Friday, May 27, 2016

Prayers for a Marriage - #14 It is just simple....God wins. ( This is probably my shortest blog ever!)

It is plane and simple.  God wins. 

It is plane and simple -- HE has to be at the head of your head and heart....first.  
You can't change him - your husband. 
You can't make it without God's grace and mercy. 
If you are in fear - with physical abuse....  call 911. 
( Being locked out of your home -- is 911!) 

If your heart is right seek ask for forgiveness.... you show love... you place the needs of others first.

When their heart does not belong to their Creator -- it will be hell. 
When you step out in faith and believe in something that you can't see..... it will feel like HELL, but God is on YOUR side.

Read Psalm 25 today as often as you can -- and believe it.
Ask God to show you what you need to begin to change. 
The Holy Spirit is a pure gentleman and HE won't overcome you -- nor your man...  but God wins. 
But.... stop the insanity -- it may seem like the hardest thing you have ever done, but like a person addicted to a bottle of pills or a bottle of alcohol --- you must admit, there is a problem. 

LORD...  I can't help her -- I can encourage. 
LORD...may she seek you today like she has never done before.
LORD...  help. 
IN JESUS name.... AMEN. 

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