Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marriage prayers #10

Being married 10 years is a pretty BIG accomplishment.
Being married 20 is again - a major accomplishment.
Being married 30+ years -- is rare.
And so therefore celebrating a 40 year or 50 year anniversary is indeed a special event.

I got to thinking about the marriages that have some how ...remained steadfast and faithful...even up to 40+ years.

Why are so many failing?

Is it because we are in a 'disposable' generation right now?
Is it because divorce is too easy?
Is it because FB is where we get our affirmation?
Is it because we just don't want to get on our knees and wait on God?

Today's prayer is for THOSE marriages that have somehow escaped the 'crisis'.  Maybe they escaped intentionally and have been with God since Day 1.
Maybe they escaped cause Satan left them alone -- as he knew they were an 'easy prey'.
Maybe they escaped simply by the constant prayers of grandparents and parents...  only God knows.

Today  -- if your marriage is rocky or solid... this prayer is for yours.  

Lord, in your presence is where both of us want to be and need to be.  Lord,  you will judge the living and the dead - help me never to judge my man and allow him to have his own Jesus and his own Holy Spirit.  Lord, I can't be that for him.  Lord, help me to not preach the word to him and then live another way.  Lord, continue to show me wisdom through your word and as you show me great patience, help me to extend it.  Lord, for the day to day stuff..... I work too -- help him to see that I need help with supper with the kids..and with whatever..

Lord, help him to see that he is the other 1/2 of me and we are only united as one with HIM.  Lord, may neither of us turn from Your Word or what You are revealing to us.  May we both endure the HARD for the sake of Your Good.  Lord, may we keep our heads in all situations and do the work you have called us to do.  Lord, may we each be a poured out drink offering to each other.  

This photo has great significance for me, it was taken August 4, 2011 when we decided to give our marriage totally to God... house had sold and the awkwardness of reconciliation began -- But God...  BUT God Won! 
Lord, may I keep my mouth shut when needed.  May I show grace all the time and mercy all the time but mostly.....may I love him for WHO he is not WHAT I want him to be.  

Lord, this prayer is being written for ALL today and yet - it is my heart too...  Lord, for the desires of our hearts...for mine, for his... Lord, for our children, friends, and family - may we always be a light in the darkness.  Check us oh Lord, and reveal ANY sin.  Reveal any pride.   Lord, that I will be the help mate or help meet to my man, may he always look at me and see YOU in me.  But also Lord, may I look at him and see that sexy man I saw ...some 30 years ago that made my heart flutter -- the eros love...the agape love...each type Lord....  it comes from YOU.  

In Jesus name, amen.  

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