Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day -- a perspecitve and prayer!

Today can be one of the most oppressing and awful days -- for many.
Today  - as I scrolled FB this am, I saw many hearts -- hurting.  
Today can make  grown women weep -- for the entire day.
Today can bring such sadness and loss.....

  However, today can be a day in which....  You totally allow Jesus to be the BEST Valentine in your world. 

Today can be the day in which....YOU allow HIM to fill that hole.... fill that space... fill YOU!


I pray right now for the ones hurting -- that have lost a husband....lost a boyfriend...lost a son... or a daughter.....

Lord, I pray for the ones right now that don't believe they will be around for the next Valentines Day as they are facing a big crisis... or physical hurt or disease that has changed them....

Lord, I pray for the wives who have loved.... are waiting... and being faithful in spite of a husband who does not cherish nor love you ...

Lord, I pray for the wives who are remaining steadfast - seeking YOU for their affirmation as their husbands are knee deep in their pity, their selfishness, or their pride ...

Lord,  and I pray for those that ARE having the BEST day of their lives ....or believe they have the BEST Valentine because they got breakfast in bed.... found a card on the dresser....or had roses or something delivered for all to see yesterday -- or Friday --  

Lord,  that each and everyone of these women -- these ladies...these girls....  remember what YOU died for them...that YOU paid the ultimate price and that YOU are indeed the BEST Valentine.  

Lord, help us see  YOUR perspective -- 

Lord, help us see where  WE can be a Valentine to another -- 

Lord, help us love the lost...

Lord open our eyes -- are we so   bothered by this "holiday"?  
Lord,  open our eyes -- are we so engrossed in everyone' s  happiness?   
Lord, open our eyes -- are we enjoying the HIGH of YOU....or are we in  wonder of the God of the MOST HIGH?  

Lord, thank you for today -- thank you for the beautiful weather, the answered prayers and the knowledge that EVEN if I did not get a card....  or EVEN if there was NO breakfast in bed.....YOU were here.  YOU are here...   AS I read in Your Word today --  You are indeed a God of miracles and a God of love.  Lord, thank you for my earthly Valentine -- he is indeed perfect in You and he did make this morning special!!    As I have experienced MANY  superficial Valentine Celebrations in my 40+ years and I have had some heartfelt cards given and flowers delivered -- but nothing beats the sight of a husband deep in prayer over his bible and seeking YOU.  Lord, I thank  YOU that I am filled enough with you today -- that I know  that I do not NEED a card or flowers...  and I thank YOU that I am filled with YOU and Holy Spirit resides in me...  However Lord, my daily prayer is:   empty me of me...and continue to fill me with MORE of YOU.  You are indeed the best Valentine. 

I am unsure Lord if this wisdom comes from age... experience...or just time ...but as I pray for my own children today -- Lord, I pray their Valentine is YOU...  Lord, I pray that the circle around me and the ones that influence me and the ones I influence...see YOU... period. 

Lord,  I thank you for the healing with the one dear one....who is claiming YOUR glory, and I thank you for the answered prayers within all of the written  prayer requests /words on my heart....  YOU are indeed a mighty Lord and Father, a good good Father -- that is WHO you are.

 And I am loved by YOU -- that is WHO  YOU are...   Perfect in every way -- thank you for parting the river for me and holding all my fears with your perfect love.  YOU are indeed my Valentine today -- In YOUR special and LOVING name...Amen. 

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