Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What will you do? He told her he no longer loved her --

 I have to admit, when I hear those words, I immediately can allow my thoughts to go backwards as I heard those words before, but I make a conscience decision to remind myself what God tells me.

God tells me I am the head and not the tail.
God tells me that He died for me.
God tells me that He sent His only Son so that I might live.
God tells me the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. 
God tells me I am His esteemed daughter.
God tells me I am deeply loved.
God tells me that HE will hold my right hand and guide me!  

God tells me so much more -- but I need to state something.

Today a precious woman that loves God sought me out for some counsel.  I admit, I wish I had a PHD in psychology  or some counseling  degree posted on my wall, but I don't.  I have some life experiences that have molded and shaped me and I do know some scripture that tells me  - God wins!!   However, even  as I pray and seek God, I too ask myself at times, "Lord, how can I help her?"  

I found a blog that I re-posted - it reminded me that indeed, God will redeem every tear and every injustice if we will GIVE God the time to do so.  

I found these two scriptures: 

"He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus"
 Phil 1.6

 " I waiting patiently for the Lord, he turned to me and heard my cry." Psm. 40.1

So, what can I tell her?  

Sweetie, dear beloved -- Your heavenly Father loves you and has allowed this season within your life and within your marriage to get your attention.  His heart hurts too that your husband is NOT being the head of the household as He intended, but indeed God can help you and be RIGHT with you as you walk out this season and believe that indeed  - God can change hearts!   
Dear sweetie, beloved --  I know what it feels like to hear your husband tell you ALL that you  have done wrong.  I know how it feels to hear all the 'bad' and think -- you will never see any good!  I know what it feels like to see and look at a situation that seems hopeless - but I want to encourage you -- God can win!  

Dear Sweetie, beloved -- when a husband says that he does not love you  anymore it can be for many reasons.  Yes, it can be because he has decided to love another.  Yes, it can be because he is deep in some sort of sexual sin.  And yes, it can be just because he is tired.   It is hard to exactly pin point exactly the WHAT or the WHY -- but all you can do is accept the words but, I pray you won't allow them to penetrate your soul.

Let me explain, when a person is not seeking Jesus, asking Jesus to fill  up their heart and soul, and calling upon Jesus for guidance and direction -- then WHOM are they listening too?  

I believe they are choosing to listen to the enemy.  When a husband wants out of a marriage or  whatever -- I do believe that it is not because of "you" -- but because of WHOM they are listening too.  They are deceived. 

The enemy. 
The Evil one as my nephew says.  
Because if a man was seeking God and he was upset or there was really something that was deeply troubling to him, he would pray and seek you as his wife to help SOLVE the problem.  He would also ask you to seek counsel with him and he would want to make sure that above all things -- He was pleasing God first and then his wife and family.  

However -- many marriages don't 'run' like this.  Sometimes it takes a MAJOR breakdown or problem for each to see there is something wrong and maybe it is BOTH that need a good God fixing.  But -- that can be sorted out later -- my point is this -- 

YOU my dear beloved and precious friend -- can only DEAL with you and your thoughts and feelings and you can only CHANGE yourself.   So, with God on your side and by taking a good God look into the marriage and relationship -- I do believe there is HOPE and there can be a good outcome.   I call these 360's or full circle.  As I believe that God, who began a GOOD work in you -- won't stop until it is in completion.   However...we must align ourselves with HIM and submit our lives totally to HIM first.  

And, I know also that God can work through divorce and remarriage.  God can also work through a donkey -- just read the story in the bible.  God is creative and wants His best for his children, but so often the choices we have made bring forth consequences that indeed can hurt us and hinder us, but I must believe that through it all -- Good can be achieved and God's design is the ultimate perfect plan -- so we must do our best to get back into that plan.  

So...  my sweet precious daughter of the MOST High God -- make a list this evening of what you may need to repent for and seek forgiveness of or for.   Make a list of those 'bad' things and begin to ask God to help you change WHAT you can and then change what or how the rest are perceived by your husband.  

If your husband loves Jesus -- well, let's be honest -- if he really loves Jesus he is seeking you for prayer as well, but if your husband is seeking his own gods..then begin to make a list of what you can pray over him.   Your prayers over him are powerful.   Begin to show and extend grace and mercy to your husband and allow the Lord to begin to soften his heart.  

If you are in ANY danger, please seek help or call 911 -- there is no need to feel unsafe in your own home.  Get 2-3 women to be prayer warriors with you and pray about asking 1-2 women to hold you accountable for your own daily walk with God.  And begin each day -- praising God for this season.  

As this season, can change you -- for the better!  You can become bitter or better -- I myself was a bit angry and bitter for a good 1-2  months but then decided that I was going to be better.    It was a LONG haul and a process -- but God walked me through each moment and each step.  When I wanted to quit and give up on my marriage or my husband, God sent a prayer warrior or some sort of living angel to encourage me and remind me that indeed God can win!  

I also sought help - counsel from a godly woman and I sought the internet and read a few Christian Blogs that encouraged me and gave me hope.  I also sought some references like Crosswalk. Com and Focus on the Family.  There are MANY resources out there -- there is HOPE.  

Lord, I pray this helped that one -- or maybe even helped another to realize that, indeed her heart may be hurting this evening -- but YOU are right there and YOU will hold her right hand.  

Lord, I pray she will DIG around on this blog and go back 3-4 years and read some of these blogs that I wrote as we were in the healing process.  Perhaps my blog will be that encouragement to her.   I don't know Lord,  but YOU do.   You know I can only handle so much -- but You have given me this insight and this blog so I will share and pray!   

Lord, specifically for the precious woman I hugged at church on Sunday -- may she know and feel YOU around her  this eve -- In Jesus name, amen.  

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