Monday, February 8, 2016

The Consequences of Sin --

So, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me for a few days and over and over again I am reminded of a few consequences.

- I am 50 years old  in less than 2 weeks.  I wanted to wear this one dress to my birthday event,  but it is TOO tight --a consequence of NOT skipping dessert for the past 3 months.  Period.  No excuses.

- I am trying my best in school to help my 5th graders solve multiple step math problems but the students don't have a good grasp on their multiplication facts.    (Well, two students do and the other seven don't -- so there is a disconnect.)  Today's lesson of 10 minutes went almost 30 because we had to re-look at our multiplication facts and the reasonableness of the answer.   No excuses - it is hard to try and move forward to higher math problems when several won't MEMORIZE their facts.

-My child did not get her puppy fixed when she should of -- now she has puppies and a $1200 C-Section /Vet bill that has sort of put a cramp into their  financial plans.  It is what it is.

-There is a LOT of trending right now on FB and Social Media about false prophets -- quite honestly, if you don't read your bible and know what God's Word says -- you could easily be lead by a false prophet or teacher.    Period.  No excuses.

Right now...there is a mom, dealing with the consequences of her sin -- she is forgiven and redeemed but she has a child that  has learning challenges because of  her choices while she was pregnant which she must deal with each day.   

Right now... there is a young lady, dealing with the consequences of her choices -- as she sits, idle in her cell -- unable to be free and be with her children and family because of her choices.   However, she is still forgiven and redeemed by HIS blood as she calls him Lord and Savior. 

Right now... there is a woman, unable to see her children - hurting and alone with only her bible open but realizing the choices of her  boyfriend  have  placed her in this position and it is just not right nor fair.

Right now, there  is a  wife that just got word of her husband's infidelity  and she knows she must
forgive him and allow the Lord to work through this as her husband is displaying godly sorrow and repentance, but there are still consequences that have to be dealt with.    And, does she want to deal with them? 

Right now... I have the TV on in the background and it must be close to the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, as they have been playing his last rehearsal/concert.  As a teen and young adult, I had EVERY Michael Jackson album and CD.  Interesting, as I glance over and watch the TV and hear him sing  -- the consequences of his actions, brought death.   

A variety of illustrations but I believe if you are reading this -- you get my point.
No one really likes the negative consequences of our choices.
A consequence could be bad credit.... all the way to an unexpected pregnancy. 
 Making a list would be hurtful --  if you are reading this and you are experiencing a time of deep pain and dealing with consequences of your own choices -- please continue to read.

If you are reading this and experiencing real pain because of the choices of another and you must deal with the consequences -- please continue to read this.

How can you deal?
How can you make sense of this?

I pray you have sought Jesus and asked forgiveness for whatever your part was -- but the consequences don't just go away.

How can you get past this?   

You can't...only through Jesus and Holy Spirit will you have the chance to survive and thrive.

Only through the love of Jesus and His everlasting touch ...will you be able to get beyond whatever it is -- that is hurting you.

   It takes a greater faith in HIM.

It takes time to work out the feelings so one can get past the hurt and dig deep and perhaps find out the why or dig deep and change.

It will take TIME digging into God's Word for yourself and reading His Word for yourself.

It will take you speaking the words out..."I forgive __________ for _______________ and Lord, I will deal with the consequence of ____________________ because You Lord, forgave me."

It won't be easy.
But...I promise the tears won't be wasted and the LOVE you will experience with the FAther --will be truly something LIFE changing and....YOU will get past this and THRIVE.

But do you want that?
Can you get past these consequences -- and see the BIGGER picture - eternity?

Lord, I pray she can.......
It will take Faith and placing her armor on, I pray she can...
It will take trusting YOU Lord,  I pray she can ...
It will take time Lord, I pray she will wait...
I pray she will fight with YOUR Word Lord.. memorize it and use it to renew her mind...  

IN JESUS name....

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