He say -- 
Lord, I pray that this extra blog post will remind her -- that no matter what -- she will love you, forgive the consequence and learn the best way to walk through this and get beyond it.  Lord, I pray she seeks YOU in every situation and then open Your Word and begin to use Your Word as  part of the armor that is going ON!   In Jesus name, Amen. 

Proverbs 29.18 
If people can't see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves: But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed. 

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