Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Writer's Block

 It has been a good month  -- where only 're-purposed' or updated blogs have been shared.  Prayers were fresh....  and updates had fresh insights.....but this blogger has relied on her past posts to keep this blog alive.

It is NOT that God has not been speaking -- but, the HS just has kept me quiet and He continually drew me back to reread several blogs which I shared.  

Much has happened.   The new year came and ...it is already February. 

Stress has been creeping in - as family will travel here and we are planning a fun weekend where we celebrate the wedding/nuptials of our daughter.    Hunter started his final year of college.
ELA/FSA testing is now a reality -- March and April.
Taylor becomes a QUARTER of a Century -- her big 25th birthday is soon.
And I ....turn...50!

Ok,  I am not being vain or a baby .....but I admit - I have dreaded this for a LONG time.  I tease, make jokes but 50...?  really? 

Ya. Ya...  "50  is the new 30"... "50 is the new 40"....... Honestly, 50 is 50.
"Age is a matter of the heart".....   My heart is about to be 50 years old.  Period.

I am not exactly IN LOVE with it...but....   it is what it is.

There is this song that continues to be ON my lips......I blogged about it  just a week ago.   ( Jesus I love you by Bethel  Worship) Now, THAT was a FRESH blog -- that song 'wrecked' me.  Each time I sing it   - everyday - I believe the HS reveals more to me.

In fact...   I know that I know when I first heard it 2 Sunday's ago,  the HS used me to give a word to the congregation.  It sort of 'amazed me' when the worship leader stated - "michelle has something to say"  The HS did give me something....I could just see how our adoration and our devotion was literally pouring out on the feet of Jesus and it pleased HIM.  And as I related that to the congregation seated, I looked out and felt....  they 'wanted' that adoration and love....but it was a bit strange to them. 

But, this past Sunday when that song was opening up the heavens, I HEARD the most incredible choral group of voices...I wanted to STOP and stand up and look over my shoulders as I felt I was in a music hall...it was a heavenly choir !!  And I FELT that the people behind me singing...NOW understood what it meant to adore HIM and their singing was indeed now adoration and devotion to HIM.   And HE was pleased.     It was really sweet.   I stood there after prayer and thought..."Lord, are you going to ask me to share that? "  And God did not move me to share it publicly.  However, during the message we were challenged and asked..."what is God saying to you and WHAT are you going to do with it this week?".    So, I shared that with the Preacher and it  I know it encouraged him.

As a teacher -- when I SEE the light bulbs going off  within the brains of my students -- it is a real high!    I thought about Jesus and the great cloud of witnesses as we sang on Sunday and how...it had to of BLESSED them all to 'hear' the praise and worship and the audible adoration and devotion.

So..with that... 

I guess I don't have writer's block -- this blog is not a BIG revelation it is just another way for me to remind myself and tell others...GOD is so sweet and good.

THEN the 'cherry' of the cake or the 'cherry' on the Sundae....   was Sunday night when glory fell and we had a night of worship at my place of worship and I got to dance... yep... no judging but when the Spirit of the Lord song comes on and it says..."I 'm free"... I have to jump and sing....cause I am.

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to just vent this eve..share my heart and remind myself and I pray this reminded a few others...that YOU delight in US.
Lord,  for the several on the prayer request list I have from  the BE Inspired Event...
Lord, for the several that posted prayer requests from our Believing God study...

Lord, for the decisions that are being prayed for...
Lord, for the family that will travel..
Lord, for the RSVP's that have not transpired yet...help me to estimate correctly....
Lord, for my 50th... Lord, I pray I DO more for you in the 2nd 1/2...  than I did in the first half.....as I don't want to check out any time soon --- but... I would love to be rapture'd  up...!! LOL

Lord, for the ones needed guidance...
Lord, for the ones with loved ones who have no clue..
Lord, for the ones with loved ones that knew you once and have hardened their hearts...
Lord, for the ones those don't understand...YOU will come again..

Lord, for our faith...if it is unchallenged...it gets stifled..and I pray mine is never stifled but - indeed growing in YOU.

Lord, for the family that lost a grandpa on Sunday - for the one still fighting cancer....
Lord I thank you for every yes and amen response and I thank you for the healing for those special ones I call out daily! 
Lord, I pray for my  man -- as he continues to display Your wisdom, help me to always be his best cheerleader and to trust his judgement...
Lord, I thank you for the men and women within my classroom -- that their lives count and see YOU in ME...

And Lord, for this upcoming election  and the candidates...I trust you.
IN Jesus name....   amen.

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