Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marriage prayers #12

 What story am I writing that won't be forgotten?
In a recent bible study -- the question was proposed -- who would I ask to COME see me if I knew my time on this earth was about to end?  

Whom would I want to have lunch with?
Who would I want to spend time with?    Not to be morbid...   but, how would your life change if you knew......that it was ending soon?

  I pray my children can  see and repeat my best qualities and I pray that they will be examples of Christ and I hope and pray they SAW Christ within me....  that would be answer to prayer. 

I think I know WHO I would want to see and share a meal with.  And I pray that I would want to MEND any relationship that was out of sorts.

And, the story of Esther in God's Bible is a story that continues to intrigue me and guide me.  
Almost a year ago, I was doing the Esther bible study and as we walked through the study, the author wrote and taught about different situations that cause a bit of growing in our lives. 

In the story of Ester......

Ester was  an orphan.  Her parents had died.  We don't know exactly how or why, but she was raised by her cousin, a male cousin.  The book of Ester shows a vital perspective on the providence of God.  Ester was sustained.... raised by Mordecai.  He was a Jewish man, but in  exile within the people at that time the Jews had basically blended in to the woodwork.  And then Ester, saved her people.  In Persia, Ester means STAR....she certainly became a star to the Jewish people. 

Ester had 'another woman' in the shadows.  

"it is hard being a woman in another woman's shadow" -- Ester was being primed and readied to be the next Queen as the Queen before her -- probably LOST her head!

There was always  the notion that she was one of MANY wives and Queens for the King.  I stopped to think about that.   Currently I am doing a 'so long insecurity' bible /book study and reading about and dealing with our own insecurities.

So, Esther HAD to of dealt with INSECURITY....   However, 

Ester certainly left a mark on our world.  

I thought today about the 'other woman' within the lives of the people who read this...

...who is within your life right now that is affecting your walk with Christ? 
Is it a wayward daughter? 
Is it a daughter living in outright sin and not ashamed of it?
It is a mother or mother - n - law with such unforgivness that you hurt?
Is it  a child that has gone onto heaven before you?

Is it a woman that has decided to interject her thoughts, actions, and reactions into you life?
Is it a woman that has brought circumstances to full circle?

It is  a past sin that continues to haunt you - could You be the other woman in anorther's life? 
It is a past circumstance that you have not dealt with?

Perhaps it is hard to be a woman with the shadow of a former wife lurking within your marriage?
Is it the shadow of rejection, hurt, and fear? 

It is a newborn baby that has taken over your heart and focus that everything else and everyone else has taken a back seat ...?  Including the Lord?

Who or What is that other woman or what is that other thing that is keeping YOU from totally trusting God or believing in God?   

"Lord, today was a hard day....  I feel so alone and unloved.  Unwanted.  But God....  I will trust in You - move the mountain or move me."
 I wrote that comment -- over 6 years ago in my journal. 
I read that this evening and that thought of it can easily TAKE me back to the night I wrote that in my journal. 

Did Esther feel unwanted? 

Do you feel unwanted?  

Tonight's marriage prayer is for you --

Lord -- I know others have felt like I have.  Lord, I know there are ones reading this  blog tonight and relating ....they feel unwanted and alone.   Lord, there are ones that are hurting so terribly because of wayward children and situations.  And Lord, there is one that simply wants to DO your will, but needs clarity to know, what is in front of her - IS YOUR will! 

So Lord, speak to each one -- answer, show them the wonders of Your Majesty.   Lord,  touch each one of them reading this in the PLACE where ONLY you can reach.  And Lord, for the one who found out this evening -- there is another woman.......  GOD, I pray she hears from you, she trusts you, she seeks godly counsel, and she knows WHAT You would have her do.   Lord, direct her my way if THAT is Your will...

Lord, for all the unwanted and lonely wives our there - I know THIS Is not your will for them -- but I pray they will SEEK you and FIND Your will....and walk through WHAT You are asking -- so that they can GET to the other side.   Lord, move the mountain in their lives...or move them!

IN Jesus name - Amen

- humbled. 

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